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The suspended assembled floor is colorful and beautiful, and can be combined to form different patterns. It is an ideal sports ground material suitable for various environments. It is widely used in schools, kindergartens, tennis courts, volleyball courts, basketball courts, gymnasiums, gymnasiums, etc. place. With the increasing use of suspended assembled flooring, the correct use of assembled flooring to extend the service life can make your own use cost lower. How to maintain and maintain the elastic double tier sport flooring has become a topic of concern. Today, sc-zsfloor sports ground material is Everyone has sorted out some routine maintenance methods and hopes to help you. Initial maintenance of suspended floor: After the overall construction of the suspended assembled floor is completed, the floor is thoroughly cleaned and vacuumed, and the contaminated area is diluted with a neutral detergent and then scrubbed. 2. Remove the surface sewage and carefully wipe it with a clean rag before the floor is dry. Daily maintenance of suspended assembled floor: 1. In order to avoid damage to the suspended assembled floor by sharp objects, try to avoid walking on the spikes. 2. Remove the sand on the surface of the floor in time, and harden the debris to avoid wearing the floor. 3, to avoid items above 70 degrees Celsius directly contact the floor to prevent leaving scars. 4. It is forbidden to clean the ground (including toilet spirit) with inferior cleaning agent containing strong acid and alkali. It is also forbidden to clean the ground with strong organic solvents such as gasoline and thinner to avoid damage to the ground. Daily maintenance of elastic double tier sport flooring tennis court: 1. Do not always let the vehicle crush the floor and often park the vehicle on the floor. 2, do not wear nailed sneakers and high-heeled shoes to prevent athletes from being injured: sharp objects have serious damage to the assembly of suspended assembly floor space, because the raw material for suspended assembly floor is PP, which is summarized Plastic type. Sharp objects must have scratches on the plastic, and long-term damage can even cause the floor to be directly reimbursed. Therefore, do not wear nailed sneakers into the suspended sports floor, so as not to damage the floor. 3. Do not spray chemical liquid such as sulfuric acid or hydrochloric acid on the floor to avoid corrosion of the floor. The suspended floor is also a kind of plastic sports floor. Like other plastic sports floors, corrosive liquids such as hydrochloric acid and sulfuric acid will corrode it. The role, so remember to use corrosive liquids when cleaning the floor. If you encounter stubborn stains, clean it with a mild detergent solution. 4, after the snow should be cleaned up in time, do not let the snow accumulate on the floor for a long time to affect the use: Although the suspension sports floor has a good climate compression resistance, not afraid of the sun high temperature, rain and damp, snow and ice, never warp and peel off Deformation. However, if the snow does not clear the snow in the floor gap in time, the melting of the snow will make the temperature of the floor lower than the ground temperature. If the temperature is too low for a long time, it will have a greater impact on the service life of the suspended assembled floor. 5, please use the common water to wash the elastic interlocking multi-use basketball court to keep it clean: daily cleaning can be washed with water. Because of the arrangement of the mesh holes, water and sand can be leaked unimpeded to the underside of the floor surface, and discharged into the outer water tank of the site through the gap between the lower legs. This will keep the floor clean. For the suspended assembled floor, many people use the suspended assembled floor to build the course for outdoor use because of its superior durability. Nowadays basketball, tennis, volleyball, badminton, table tennis, indoor soccer stadiums, etc. can be common to the suspended assembly floor. However, many people do not understand the suspended assembly floor, and mistakenly believe that it can be used outdoors without excessive maintenance. In fact, no matter how good the floor is, it will accelerate the aging and even damage it directly. After the floor is paved, daily maintenance and daily maintenance are indispensable. It can be used and maintained as described above.
