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add to favorites How to properly use the Multi-function Paddy Rice Reaper Harvester Binder Price Cars 2019-03-20
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The emergence of Multi-function Paddy Rice Reaper Harvester Binder has improved farmers' lives and made harvesting rice more fast and efficient. The rice harvester binder must fill the peanut filling part into the feeding port during the feeding of rice bran, and the feeding should be uniform. If the abnormal sound is heard during operation, it must be stopped and checked to eliminate the fault before continuing to use. The wide application of rice harvester binders has a great impact on the harvesting of fruits. It has got rid of the traditional harvest form and improved harvesting efficiency. Rice harvester binder is an important symbol for the early realization of agricultural mechanization, then the Multi-function Paddy Rice Reaper Harvester Binder Price how can maintenance maintain life? First, check the rice harvester adhesive regularly, and check the components of the rice harvester's adhesive regularly. If the parts with serious natural wear and tear are to be replaced, strive to eliminate all kinds of safety hazards and extend the machine in time. The life of the rice harvester binder. Secondly, the rice harvester adhesive equipment is regularly and regularly filled with lubricating oil, which can effectively reduce the degree of machine wear, thereby prolonging the working efficiency and increasing the use time. Third, strict use, the use of rice harvester adhesives can not be arbitrarily operated, should be in accordance with the instructions for the operation of rice harvester adhesives, in order to avoid damage to the components, less life. Rice harvester adhesives are a manpower saving and efficiency-enhancing device for farmers. Its unique advantages make it widely used.
add to favorites Structure of China Walking tractor Mounted Multi-function Reaper Cars 2019-03-19
Aike's new China Walking tractor Mounted Multi-function Reaper has a simpler structural design, lower manufacturing cost and lower maintenance cost than the previous agricultural harvesting machine, but its work efficiency is much higher than that of traditional agricultural harvesting machinery. The Walking tractor Mounted Multi-function Reaper ingeniously integrates functions such as excavation, fruit removal, screening, picking and collection, and can be used in one machine, and all the harvesting work of peanuts can be completed in a single machine. In the course of operation, not only can the fruit's omission and destruction be greatly reduced, but also the function of picking up and collecting peanuts, for better mobility, it can also be used with various types of hand drags, small four wheels, tractors, etc. Supported use, higher output per hour. Walking tractor Mounted Multi-function Reaper equipment is still in the growth stage, and the various technologies are not yet mature. In view of the special production characteristics of peanuts, special professional equipment is required at the time of harvesting. The peanut combine harvester is a farm implement that is relatively mature, efficient and has a high pick-up rate.
add to favorites Optical accessories for machine vision components Cars 2019-03-19
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As production costs and time-to-market pressures increase, manufacturers are forced to use more machine vision automation equipment to replace traditional workers and craftsmanship; hazardous work environments that are suitable for manual work or where artificial vision is difficult to meet. Machine vision is often used to replace artificial vision; in mass industrial production processes, manual visual inspection of product quality is inefficient and inaccurate, and machine vision inspection methods can greatly improve production efficiency and automation of production. In the industry applications, mainly in the pharmaceutical, packaging, electronics, automotive, semiconductor, textile, tobacco, transportation, logistics and other industries, the use of machine vision technology to replace labor, can provide production efficiency and product quality. For example, in the logistics industry, machine vision technology can be used for sorting and sorting of express delivery. There is no such thing as manual sorting by most courier companies, reducing the damage rate of articles, improving sorting efficiency and reducing manual labor. Optical accessories provide all the performance and flexibility benefits of PC-based systems, but are more tolerant of harsh plant environments than PC-based systems. high purity YVO4 laser crystal make it easier for users to configure 3D and multi-camera 2D applications, often as one-time tasks, and the time and cost of development is reasonable. This allows users to configure more complex applications in a very cost effective way. In addition to light sources, lenses, cameras, image processing software, monitors, etc., machine vision systems are mainly machines [optical accessories], which are characterized by excellent performance, low power consumption, intelligent control, long service life and high reliability requirements. In view of this, the industrial control machine is generally selected, and the commercial machine is generally not considered. Generally, the specific requirements for the controller (IPC) are as follows: 1. Optical accessories (IPCs) require long-term work and high reliability requirements to reduce post-maintenance costs; 2. high precision YVO4 laser crystal are installed in the terminal system. The terminal system is usually placed in the workshop, and has an automatic conveying system, which is greatly affected by harsh environments such as vibration and dust. 3. The amount of data processed by the operation is large or small, the CPU performance is high or low, and the matching can be performed. The [optical accessories] (IPC) can be flexibly configured according to the project conditions to achieve an ideal price/performance ratio; 4. Because it needs to expand some peripheral devices such as network card, motion control card, digital card, PLC control device, COM port, multi-PCI slot, multi-PCIE slot is a must.