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As a large-scale crushing equipment, the SBM Cone Crusher has been widely used in the metallurgical industry. However, in recent years, crushers have begun to break through industry restrictions and gradually applied to other industries. For example, large limestone crushers are used in cement production, and the main application area is the manufacture of new dry process cements. The working principle is that the machine works by the electric motor through the elastic rubber plate coupling, which directly drives the rotor with the flywheel. The ore is fed with a heavy plate feeder to achieve a uniform fabric. The bulk ore enters the crusher and first falls on two rubber-supported shock-resistant feed rolls. The two feed rolls have different rotational speeds, the latter being slightly higher than the former, and applied outside the industry to prevent the ore from being wedged between the two rolls. A portion of the fines in the feedstock leaks between the two rolls and the remainder is sent to the rotor. The ore that is fed by the crusher is crushed or thrown by the hammer on the rotor that rotates at high speed. The ore that is thrown up collides with the counterattack in the counter-attack chamber in the upper part of the body or collides with it and then is broken. The head is brought into the crushing plate and the working area of ​​the purlin continues to be broken and broken until it is smaller than the size of the quilting and is discharged to the discharge belt conveyor set under the machine and transported away. Many parts and components of machines produced by regular manufacturers need to be purchased from other manufacturers of professionally produced parts, even semi-finished steels. These forging techniques will meet industry standards and will not cause welding deviations and cracks. The specifications of the device brackets, liner pads, etc. are not qualified. This will cause the machine's self-protection function to fail when the production meets the requirements, causing the frame of the formwork breaker to crack. Improper user operation is also a very important cause of rack cracking. For example, after the device is not checked for the solid state of the fixed jaw, the jaws are swayed up and down during work, thereby touching the frame. Over time, it can cause the rack to crack due to overwhelming. The screws on the bearing cap of the fuselage are loose and not tightened in time, causing the frame to crack. When the device template Crusher Machine was used, it was not carefully checked, resulting in eccentric shaft and tight bushing damage. As a result, the flywheel wheel weight is misaligned and the frame is cracked. How to deal with the cracking of the crusher frame, the construction of the building template crusher is very much, if you use a lot of hair to describe it can not be overemphasized. There are so many manufacturers among them, some manufacturers who have no qualifications at all, mostly small factories such as husband and wife factories and brother factories, have not obtained production licenses. Due to the small size of the manufacturers, the technical construction of the building formwork breakers produced by these manufacturers does not follow the quality and specifications of the industry.
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Throughout the entire society, the construction of kindergartens, especially the kindergarten environment design has not attracted enough attention from the society, and the government's macro management of kindergartens is not enough. In terms of rural and rural early childhood education, although there are many kindergartens, most of them have become the same pattern as nanny-type nurseries. They rent a village house and make a few tables and benches for children to play. What a good environment. A large part of urban kindergartens are also not standardized. The environment in the park is tedious, does not meet the characteristics of children's growth, and the environmental space is not fully utilized. The environmental interlock commercial basketball court surface design layout only pays attention to the simple arrangement of indoors and walls, and does not pay attention to the scientific nature of kindergarten environment design. Artistic; environmental space, color, toys, furniture design is even less ergonomic. In the new era, social material and spiritual life is more abundant, and parents have put forward higher requirements for the life of children and the environmental quality of learning activities. Therefore, designing and creating an environment that is scientific and artistic, not only meets functional requirements but also has cultural connotations has become an urgent problem for the majority of early childhood educators and parents. From the time of birth to the primary school, the development of brain intelligence is mainly based on the right brain, and then gradually turns to the left brain. Therefore, it is necessary to use the necessary environmental image to stimulate the right brain in early childhood, and it should be taken as the primary task. Kindergarten design should allow young children to live in full sunlight, fresh air, suitable temperature and a more spacious and quiet environment, allowing children to play various fantasy or creative game activities in the set area, according to gender, The special needs of age characteristics take an imaginative design and can change with age and interest. In view of the growth rules of young children and the characteristics of their environment, kindergarten interlock double tier sport flooring should conform to the law of education and adapt to the age, personality and gender characteristics of young children. It should be combined with environmental image, brain science theory and scientific methods of brain intelligence development. ; combined with brain physiology knowledge and brain function singularity; combined with children's intellectual training and game activities. The environmental design of the kindergarten includes the functional and artistic layout of the classroom; the diversification, fun, visualization and modernization of the toy design; the aesthetic and practical design of the furniture design. The purpose is to play a direct role in the sensory organs of young children, and to provide image stimulation to the right brain of young children, which is an effective way to develop the brain resources of young children. Learning from the characteristics of foreign kindergarten environment design, expanding the design level American kindergartens attach great importance to the layout of classrooms. They divide the classroom into several different learning areas: Block Corner, Art Corner, Sand and Water (Science Corner), Book Corner, and Desktop Toy Corner. These scattered learning areas make the learning content of young children change, which not only matches the children's fun, curiosity, learning interest, and non-persistent multi-variation, indoor tennis court interlocking mat manufacturers, and unified in the teaching of environmental visualization. This form is a dialectical relationship that conforms to unity and change. In the interior design, special attention should be paid to the potential of the space, making full use of every corner of the indoor space, setting up a sand pool, playing pool, and feeding corners. More natural materials such as sand, stone, water, animals and plants are provided to meet the interests of young children, giving them more opportunities to contact the sand, stones, water, animals and plants of nature. For example, in the summer, you can play waterwheel toys on the pool, let them know that the water bucket of the waterwheel is full of water, the water bucket will fall down, the waterwheel will naturally turn, and the teacher tells the child. The flow of water has the principle of impulse and so on. Let these physical phenomena in nature form a concept in the minds of young children.
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Mastering the scientific installation and maintenance methods can effectively extend the service life of color steel plates for more than 10 years, which not only reduces the use cost of the plant but also maintains a good corporate image. China prepainted color galvanized coil factory tell you that the specific four aspects should be used: 1. During the processing and installation of color coils, it is found that the coating is damaged (when it is not rusted), and it should be repaired in time. When the paint is replenished, the same color steel coil refinishes paint can be brushed or sprayed, and the repair paint is matched to prevent rust and corrosion caused by the damage of the coating. After the installation is completed, use a dry rag or another soft tool to clean off the iron filings attached to the surface of the color steel plate by the cutting saw and the electric drill to prevent the occurrence of floating rust. 2, roof tile, China prepainted color galvanized coil factory recommend that users check and maintain once a year. Iron filings, copper scraps, industrial dust, metal particles, water accumulation, and other long-term residual roof tiles, easy to accelerate coating corrosion, if found, the user should promptly organize cleaning, cleaning, removal. If the coating is found to have rust spots, it needs to be sanded. Before the touch-up, you must remove the grinding powder and rust spots. Apply anti-rust primer in a clean and dry state, and then apply a special repair finish for steel coil of a certain thickness. 3. In order to prevent long-term residence of roof corrosion, the user can use the cleaning method to maintain the roof panel. In the seaside and industrially contaminated areas, the maintenance period should be shortened. Maintenance by cleaning method, do not use decontamination powder or industrial detergent (which will damage the coating) and can be determined after a small area experiment with household detergent. 4. After the color coated plate is used for a certain period of time, due to factors such as sunshine, rain, oxidation, etc., the coating is inevitably degraded by powdering. In order to maintain the structural life of the building, repainting and repainting is a good choice. When the powdered surface of the color coated board turns gray, it is the best time for recoating. Recoating should be carried out as much as possible during the drying period with less moisture. Well, the above are some tips for the scientific installation and maintenance of color steel roofing. Have you mastered it?
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vertical roller mill grinding machine, everyone knows is a kind of grinding equipment. In the field of non-metallic minerals, the grinding machine assists the ore to grind into the excellent equipment of the required fineness of the powder. In order to help more powder processing projects to increase production capacity and reduce energy consumption, the mill manufacturers continue to improve and innovate with the same heavy machine, and produce the ideal new Vertical Roller Mill grinding machine equipment, which becomes limestone powder for processing 200 mesh powder. Processing equipment, and in the limestone field, Tongli Heavy Machine has accumulated many years of experience in the production of solutions, and can develop exclusive selection schemes for customers, with more reasonable price of limestone mill, to create greater capacity. And value. As a professional manufacturer, Tongli Heavy Machinery knows the importance of product quality. Tongli Heavy Machine always regards product quality and after-sales service as its own business philosophy, and through continuous learning and continuous innovation, will be grinding machine products. The quality is improved, and it is widely used in the fields of marble, limestone, barite, dolomite, talcum powder, etc. Not only that, but also the heavy duty machine also pays special attention to after-sales service, and sets up offices in many areas to make it more efficient and efficient. The way to escort each powder project helps customers create greater capacity value. Limestone powder processing equipment chooses the same heavy machine vertical roller mill grinding machine, which can create more excellent powder products, help enterprises to enhance market competitiveness, and the same heavy machine vertical roller mill grinding machine is the traditional R type mill upgrade The replacement equipment further broke through the fine powder pattern of the traditional mill. The production capacity of the R-type mill increased by more than 40%, the unit power consumption cost can be saved by 30%, and the finished product quality is good, the whiteness is good, the purity is good, the market Competitive, so it can bring considerable benefits. Then, what is the price of a limestone vertical roller mill? As a professional Limestone Mill processing equipment manufacturer, Tongli Heavy Machinery has always been based on the needs of customers, and has made perfect pre-sales preparations to understand the customer's grinding. Demand, according to the needs of the selection configuration plan, to provide a more reasonable vertical roller mill mill price for each limestone powder project, and thus in the powder field has been respected and loved by customers.
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I believe that every parent wants their children to receive the best education in a kindergarten that is both complete in software and hardware. In the same way, the idea of ​​looking like a child to become a dragon and a woman to become a phoenix is ​​also the wish of the teachers and staff of the kindergarten. Both parents and teachers want to give the best things to their children and let them have a healthy, safe and happy childhood. Therefore, when faced with the choice of many kindergartens, many parents will go to the kindergarten to see the various environments of the kindergarten. Because the environment is the easiest to see, hardware facilities are the first choice. Because the children's activities are mainly concentrated on the kindergarten prefabricated elastic flat wood look indoor sport flooring, the raised floor of the kindergarten floor materials must comply with the anti-skid safety performance, and is environmentally friendly and non-toxic. Children are the future of our motherland, so the safety of kindergartens must be placed first. Kindergarten anti-skid floor materials have also been favored by many kindergartens in recent years. Because the floor materials used in kindergarten activities not only pay attention to the anti-slip performance, but also put health and environmental protection first, non-slip flooring products can not detect harmful substances or odors. The kindergarten non-slip flooring produced by our company is already very advantageous compared with other general kindergarten activity floors. Because many kindergarten activities will produce a very pungent smell and even a large amount of formaldehyde, the kindergarten prefabricated interlocking indoor tennis court produced by our company is designed for the health of users, and it is the most environmentally friendly when making kindergarten floor. Raw materials to ensure that the quality of the kindergarten floor is always the best. In addition, the best value of the anti-slip applied to the floor of the kindergarten has far exceeded the national standards. In order to ensure the safety of the children to the greatest extent, the kindergarten has achieved flexibility in the production of the floor. Requirements. Because the flexible kindergarten floor has a certain impact absorption function, even if the child wrestles, it can play a certain protective role. Therefore, in order to effectively prevent children from falling, a flexible non-slip kindergarten floor is absolutely essential. Therefore, in general, the kindergarten prefabricated interlocking running track made by sc-zsfloo sports flooring manufacturers is definitely the best choice for ground materials in kindergarten. It makes the child's feet feel comfortable, non-slip environmental protection, anti-pollution and fireproof, easy to install, Shenzhen anti-skid sports flooring materials manufacturers also a healthy, safe and happy childhood.