add to favorites Factors to consider when selecting optical accessories Cars 2019-03-19
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When choosing an optical accessory for your application, you need to consider the requirements and match those requirements to the controller that suits your mission needs. While the obvious consideration is the controller's processing power, other factors can have a significant impact on controller choices, such as supported cameras, I/O capabilities, and the ability to integrate with existing infrastructure. Processing capacity Powerful processing power can directly affect the speed at which algorithms can run and the vision system makes decisions. The processing power required for a single camera bar code detection system is clearly much lower than that of a multi-camera stereo vision system. In addition, optical components such as I/O or closed-loop motion control require more processing power to ensure that the vision components as well as the I/O and motion control components can operate stably. To reduce image processing time, some vendors now use isomorphic processing to run visual algorithms. The isomorphic approach uses a combination of CPU and GPU, FPGA, or DSP to process the image much faster than using one of the components alone. The isomorphic processing reduces the time required for image processing and can even allow the image to be used as an input to a closed loop control algorithm. Before choosing the custom high purity LBO nonlinear crystal required for a vision system, it is important to fully understand the algorithms to be used and the time it takes for the system to run these algorithms. 2. Supported cameras The number of cameras used in image acquisition and the type of communication bus also affect the choice of high quality Chinese BIBO nonlinear crystal. After you have selected the camera you want for your application, make sure the controller supports the communication bus used by the camera. Two commonly used industry standard buses in machine vision applications are USB3 Vision and GigE Visio. These standards allow the controller to connect to the camera using a standard USB 3.0 or Ethernet port, which is commonly found on consumer and industrial computers. Both standards can connect multiple cameras to a single port through a hub or switch. This is a viable way to add more cameras to your system, but keep in mind that each camera connected to the hub will share bandwidth with other cameras in the same hub. In addition, most consumer switches do not support specific features such as Power over Ethernet (PoE). If you plan to use these features, or if your system does not have enough bandwidth to allow multiple cameras to share, you might want to choose a controller with multiple independent control ports so that each camera can get the full bandwidth. 3.I/O function Most optical accessories require some basic digital I/O to trigger the camera or read the encoder. An example is where the vision system uses a camera mounted above the conveyor belt to detect the transmitted parts. The difficulty is how to get the camera to take an image when the part moves directly below the camera, unless the system can track the position of the conveyor. A common solution to this problem is to use an encoder to read the position of the conveyor and trigger the camera at intervals relative to the parts placed on the conveyor. If the part is unevenly spaced on the conveyor, a proximity sensor can be used to trigger the camera. Some optical accessories may require more I/O functionality. In some material analysis applications, it is often desirable to synchronize the image with the measurement data so that events in the image can be associated with the measurement data. Imagine an application that uses a camera and a strain gauge to measure the degree of bending and load of the composite when an external force is applied. These synchronized data can be used to understand the behavior of the material under external forces and even to measure the fracture point of the material. This level of synchronization requires tight integration between image acquisition and I/O, allowing measurement data to be accurately time stamped or the camera and measurement device can share the same clock. You need to know your I/O and synchronization needs before selecting [Optical Accessories]. For basic I/O requirements such as triggered or asynchronous measurements, you can choose a controller with integrated or network distributed I/O. For more complex I/O requirements, you can choose a controller with integrated I/O or a connection to an I/O device via a deterministic communication protocol such as EtherCAT. 4. System integration Ideally, we want hardware and software from different vendors to miraculously and automatically support each other to allow data to be shared perfectly, but that's not the case. Often, optical components must be added to existing infrastructure, which includes systems from different vendors, each with a dedicated interface. This integration is challenging, but fortunately, the emergence of standard communication protocols such as Ethernet/IP and Modbus makes this process easier. Make sure you fully understand the existing infrastructure and choose customized large size and special shape CaF2 optics that can be integrated with it. At the same time, the selected controller should support a variety of industrial communication protocols to ensure the desired integration. 5. Product comparison CVS, CompactRIO, and NI optical accessories are products offered by NI for vision systems. As mentioned earlier, the processing power and the number of cameras directly affect the overall performance of the optical components. To understand the differences between these products, look at the performance they use as a controller for pick-and-place machines that require one or more cameras to identify the part to pick. The overall performance of the machine is measured by the number of parts that are identifiable per second.
add to favorites Micron powder mill for stone and ore grinding Cars - Economy cars 2019-03-19
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For the use of Vertical Mill Grinding Roller machine, is now very common , not just mining, industrial , and many scientific research, high-precision industries were using this mill, although the use of this model to a wide range of ten rounds , but many industry in the use of the above does not fully play out its strengths and role , it is best according to their own needs, the corresponding function machine for more in-depth detailed understanding of the function so that the mill can play a more thorough.

Ring medium speed micro powder Advanced Raymond Mill ( calcite powder mill, powder mill, limestone , calcium carbonate powder mill, talc powder mill, powder mill, barite , gypsum powder mill, marble powder mill , feldspar micro-grinding machine, fluorite powder mill ) is mainly applied to ultra-fine powder processing of medium and low hardness , Mohs hardness ≤ 7 level non- explosive brittle materials , such as calcite , chalk , limestone, dolomite , carbon black , kaolin, bentonite, talc , mica, magnesite , illite, pyrophyllite , vermiculite , sepiolite, attapulgite , rectorite , diatomite , barite , gypsum, alunite , graphite, fluorite , phosphate rock, potassium ore , pumice and other 100 kinds of materials , fine product size be adjusted.