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The emergence of heavy Crusher manufacturers is not only a solution to the problem of construction waste, but also a convenient and sensitive way compared to other treatment methods. The main components of construction waste are waste concrete and waste bricks. These two need to be removed and reused by the hammer crusher, while others can be completely cleaned by discarding unused objects. Heavy hammer crushers are combinations of crusher equipment such as jaw crushers and cone crushers. It is free to move and is a good device for handling construction waste. The heavy hammer crusher eliminates the initial crushing process of the jaw crusher and becomes a new type of crusher for large and small materials. It has the advantages of large output, high efficiency, low power, saving manpower and material resources, and reducing material crushing cost. After the crushing, the finished product has complete specifications, which can meet the needs of users with different production needs. It has a wide range of applications, can handle the crushing of various gravel materials, and solve the problem of tight sandstone resources. Small wear: The hammer Crusher Machine has made a new breakthrough, changing the method of controlling the size of the discharge with the purlin, reducing the wear of the hammer in the crushing chamber and improving the service life of the hammer. Really achieved twice the effort to get twice the result. Low power consumption: The heavy hammer crusher achieves the effect of changing the third stage crush to the first stage crushing. As a medium crushing device, the cost can be reduced by 35%, and the energy consumption during the whole operation is low. Good finished product: The size and size of the finished stone can be adjusted as needed. Rough, medium, fine and complete specifications. The finished stone has no scales, smooth body and multi-angle edges to ensure compressive strength and application range. Broad and commercial value. Wear resistance of parts: The heavy hammer crusher produced by our company uses high-quality fittings, especially the selection of wear-resistant parts. The chrome alloy hammer is a more wear-resistant metal fitting in China. The main working part of the hammer crusher is a rotor with a hammer, wherein the rotor consists of a main shaft, a disc, a pin and a hammer. The motor-driven rotor rotates at a high speed in the crushing chamber, and the material is fed into the machine from the upper feed port, and is subjected to high-speed hammer impact, impact, shearing and grinding. At the lower portion of the rotor, a screen deck is disposed, and the size of the comminuted material that is smaller than the size of the screen is discharged through the screen, and a coarse-grained grade greater than the size of the screen is retained on the screen. And continue to hammer and grind with a hammer and pass through the sieve plate. Exhausted from the machine.
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First, the requirements and treatment of the construction site: The ground requirements are flat concrete floor or asphalt floor, etc. 3m ruler measurement error can exceed ± The site should be cleaned before 3mm paving. Second, the interlocking intelligent creation of sports flooring installation steps: 1. Install from any corner of the site 2. Align the floor 'pin' and 'deduction' from top to bottom in the determined starting position, then use the rubber The rubber hammer is fixed and the pin and buckle are fully connected. 3, the installation method of the edge of the site: install the side of the floor (pay attention to the direction of the floor and the side of the floor, the side of the floor generally with ears, single ear, garden Connected to the ear) firmly connect the pins and buckles of the floor with a rubber hammer 4. Assemble the floor of the entire site in order. Note: The floor buckle and pin should be aligned around when installing, so as to avoid damage to the floor pins and buckles during installation, causing unnecessary losses. Second, the anti-7 word fixed installation method; 1. Take the upper left corner of the site as the base point, take the upper left corner of the kindergarten interlocking outdoor soft elastic flooring as the apex, fix it, and then assemble the floor in the opposite direction of the 7-word. Each anti 7 character consists of 5 floors, three in the horizontal direction and three in the vertical direction. 2. Secure each floor with a rubber hammer from top to bottom and from left to right. 3. The installation method and precautions for assembling the floor are the same as the previous one. 4. The abbreviated size of the basketball court and badminton court after the completion: 25cm × 25cm × 1.3 cm Weight: 226g / piece Material: high-strength polypropylene Support feet: 676 / block Grid structure 5 basic use Indoor/outdoor use for basketball, volleyball, tennis, five-a-side football, badminton, table tennis and other multi-purpose training venues.