Ring medium speed micro powder mill advantage

First, the iron content is low: The mill is particularly low in the use of a feature that is made out of flour iron content, so for some of the metal content requirements more demanding industries use very helpful , can be well ensure the quality of the powder , and it does not matter for some accuracy requirements for the iron industry, this feature of this mill is not much effect. Second, long-term work : use of ultra-fine grinding machine to another big advantage is that you can work for long-term treatment , even 24 hours non-stop operation can be sustained and steady grind of work , in the middle you can load large quantities of production process does not interrupts , can provide users with the most efficient grinding efficiency , and in the grinding process, you can always have a special design for lubrication and oiling treatment to ensure the machine is not running conditions.

add to favorites The role of machine vision optical accessories Cars - Economy cars 2019-03-19
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In modern automated production processes, machine vision systems are widely used in the field of condition monitoring, finished product inspection and quality control. The high precision ZnS optics are mainly composed of a lighting system, a lens, a camera, an image acquisition card and an image processing system, and the image capturing and processing system is matched by an imaging device such as a visual light source, an optical lens and a CCD camera to perform product inspection and recognition, etc., the technology can be It greatly reduces the burden of quality of manual visual inspection products, effectively improves detection efficiency, and is conducive to production management. The lighting system is an important part of the optical accessories and is the key to ensuring the quality and application of the captured images. In the modern automated production process, optical components are widely used in the field of inspection, finished product inspection and quality control. The multispectral/cleartran and standard CVD ZnS optics are mainly composed of an illumination system, an optical lens, an industrial camera, an image acquisition card and an image processing system, and the image acquisition and processing system is matched by an imaging device such as a visual light source, an optical lens and a CCD camera to perform product inspection and recognition, etc. Technology can greatly reduce the burden of quality of manual visual inspection products, effectively improve detection efficiency, and facilitate production management. Lighting system is an important part of optical accessories, which is the key to ensure the quality of image acquisition and application effect. Vision optics is the core of lighting system. Its main function is to provide different illumination brightness and illumination for specific applications, thus improving The quality of the illumination source provides high quality images. At present, [optical accessories] produced by most domestic manufacturers are manually adjusted or communicated through RS232 and Pc communication, which is inconvenient to use, low in efficiency, and high in cost. Kangnaide intelligent optical accessories, with the STM32 microcontroller STM32F107VCT6 based on ARM Codex-M3 core of Dongguan Conrad Intelligent Control Co., Ltd., communicates with the Pc machine through plug-and-play, high-speed USB interface. Real-time setting of optical accessory parameters by the Pc end application software. The STM32 on-chip timer is used to realize PWM digital dimming, as well as pulse frequency, large-scale adjustment of duty cycle, and precise timing through the cooperation between timers. In addition, the custom LiF optics implements three illumination modes, normal mode, strobe mode, and external trigger mode. This design is flexible enough to adapt to machine vision inspection systems in different situations. Traditional visual inspection systems require a computer (desktop, laptop, or industrial computer) as the control center to connect external devices such as monitors, cameras, and barcode scanners. The performance of visual recognition software depends on the processing power of the host computer. Thus, for different configured hosts, the effect is identified.
add to favorites Optical accessories development trend is irreversible Cars 2019-03-19
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Optical accessories are devices that automatically receive and process an image of a real object through customizable large size optical prism and non-contact sensors to obtain the desired information or to control the motion of the robot. Machine vision system is to use the machine instead of the human eye to make measurements and judgments. Essentially, machine vision is the application of image analysis technology in factory automation, using optical systems, industrial digital cameras and image processing tools to simulate human visual capabilities and make corresponding decisions by directing a particular device. Perform these decisions. In the modern automated production process, optical components have begun to slowly replace artificial vision, especially in the field of condition detection, finished product inspection, quality control, etc., with the application of the industry 4.0 era, this trend is irreversible. Why use optical accessories instead of artificial vision for a number of reasons, the following are the main points: 1. From the perspective of production efficiency, because the operator is prone to fatigue under long-term work, the artificial visual quality is inefficient and the precision is not high, and the optical accessories can greatly improve the production efficiency and automation. 2. From the perspective of cost control, training a qualified operator requires enterprise managers to spend a lot of manpower and material resources. However, pure training is far from enough. It takes a lot of time to follow up, so that the level of operators is in practice. Was improved. As long as the optical components are designed, debugged and operated properly, they can be used continuously for a long time, while ensuring production results. 3. In some special industrial environments, the detection of working conditions, such as welding and gunpowder manufacturing, artificial vision may pose a threat to the personal safety of operators, and machine vision effectively avoids these risks to some extent. What areas does optical accessories cover? An optical accessory is composed of different functional modules, and a successful optical accessory is designed, which is very demanding for engineers. In general, the areas of expertise covered by optical accessories are as follows: 1. Electrical Engineering: Designed for hardware and software in optical components. 2. Engineering Mathematics: The foundation of image processing technology. 3. Physics: The basis for the design of the lighting system. 4, mechanical engineering: the wide application of optical accessories. Good sale of custom optical prism assemblies can better provide more technical support for the manufacturing industry to improve product quality and production efficiency. Principle of optical accessories Through the optical system, the object to be photographed is converted into an image signal, and then the image signal is transmitted to the image acquisition card, and converted into a digital signal according to information such as pixel distribution, brightness, color, and the like. The image processing unit performs an effective operation on the digital signals and obtains feature values ​​of the photographic subject, thereby directing the device to perform corresponding actions according to the result of the discrimination.
add to favorites Tips and strategies for purchasing overpressure trapezium mill equipment Cars - Economy cars 2019-03-19
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The overpressure type mill is a kind of trapezium mill. Firstly, the stone material is mixed by the screw equipment in the equipment, and then the soil in the stone guess is mixed with water and discharged from the flow port on the equipment. The stone material is gradually selected by the action of the screw device, and is discharged from the discharge port at the top, and then the cleaning and picking action of the sand stone material is realized. If you want to purchase a more excellent over-pressure trapezium mill equipment, then you have to carefully purchase, but because we are not very familiar with these equipment, so introduce some about the purchase of overpressure ladder type A small method of grinding machine, under the premise of ensuring quality and output value, select equipment with lower cost. First, when purchasing the overpressure trapezium mill, it is more common to question the customers from the aspects of the multi-step ladder mill. For example, the functions and features of the overpressure ladder mill equipment, Quality, quotation, after-sales service, etc. are questions. However, many customers in the purchase of overpressure ladder mill products, many customers do not know what to ask when they face the manufacturers, care for some embarrassment, wait until the time is missed, only to think of a lot of questions have not asked, Regarding this situation, it is recommended that customers write it on this book. Although it is a bit earthy, it is good for you. Second, how to grasp the quotation of overpressure trapezium mill equipment? About this question, we have to shop around, in dealing with a plan, it is more than just the quality of the three products, but also the price. Liancai is our ideal dizziness. Third, the higher the price of the overpressure ladder mill is to judge the quality of the sand washing machine. This is an unwise move, and it is the location of most customers. Fourth, on how to determine the function of the raymond mill, this situation should be determined according to the output value of the crop. We need to analyze the specific conditions to select a suitable stone washing equipment. It is not always possible to listen to their sales staff saying that such a good customer chooses the type, and the customer needs to have the backbone. Fifth, on how to determine the quality of the ladder mill, the first thing we have to do is to shop around, the second is to listen to word of mouth, and ultimately to see their after-sales service.
add to favorites new system kaolin grinding mill industry Cars 2019-03-19
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The territory of lack of metal mineral resources, building stone is very rare, but there are many kaoling mill manufacturers located here. Why is there this strange phenomenon? The main reason is that has a superior geographic location and advanced science and technology. is located in the Yangtze River Estuary, east to the East, across the sea with the Japanese island of Kyushu, Hangzhou bay to the south, West and Jiangsu, Zhejiang province is two, together constitute the Yangtze River Delta economic circle, with as the leading Chinese maximum economic zone. Has now formed consisting of railway, waterway, highway, air, rail and other 5 kinds of modes of transport, has a comprehensive network of transportation of ultra large scale. At the same time, is the most famous China industrial and commercial city and international metropolis, is the country's largest comprehensive industrial city, has a strong industrial base, technology level in the domestic leading position. In addition, because of its unique geographical location, many international advanced technology are introduced in the domestic first by Therefore, kaoling millry often has good comprehensive properties, is in the leading position in the same industry. SBM Machinery Co., Ltd. business 20 years, always standing in for the customer perspective, complete mine providing customers with high-end broken equipment, our efficient system kaolin grinding mill, crusher, mill main products all adopt the international advanced technology, by the high grade wear-resistant material made of, has performance advantages are incomparable, can provide high grade sand and stone for highway, railway, hydropower and other large engineering project.
add to favorites Small Scale Cement Crushing Machinery Cars - Economy cars 2019-03-19

The process of cement Impact Crusher Boot Sequence production involves complicated procedures and machines. Among the entire process of cement production, the crusher is used to turn big-size stones to small particles, which paves the way for next steps. PEW series jaw crusher is suitable for primary crushing, even in the most challenging conditions. So, that is why it is highly evaluated as the most popular cement crusher in Pakistan. Nowadays, many cement investors choose our PEW series jaw crushers as their selection of small scale cement crushing machinery in Pakistan. The cavity of PEW series jaw crusher employs the V-shape structure, so that the actual width of feed is the same as nominal width. Besides, the lubrication system is safe and reliable, so it is very convenient when replacing jaw plates, easy to maintenance. As for the capacity of this cement crusher in Pakistan, it can achieve to 650 t/h.

Third, energy saving Excellent: The Bentonite Mining Processing Plant savings in electricity very use of the above , to the best energy-saving effect , the need for large-scale use or prolonged use of industry, one month down , the electricity savings is a pen very considerable expense , we can say good reduces the subsequent investment of the machine, while the mill is also in the installation and maintenance of fully continue this style , for the user, which is a mechanical device without additional charges.

Fourth, dedicated blade : the use of the above , there is a dedicated ultra -fine grinding of feed blade , you can make the machine feed and grinding efficiency has been greatly improved, such devices also need to pay attention to the user who because after use, the blade needs to be cleaned and maintained every time , can help maintain a more efficient use of the machine effect , extend the life of the device, so that the mill can be more long-term , outstanding land use.