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Due to the increasing use, a variety of methods for identifying the quality of galvanized steel coils have been created. galvanized steel coils have many advantages in use, so there are so many people who purchase hot-dip galvanized steel coils. China galvanized steel coil supplier come to teach you how to compare quality galvanized steel coils. First is a more traditional method of identification, that is to look at the surface. Generally good galvanized steel coil surface is very smooth without any impurities, there is the identification of galvanized steel strip material, usually the quality of the regular manufacturer's product is relatively hard, the inferior product will be relatively soft. An important step in the processing of galvanized steel coils is galvanizing. We can also check the quality of this product by looking at the amount of galvanizing. This inspection method is very simple, just look at how much galvanized steel coils are galvanized. There is a certain standard for the galvanizing of good quality products, and the galvanized layer is relatively uniform, because a regular Chinese galvanized steel coil manufacturer has a good hot-dip galvanized steel coil equipment, and there will be no galvanizing. Non-standard and uneven galvanizing.
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Inside a market economy, Application Field Of Grinding Mill progressively more intense competitors amid enterprises, beneath the premise of ensuring item excellent, thorough item costs far more realistic, the lower, the stronger competitiveness, prosperity relative growth on the product or service will, to ensure that enterprises have grown and created, it's probable to successfully lessen the priority and iron ore production expenditures turn into pertinent firms grab grab possibilities to broaden revenue major priority.

We in the case of steady investigate and advancement of new technologies, has launched the horizontal bar hydraulic cone crusher and multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher, spring cone crusher and numerous series, will emphasis over the growth of progressively captured our independent analysis and development to improve the manufacturing level, manufacturing scale to create the cone crusher stone crusher, has entered the ranks of worldwide production. at this time, we produce the best stone crusher, possession needs to be in Australia, Russia, India, South Africa and other minerals than the larger storage place the market for that company&'s crusher series laid the basis for a firm global industry.

Cone crusher outstanding structure and advantages

High crushing ratio and production efficiency. Less spare part consuming and low operation cost. between-layer pressuring crushing and better finished product shape. Hydraulic stress protection and hydraulic pressure cavity clearing, higher atomization and less stop production and repairing time. Thin oil lubrication makes the service time increased. Manifold crushing cavity. Easy maintenance and operation. The crusher can provide customers a higher capacity, better product shape, and easy be operated.

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Portable crusher plant is a kind of crushing equipment which has attracted much attention in the market nowadays. As a new type of crushing equipment, this portable crushing plants subverts the operation mode of traditional crusher and realizes the operation of mobile crushing and processing stones with no margin. It is not only efficient, but also environmentally friendly. It can avoid the worries of enterprises about environmental protection.

The portable crusher plant itself is equivalent to a free-moving crushing production line, which can process any crushing material and can be transferred to various sites at will. The quality of finished materials processed by portable crusher plant is the same as that processed by fixed crushing production line. There is no need for secondary processing, and it can be directly put into use in various fields. Therefore, when you consider purchasing this equipment, you need not worry about its processing effect at all.

The portable crusher plant has its own movable processing mode, which solves the pollution problem caused by the transportation of some polluting materials back and forth. It can process materials directly into the site. Besides no pollution, we should pay attention to the inherent power loss and energy saving of environmental protection equipment. portable crusher plants usually adopt advanced energy-saving and consumption-reducing motors, which can not only ensure the sustainable production, but also ensure that the power consumption remains at a reasonable level.