Large-scale aggregate production line process

When a large aggregate production line work, chunks of stone by the hopper evenly sent by the vibrating feeder gigantic jaw crusher for primary crushing, crushing the stone from the conveyor belt to the crusher further broken. Chunks of stone by the hopper evenly sent by the vibrating feeder jaw crusher for primary crushing, crushing stone after by belt conveyor to a crusher for further crushing; stone after crushing by the belt conveyor sent vibrating screen for screening, screening out several different sizes of stones, gravel to meet the size requirements of the finished product by the belt conveyor sent to the finished product stockpiles; gravel does not meet the size requirements of the return expected by the belt conveyor to counterattack the crusher again repeated to form a closed loop. Finished size can be combined and graded according to the user’s needs, protect the environment, can be equipped with auxiliary dust removal equipment.

add to favorites Optical component Cars 2019-03-19
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The main components of optical components include visual light sources, industrial lenses, image sensors, visual processing, and communications. The visual source is used to illuminate the component to be inspected, allowing key features of the component to be highlighted to ensure that the camera clearly sees these features. Industrial lenses are used to capture images and present them to the sensor in the form of light. A sensor in the machine vision camera converts the light into a digital image, which is then sent to a processor for analysis. The visual processing module consists of a variety of algorithms that will review the image, extract the information needed, perform the necessary tests, and make decisions. Communication is then typically accomplished through discrete I/O signals or data, primarily by sending these signals or data over a serial connection to a device for recording or use. Most [machine vision system] hardware components, such as light source modules, sensors, and processors, are available in commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) form. Users can purchase these commercial off-the-shelf (COTS), assemble them into optical components, or purchase integrated optical components directly, that is, integrate all components in one device. The key components of the wholesale large size infrared Silicon optics are listed below, including: Vision Lights, Industrial Lenses, Vision Sensors, Image Processing, Visual Processing, and Communications. Vision light sources are a key component in the successful acquisition of machine vision inspection results. An optical component creates an image by analyzing the light reflected from the object rather than analyzing the object itself. Lighting technology involves the light source and its relative position to the components and camera. Special lighting techniques can enhance the image by weakening some of the features to enhance the image, for example, by highlighting the outline of the component while illuminating the surface details to ensure that the edges of the component can be measured. Industrial lenses are used to capture images and send them to an image sensor in the camera. Different industrial lenses differ in optical quality and price, and the lenses used will determine the quality and resolution of the images acquired. Whether an industrial camera can capture a properly illuminated image of the high precision ZnS optics to be inspected depends not only on the industrial lens, but also on the image sensor within the industrial camera. Image sensors typically convert light (photons) into electrical signals (electrons) using charge coupled device (CCD) or complementary metal oxide semiconductor (CMOS) technology. Visual processing refers to extracting information from digital images, either in a PC-based external system or within a stand-alone vision system. Visual processing is performed step by step by visual software. Initially, an image is taken from the sensor. In some cases, pre-processing may be required to optimize the image and ensure that all necessary features are highlighted. The vision software then locates the specific features, makes measurements, and compares these measurements to specified specifications. Then, make a decision and send the results out. Communication, since [optical components] often use a variety of off-the-shelf components, these components must be able to coordinate with other machine components and be able to connect to other machine components quickly and easily. Typically, this is done by discrete I/O signals or data, primarily by sending these signals or data over a serial connection to a device for recording or use.
add to favorites How to prevent the cone crusher from breaking the spindle? Cars - Economy cars 2019-03-19
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The cone crusher has a wide range of applications in the mining, metallurgical, chemical, coal and other industries. During its operation, spindle breakage is a common fault that can seriously affect the normal operation of the crusher. Therefore, effective measures must be taken to avoid the occurrence of this failure. There are three reasons for the fracture of the Cone Crusher: 1. Due to the unique working characteristics of the crusher, the spindle suffers from frequent mechanical shocks and fatigue damage. 2. Too much feed, causing the equipment to run overload. 3. During the mining and transportation process, the ore is often mixed with some waste metal materials. When these objects pass through the electromagnets at the upper end of the tape, the electromagnet cannot be removed due to the weak adsorption capacity of the electromagnet and the metal characteristics of the manganese-containing steel material. These materials are mixed into the crusher in the ore and mud, causing frequent iron, which causes frequent impact on components such as the main shaft. The main cause of fatigue damage is the main shaft fracture. Precaution: 1. When the on-site maintenance personnel perform maintenance work, the replaced parts should be recycled and placed in the designated location. It is strictly forbidden to discard all kinds of metal waste into the ore. 2. When the maintenance personnel in the ore dressing workshop are not ready for maintenance, strictly observe the operating procedures and avoid leaving the maintenance tools and debris in the equipment. 3. Through the procurement and relying on its own technical strength, the existing metal detectors are updated or modified to improve the ability of metal detectors to detect and exclude metals. 4. The operator who cares for the feeding tape of the crusher should strengthen the sense of responsibility, increase the inspection intensity of the materials, and find that the foreign objects should be sorted out in time. 5. The crusher operator will not be ready for inspection in time, and find that abnormal conditions such as current and sound should be handled and reported in time to prevent accidents from expanding. 6. Regularly use ultrasonic instruments to inspect the components such as the spindle to understand the actual condition of the equipment. 7. Strengthen the training of operators in each section, strive to improve the actual operation level of the operators, strengthen the maintenance of equipment, and ensure that the equipment is in a good technical state in time for the large and medium repairs of the equipment. 8. For the spindle, body and other key equipment components that can affect the production of the whole system, do the procurement of spare parts for inventory, so as to avoid the special system to stop production after the special circumstances.
add to favorites How to choose the right optics Cars 2019-03-19
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The choice of optical components directly affects the quality and application of the input data. Since there is no universal machine vision lighting device, for each specific application example, the corresponding lighting device should be selected to achieve the desired application effect. The lighting system is one of the key parts of the custom high purity LBO nonlinear crystal and is directly related to the success or failure of the system. A good lighting design can get a good image, which improves the resolution of the whole system and simplifies the calculation of the software. The unsuitable lighting will cause many problems. 1, illuminate the target, improve brightness 2. Used as a tool or reference for measurement 3. Overcoming ambient light interference to ensure image stability; 4. Forming an effect that is advantageous for image processing; Selection of optical components 1. Surface of the object: If the visual illumination of the machine is complicated, it is caused by the change of the surface of the object. If the surfaces of all objects are the same, it is not necessary to use different light source technologies when solving practical applications. However, due to the difference in the surface of the object, it is necessary to observe the surface of the object in the field of view and analyze the reflection of the incident light source. 2. Control reflection: If the reflected light can be controlled, the image can be controlled. When it comes to high quality Chinese BIBO nonlinear crystal design, the important principle is to control where the light source is reflected to the lens and reflected. Optical component design is the study of reflection. In vision applications, when observing an object to determine what kind of light source is needed, first figure out how to make the object appear. How can I apply a light source to reflect the necessary light into the lens to get the appearance of the object? 3. The light source can be predicted: When the light source is incident on the surface of the object, the reflection of the optical component is predictable. The light source may be absorbed or reflected. Light may be completely absorbed (black metal material, the surface is difficult to illuminate) or partially absorbed (causing color changes and brightness differences). Light that is not absorbed is reflected, and the angle of the incident light is equal to the angle of the reflected light. This scientific law greatly simplifies the customized large size and special shape CaF2 optics because the ideal effect can be achieved by controlling the light source. A good image has the following conditions: 1. The contrast is obvious and the boundary between the target and the background is clear 2. The background is as light and uniform as possible, and does not interfere with image processing; 3. Color-related also requires true color, moderate brightness, and no overexposure. 4. The overall brightness is uniform, and the overall uneven gradation difference does not affect the image processing; Since the photodiode cannot detect an accurate color, the color information is reproduced by being combined with a color filter or a prism. The color information can be obtained by using the primary color mode of the red (R), green (G), blue (B) primary color filter or by using cyan (C), magenta (M), yellow (Y), green (G) The four-color filter is obtained by calculating the complementary color filter mode for creating an image.
add to favorites Common optical component characteristics Cars - Economy cars 2019-03-19
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Machine vision is the use of machines instead of the human eye for measurement and judgment; machine vision systems mainly include industrial cameras, industrial lenses, visual light sources, image processing systems and actuators. Optical components, as an important part of them, are directly related to the success or failure of multispectral/cleartran and standard CVD ZnS optics. In the vision system, the image is the core. Choosing the right optical component can present a good image, which can simplify the algorithm and improve the stability of the system. If an image is overexposed, it will hide a lot of important information; when it appears, it will cause edge errors. Judgment; uneven image will result in difficulty in threshold selection. Therefore, to ensure a good image, you must choose a suitable light source. Machine vision involves a wide range of industries including electronics, automotive, packaging, printing, food, and medical. Therefore, we are faced with a variety of testing products: different shapes and sizes, different color materials, different testing environments and indicators. Below, let's take a look at the common optical component characteristics. Ring light source The LED lamp bead is arranged into a ring with a certain angle of the circular axis, and has different illumination angles, different colors and the like, which can highlight the three-dimensional information of the object; solve the problem of multi-directional illumination shadow; the image can be arranged with a diffusing plate. Let the light spread evenly. Applications: screw size defect detection, IC positioning character detection, circuit board solder inspection, microscope illumination, etc. 2. Strip light source The LED lamp bead is arranged in a strip shape. It is mostly used to illuminate objects at a certain angle on one or both sides. The edge features of the protruding object can be freely combined according to the actual situation, and the illumination angle and the installation distance have a good degree of freedom. Applicable to larger structural objects. Applications: Electronic component gap detection, cylindrical surface defect detection, package printing inspection, drug bag contour detection, etc. 3. Coaxial light source The surface light source is designed with a beam splitter. It is suitable for surface areas with different roughness, strong reflection or unevenness, detecting engraving patterns, cracks, scratches, low reflection and high reflection areas, and eliminating shadows. It should be noted that the coaxial light source has a certain light loss after the spectroscopic design needs to consider the brightness, and is not suitable for large-area illumination. Applications: Glass and plastic film profile and position detection, IC character and position detection, wafer surface impurities and scratch detection. 