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Due to its environmentally-friendly, durable, colorful, and high safety factor, the suspended assembled floor has become very popular in the sports ground materials market, which has quickly become a hot product in the national sports ground floor. So how do you choose to assemble the interlock detachable elastic double tier sport flooring and float the assembled floor where is it? The following small series will explain to everyone where to assemble the floor. It is best for everyone to choose companies that can issue relevant product inspection reports. For example, the test report of the National Sports Goods Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, or other authoritative inspection reports and certifications that can reflect product quality. These are not only to ensure the quality of the products, but also to have a more comprehensive after-sales service, any problems in the floor can be properly resolved in the future, to avoid the situation of "no problem." Sc-zsfloor has 20 patented products for assembly flooring, and has passed the series of ISO9001 quality management system and ISO14001 environmental management system certification. The BWF certification of the World Badminton Award, which was awarded in June 2015, is the only assembled flooring brand in the world that has passed the certification. In April 2016, the FIBA ​​FIBA ​​certification was the first in Asia and the third in the world. The certified branded flooring brand; the international network ITF certification won in October 2016 is the only assembled flooring brand in the world that has passed the certification! In the same year, the company also won the NSCC national certification, China environmental label certification, etc., becoming the first brand of China's fast-assembling sports flooring! After nearly 20 years of unremitting efforts, sc-zsfloor has established a global marketing service network that spreads across the country and radiates overseas. With the efforts of all the staff of the company, sc-zsfloor has become a global high-end with its 24-hour response, one-stop pre-sales, sales, after-sales service system, excellence in craftsman quality, good market reputation and reputation. Synonymous with the brand of parquet flooring. Enjoy high corporate reputation and reputation in the industry. Several advantages of sc-zsfloor sports assembled flooring: 1. The common support foot setting determines that the interlock intelligent creation of sports flooring has better bearing capacity and pressure resistance than other floors. Each suspension-assembled floor has a number of small supporting feet, forming an elastic matrix that mitigates the impact (the shock absorption rate of the sc-zsfloor suspension assembled sports floor is more than 15%), which forms the most for the athlete's knees, ankles, back and cervical vertebrae. Good protection prevents damage caused by improper impact. 2. There is a common drainage track to quickly discharge the water together. After the rain, there is no water in the site. It is very good to prevent the ankle sprain caused by the ground slip, so that the playground can still be used normally and safely after the rain. 3. Surface texture pattern, no light absorption, no glare, anti-glare, better protection of athletes' eyes, less fatigue; surface layer with low heat reflection, no sweat, no moisture, no residual odor. 4. Each interlocking double tier sport flooring can ensure a gap of 1mm, which can not only regulate the subtle changes of thermal expansion and contraction, but also ensure the strong level of athletes' strenuous exercise under the premise of the best traction. Impact to prevent athletes from hurting their lower limbs.
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The C5 environment is the most demanding corrosive environment, referring to high humidity and corrosive industrial areas, high salinity beach areas, such as pickling workshops, electroplating workshops, paper workshops, tanneries, dye houses, etc. How to buy PPGI corrugated roofing sheet in these environments? The pickling workshop has a strong corrosive chloride ion and acidic environment. The electrolytic aluminum plant has high fluoride ion, high temperature and acidic environment. The chemical paper industry contains sulfate and sulfite, etc., which are highly corrosive. The special environment of ion, high temperature and acidity has special requirements for the building materials of the workshop. Our recommendations are as follows: 1. The buildings in these buildings are highly corrosive and must be ventilated and dusted during the design of the plant to reduce corrosion. This is beneficial for the selection of any building materials for the workshop. 2. In order to resist the high corrosive environment, special coatings with high thickness and high corrosion resistance must be selected, such as three-coat or 4-coat fluorocarbon coated steel sheets with total film thickness exceeding 45 microns or 60 microns, total film thickness. Polyurethane thick coated color coated steel sheets exceeding 60 microns and 80 microns; hot-dip galvanized or hot-dip aluminum-zinc substrates with high plating weight must be selected. For example, a hot-dip galvanized substrate with a coating weight of more than 275 g/m2, a hot-dip aluminum-zinc substrate with a coating weight of more than 200 or 250 g/m2; attention must be paid to the thickness of the coating on the inner surface of the roof and the weight of the coating in contact with the internal corrosive environment. Choice, not roofing panels; attention must be paid to the protection of the steel sheet incision and the selection and protection of the connectors.
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As everyone in the industry knows, high quality Galvalumed steel sheet is a high-quality material widely used in steel structure construction, and it has received more and more attention in recent yeargs. Its price fluctuations also affect the hearts of our customers. What is the price of galvalumed steel plate? How is the market? Here, the Galvalume Corrugated Roofing Sheet manufacturer is for your analysis. The price of galvalumed steel plate is directly related to its specification and the thickness of the aluminum-zinc layer. The same is the aluminum-zinc-plated color steel plate, the price of different brands will be different. Shandong Hengze has been engaged in the color steel plate industry for many years. The manager of the company said that when selecting the color steel plate, the customer should be determined according to the specific conditions of the project. He also proposed a practical color plate purchase technique: if it is required to have high weather resistance and high corrosion resistance, it can choose to strengthen the plated 55% aluminum-zinc engineering special color plate. Want to know more about the price of galvalumed color steel plate, you can directly visit our website.
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The sports floor is rich in color and diverse in color, making it a rare floor covering material. Statistics show that many sports venues, gyms, etc. are now keen to use sports flooring. Due to the elastic nature of sports flooring, more and more kindergartens are beginning to use sports flooring. Some people are very curious, what is the difference between sports flooring and sports flooring? In fact, the customized synthesis wood look indoor sport flooring is the sports floor. The main component of sports flooring is polyvinyl chloride material. According to the different processes, it can be divided into two types: homogenous and transparent. The sports floor is a floor decoration material that has been introduced to China from abroad. It is popular in Japan, South Korea and Europe, and is very popular. According to the records, the detachable synthetic indoor tennis court has entered the Chinese market since the early 1980s. Sports flooring belongs to “light body materials” and is a very popular light-weight floor decoration material in the world today. Nowadays, in China's market, sports flooring has been widely recognized by major cities, and the use places are very extensive. For example, indoor homes, hospitals, schools, office buildings, factories, public places, supermarkets, businesses, sports venues and other places. The advantage of sports flooring is that many other types of flooring materials are not available. Among them, environmental protection is a major feature of sports flooring. In addition, the lightness of the sports floor is also an important factor in its popularity. Many residential quarters, office buildings and other places have chosen to use sports flooring in order to reduce the weight of the building. Hybrid plastic track laying process Hybrid The plastic track laying construction is carried out by a three-step construction method. Firstly, add appropriate amount of rubber particles to the glue, and spread the thickness of the primer to 8 mm. After curing, lay a glue with a thickness of 2 mm on top, and evenly spread red or green rubber particles by hand to recover Excess glue, and finally spray a layer of glue on it. Process flow: (1) First check the flatness of the base layer, and level the uneven parts (such as the cement raft foundation needs pickling). (2) Primer laying: Before laying the primer, clean the foundation and prepare the tools for construction. (3) Paving of the face glue: a) Whenever the glue is scraped, try to shorten the interval between each barrel of glue, so that the glue formation speed is uniform. b) Always observe the thickness of the customized portable backyard court basketball sport flooring. c) Squeegee glue, before the surface glue is uncured, sprinkle with red particles. After it is completely cured, clean the excess surface rubber particles. d) Spray glue to ensure that the particles do not fall off. (4) Process line blasting.
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Among the color-coated products, the galvalumed steel plate and high quality PPGI corrugated roofing sheet produced by Hengze have always been highly praised by the market. Hengze color coating roll has also become synonymous with high-end products. So, in Shandong, is there a color coated wholesale? The answer is yes. Shandong Hengze New Material Co., Ltd., the largest supplier of modern steel roofing materials in North China, specializes in authentic China high quality prepainted color galvanized coil and has the following three advantages: 1. The color coating roll has excellent molding performance and can meet the requirements of roll stamping, bending and other forms of processing. 2, color coated rolls have good heat resistance. Ordinary hot-dip galvanizing products usually use a temperature not exceeding 230 ° C, and will change color at 250 ° C. The aluminum-zinc plate can be used for a long time at 315 ° C. 3. The color coated roll has high reflectivity. The ability to reflect heat and light is twice that of hot-dip galvanized steel, with a reflectance greater than 0.75, which is better than the EPA Energy Star's 0.65, making it an ideal building material for energy savings. China's wholesale color coating rolls, the preferred Shandong Hengze!
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Raymond Mill is a current grinding and processing equipment for ore and non-metallic minerals. Its performance advantages are high fineness of finished powder (50-1200 mesh) and high screening rate (up to 99%). The main purpose of the Raymond Mill is to process ore and minerals, for example! Various ores, activated carbon, bentonite, bauxite, fly ash, attapulgite, clay, shale, kaolin, cement, gypsum, glass and insulation materials, for example! The pig iron pin, the dried cassava, and the inner material are sent to the Rayleigh Mould Tungsten Wire Tungsten, the raw aluminum bauxite, the shellfish, etc., as long as the fiber-free Mohs hardness is not more than 9. 3, the humidity is 6%. The following non-flammable and explosive materials can be processed into powder and ultra-fine powder by Raymond mill. The material is crushed by the crusher to the allowable feed size of Raymond mill, and then sent to the silo by the transfer device. After passing through the vibrating feeder, the material is sent to the main body of the Raymond mill. In the main body of the Raymond mill, there is The grinding roller is suspended on the center frame of the main machine, and the motor drives the central shaft to rotate, so that the grinding roller swings outward under the action of centrifugal force, and the grinding roller also rotates and sticks on the grinding ring. The blade under the grinding roller is driven to rotate, shoveling the material, and the material is sent between the grinding roller and the grinding ring, so that the material is subjected to extrusion grinding to become a powder, and the powder is ground to a desired fineness, which is generated by a blower. The airflow is brought into the analysis machine for sorting, and the powder whose fineness does not meet the requirements is dropped by gravity, and is continuously ground by the grinding roller and the grinding ring. The powder with the fineness meets the requirements is taken by the airflow to the cyclone collector, and then the finished product is discharged.
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Regarding the efficiency of Raymond Mill, both the manufacturer and the customer are constantly exploring. The manufacturer hopes to produce more output equipment. The customer hopes to make the equipment play a better productivity through operation. First, regardless of the design process of the manufacturer, the machine will be affected a lot in the use stage. Here is to introduce the factors affecting it.

1. Material hardness, generally speaking, the harder the material added to Raymond mill is, the longer it takes to produce finished products of the same particle size, which means that the grinding difficulty of the equipment will increase, at this time its efficiency will decrease, and this phenomenon will also lead to the increase of equipment wear.