4. Dome light source The LED lamp bead is mounted on the bottom and diffuses and reflects the object evenly through the reflective coating on the inner wall of the hemisphere. The overall illumination of the image is very uniform, suitable for reflective metal, glass, concave and convex surface, curved surface detection. Applications: Dashboard scale detection, metal can character scanning code detection, chip gold wire inspection, electronic component printing inspection, etc. 5. Backlight The LED bead is arranged in one side (the bottom side is illuminated) or one circle (side side illumination) from the periphery of the light source. It is often used to highlight the contour of an object. It is suitable for large-area illumination. The backlight is generally placed on the bottom of the object. It is necessary to consider whether the mechanism is suitable for installation. The higher parallel detection can enhance the parallelism of the light to improve the detection accuracy. Application: Measurement of mechanical parts size and edge defects, beverage level and impurity detection, mobile phone screen light leakage detection, printing poster defect detection, plastic film edge seam inspection, etc. 6. Point light source High-brightness LED, small size, high luminous intensity; used in conjunction with telecentric lens, an indirect coaxial light source with small detection field of view. Application: Invisible circuit detection of mobile phone screen, MARK point positioning, glass surface scratch detection, LCD glass substrate correction detection, etc. 7. Line source: High-brightness LED arrangement, using light guide column to collect light, the light is a bright band, usually used for line array camera, using side or bottom illumination, line light source can also use the condenser lens to divergence light, increase the illumination area A spectroscope can be added to the front section to convert to a coaxial line source. Application: LCD screen surface dust detection, glass scratch and internal crack detection, cloth textile uniform inspection. LED light source has high degree of freedom in design and can meet different detection requirements. It is a common custom LiF optics. A good visual light source can bring high-quality effects to the vision system, so it plays an important role in optical components.
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In optical components, optical components play a very important role. Choosing the right light source is the key factor determining the success or failure of the whole system. The main purpose of the visual light source is to make the measured object and the background as distinct as possible, and obtain high-quality, high-contrast images. . Here's a look at the choice of wholesale infrared Germanium lenses: In general, if you use a black and white camera and there is no special requirement for the color selection of the object to be measured, red is a suitable choice. Because the red LED has a long life, stability, and low price, more importantly, the wavelength of the red LED is closer to the sensitivity peak of the sensor, and the normal CCD is less sensitive to purple and blue light than the red light. If color imaging is performed, it is generally considered to use white optical components. There are several methods for the manufacture of white LED light sources. One is to use white LEDs. The blue light-emitting chip inside the light-emitting tube and the yellow-emitting phosphor after being excited, the emitted light is superimposed together in a certain proportion, and it seems to form. White, this is the more common form. Another method is to use three different colors of red, green and blue LEDs, arrange them on the light source in a certain order or manner, and control the degree of each color separately, which is relatively convenient to use. This method is usually arranged using four monochromatic RGGB particles, so the green component is usually quite sufficient. The reason for adding a green G flux is because the human eye is more sensitive to the green light source (wavelength 555 nm). In machine vision applications, attention should be paid to the combination of the target color and the color of the optical component. We see that an object is in a certain color because it reflects the corresponding spectrum. When we shoot an object, if you want to make a certain color white, you must use the same or similar purchasing large size ZnSe optics (the wavelength of the light is the same or close), and if you want to make it black, you need to select the target color. A visual source with a large wavelength difference. In the color image, except for black and gray, the others such as white, purple, blue, green, yellow, orange, red, and brown are all obvious, and the colors are full and gorgeous. Multi-color cable is a large-scale image of a black-and-white camera under a white light source. It can be found that the white, yellow, green, and orange colors are brighter, indicating that the camera is sensitive to these wavelengths. When imaging under red light, the colors of white, red, orange and yellow are obvious. The other colors are very dark, which means that when the red light illuminates the object, the red color of the object itself can reflect red light under the black and white camera. Expressed as a red feature. Under the green light source, white, green and yellow are bright and the others are dim. Under the blue light source, white, purple, blue, etc. are brighter, effectively reflecting blue light. It can also be found that white, no matter what kind of illumination, is obviously white because it does not absorb the spectrum itself, and any spectrum will be reflected on its surface; on the contrary, black material will not be illuminated by any light. Reflected into black.
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The lighting system is one of the more critical parts of the machine vision system. Optical components directly affect the quality of the image, which in turn affects the performance of the system. Its importance cannot be overemphasized in any way. A good lighting design allows us to get a good image, which improves the resolution of the entire system and simplifies the calculation of the software. Unsuitable lighting can cause many problems. The appropriate high purity YVO4 laser crystal illumination design can reasonably separate the target information and the background information in the image, which can greatly reduce the algorithmic difficulty of image processing and improve the accuracy and reliability of the system. Conversely, if the visual source is not properly designed, it will result in half the effort in image processing algorithm design and imaging system design. Up to now, there is no universal machine vision lighting device, so for each specific case, it is necessary to design a suitable lighting device to achieve the desired effect. Therefore, the success or failure of optical components and optical system design is an important factor in determining the success or failure of the system. In optical components, the role of the light source is at least the following: 1. Illuminate the target and increase the target brightness; 2. Forming an imaging effect that is advantageous for image processing; 3. Overcome ambient light interference to ensure image stability; 4. Used as a tool or reference for measurement; The ideal optical components should be bright, uniform, and stable. There are three main sources of light used in the vision system: high-frequency fluorescent lamps, fiber-optic halogen lamps, and LED light sources. At present, LED light sources are commonly used, mainly have the following characteristics: 1. Can be made into various shapes, sizes and various illumination angles; 2. Can be made into various colors as needed, and can adjust the brightness at any time; 3. Through the heat sink, the heat dissipation effect is better and the brightness is more stable; 4. Long service life; 5. The reaction is fast and can reach high brightness in 10 microseconds or less; 6. The power supply has an external trigger, which can be controlled by a computer, and has a fast starting speed and can be used as a strobe light; 7. LEDs with low operating cost and long life will show greater advantages in terms of overall cost and performance; 8. Special design can be carried out according to the needs of customers. The core of the optical components is image acquisition and processing. All information comes from the image, and the quality of the image itself is critical to the entire vision system. The high precision YVO4 laser crystal is an important factor affecting the image level of the optical component, because it directly affects the quality of the input data and at least 30% of the application effect.