2. If the materials added to Raymond mill contain more fine powder, they will easily adhere to the inside of the equipment and affect the conveying process, which is also an aspect of the efficiency. The solution is to screen the materials with more fine powder in advance.

3. Material humidity, if the material added to Raymond mill contains a large amount of moisture, it will adhere to the inside of the equipment, which will cause blockage in the feeding process, and then affect the production efficiency, so it is also important for the treatment and selection of humidity.

4. In production, the better the wear resistance of Raymond grinding fittings, the better their performance at work. In this way, the greater their ability at work, the better the grinding of materials and the better efficiency can be achieved. The realization of this need to ensure that the selected equipment has good wear resistance at the time of selection.

5. Reasonable maintenance and maintenance of Raymond mill can effectively reduce the wear and tear of parts and prolong their service life, which is also an important scheme to help equipment get better working efficiency.

This article mainly introduces the analysis of Raymond mill efficiency, because the efficiency is related to the income of production, so customers pay more attention to Raymond mill efficiency and its influencing factors. Here is to introduce the influencing factors of Raymond mill efficiency, mainly in five aspects. The analysis above is more detailed.

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Nowadays, kindergartens use plastic floor mats or sports floors. Even small playgrounds are made of plastic sports flooring. This is necessary for the safety of children. The sports flooring used in kindergartens must meet the following conditions:  1, rich in patterns: a variety of cartoon patterns. The interlock detachable elastic double tier sport flooring has a variety of cartoons that children like, and they are rich in color. They can also spell out the patterns that many children like, making the kindergarten more vibrant.  2, anti-skid, moisture-proof, fire-retardant: sports flooring has anti-slip properties, the more water, the more sturdy, limited to prevent slipping. The sports floor is waterproof and moisture-proof, and it is not damaged by mildew in a humid environment. And the fire performance is outstanding, reaching the B1 level.  3, quiet sound absorption: excellent sound insulation. The unique structure of the sports floor also makes it an excellent sound-reducing and noise-reducing material. If a kindergarten-specific sports floor is laid, it is like having a muffler. When the children play, it can reduce the noise of the footsteps and reduce the noise of heavy objects. It absorbs the sound of air conduction and gives the kindergarten a peaceful education environment.  4, warm and comfortable: warm and soft, flexible. prefabricated elastic double tier sport flooring temperature through the sports floor is often in the human body's appropriate range, bare feet walking on the floor, will also feel warm as spring, comfortable and friendly. The sports floor sports floor has a unique elastic foam layer structure, which not only steps on the sports floor. The foot feels comfortable, and it can greatly reduce the pressure caused by the long-term standing on the back, legs and ankles of the human body, and meets the ergonomic requirements. Especially for children's accidental fall, it can provide a great buffer to reduce the damage caused by falling. At the same time, it can also absorb the impact of falling fragile items on the ground.  5, green and environmentally friendly, never allowed to release formaldehyde and harmful gases. High-quality sports flooring is strictly controlled in the production process. It is halogen-free, heavy metal, volatile plasticizer, formaldehyde, etc. After the ISO international quality system and the green environmental protection system certification, it is strictly tested by the national authority quality inspection department and belongs to the green and environmentally friendly floor. 6, antibacterial easy to clean: inhibit bacteria, no need to deliberately maintain. The surface of the sports floor is made of special UV layer material, which does not hide dirt and dirt. It can prevent the entry of various bacteria and microorganisms. The surface of the floor is smooth and tidy. It is very convenient to clean and maintain. Wipe it with a damp cloth. 7, heat insulation: winter and cool in summer, saving energy. detachable indoor sport surface energy-saving effect Non-sports floor is often excellent, which can reduce the cost of later use. The sports floor has uniform heat dissipation, small thermal expansion coefficient and stable size. In winter, the temperature of the heating can be evenly distributed to keep the indoor warm; after the indoor air conditioning is opened in the summer, the cold air can be effectively prevented from being dispersed, thereby keeping the room cool. For the kindergarten, the safety of the baby is the first. With a safe and environmentally friendly floor, we are also relieved.
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Nowadays, with the increase of various geotechnical materials, the China PP woven prevent grass growth geotextile factory are also beginning to grow more and more, but with the emergence of geotextile manufacturers, people's choice of geotextiles has begun to enter the blind zone. They didn't know what kind of geotextile manufacturers to choose, what kind of geotextiles. People say that buying products requires goods to be compared with three. In fact, this is the case. Take geotextiles, it has many manufacturers, and what kind of geotextiles are available. In fact, the price of geotextiles is made up of geotextiles. The price of raw materials and the cost of processed products of geotextile manufacturers, the sum of sales and transportation costs. Geotextile manufacturers must choose geotextile factorys with good reputation and high reputation. The most important ones are generally better from product quality and after-sales service. There are only a lot of geotechnical cloth manufacturers in Shandong Province. When you choose, you must be optimistic about the products, talk about the price, and inspect the manufacturers.