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The use of Driven by Tractor Multi-function Reaper Binder use adhesives sometimes fail, but what can be done to reduce or not malfunction? Today, let me introduce you to the method of using the equipment without failure. Peanut picking machine has a long-term continuous operation, which is likely to cause equipment failure. In order to protect the product, we can master the following points to protect the equipment to the greatest extent. 1. Regularly check the harvester for damaged parts and if it is found to be replaced or repaired in time. 2. Regularly check the harvester for paint stripping and repaint if necessary. 3. The seeds and fertilizer in the fertilizer box of the harvester should be cleaned, washed with water, and then dried. 4. If the harvester has a blocked drum, check the amount of feed, the dryness of the peanuts, the tightness of the motor's V-belt, and the power supply voltage. 5. It should be noted that if the hobbing and bottom clearance of the harvester is too large, the harvester will not be cleaned. 6. The soil in the various parts of the harvester must also be clear and clean.
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wholesale hot rolled steel coil is generally used in parts where rust proofing is not critical. There are processes that allow hot rolled sheets to prevent rust as well. This process is called HRP&O - Hot rolled pickled and oiled. During the pickling process, an acidic solution is used to remove contaminants and other unwanted elements such as stains and rust. Once this pickling process is complete the acid is rinsed off and dried. Once finished drying we then apply a thin film of oil to the steel to prevent it from rusting. Pickling and oiling improve hot-rolled durability and workability at a low cost. It provides a cleaner surface hot rolled product suitable for painting with a limited barrier to rust formation. It is an all-purpose steel product used for roll-formed shapes, pipe, tubing, industrial storage racks, automotive and other stampings, air compressor housings, filter housings, agricultural equipment, package strapping, and much more.
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Self-propelled Factory Wholesale Multi-function Crop Harvester Reaper Binder is agricultural equipment that is often used in the market. This equipment is not only convenient to use in agricultural production but also has good production efficiency. Therefore, it is welcomed by the majority of users, so about the equipment, how much do you know about using features? Let's analyze it for everyone today. 1. Don't bend over when you harvest, you can use both men and women. Replace the corresponding knives, attach the upper and lower pallets and a safety shield, and harvest shrubs, pastures, reeds, and tea garden branches and trims. 2.The machine is harvested clean, laid neatly, can be laid or stacked; can quickly harvest rice, beans, large wheat and other crops in paddy fields. 3. The machine is suitable for large and small fields and muddy fields such as plains, hills, terraces, and triangles; it can harvest 1.2-1.5 mu per hour, harvesting acre of rice and other crops at the current market price of 90#, 93# gasoline, per mu the fuel consumption is about RMB 4.00. 4. The blades of the machine are made of high-quality manganese steel. The transmission part adopts advanced high-frequency quenching technology, which has strong wear resistance. The connecting parts of the transmission part are accurate and precise, and the movement is smooth, which greatly reduces the maintenance cost of the user. 5. The machine is easy to operate and easy to maintain. The engines are all Japanese technology, the power is strong and stable, the cylinder wall is chrome-plated, and the crankshaft is strengthened to extend the engine life and achieve good performance. 6. The machine is replaced with the corresponding tool or work head, equipped with a safety shield, and can also harvest shrubs, pastures, reeds and tea plantation branches and flower beds. 7. This machine eliminates the phenomenon that the electric harvester is frequently stuck due to insufficient power, which makes the user's harvest more smooth.
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Field of gypsum powder processing machinery dealers in uk many products not only to fill the domestic gap, also began to export. Small heavy construction machinery dealers in uk output value, profits, and export delivery value of substantial growth, the China gypsum powder processing machinery dealers in uk industry a trend in the increasingly in revitalizing: large and strong. Machine industry small broken a number of backbone enterprises have not satisfied with the rapid growth in output, yield, but the more eagerly want to intervene in the national gypsum powder processing machinery dealers in uk industry revitalization in, the more eager to be independent design, production of gypsum powder processing machinery dealers in uk applied to the national key projects, major projects. In recent years, major technical equipment of our country has made great progress, with the support of the Department of large gypsum powder processing machinery dealers in uk has independent production, the past small gold ore plants mills one hundred percent from foreign entrance, and gradually realize the localization. And quickly to expand abroad, it is Latecomers become the first.