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The raw material used in SC-ZSfloor elastic interlocking multi-use basketball court is polypropylene, non-toxic, odorless, low density, high in strength, rigidity, hardness and heat resistance. It can be applied at around 100 °C. It has good dielectric properties and high-frequency insulation and is not affected by humidity, but becomes brittle at low temperature, not wear-resistant and easy to age. Suitable for manufacturing some common machine parts, high temperature parts and insulation parts. It can be used for modified utensils in utensils, tableware and suspended floors. It is added with toughening, anti-aging and anti-oxidation additives to improve the shortage of raw materials. Polypropylene PP has many excellent properties: The relative density is only 0.89-0.91, which is one of the lightest types in plastics. 2, excellent mechanical properties, in addition to pressure and impact resistance, other mechanical properties are better than polyethylene, molding processing performance is good. 3, has a high heat resistance, the application temperature after modification can reach 110-120 °C. 4, good chemical properties, no water absorption, and will not react with most chemicals. 5, the texture is pure, non-toxic. 6, electrical insulation is good. 7. The transparency of polypropylene is better than that of high-density polyethylene, and the gas permeability is good. SC-ZSfloor suspension-assembled sports flooring is dedicated to fighting green sports venues. The goal is to not follow the inferior quality! Only a quality leader! SC-ZSfloor adopts imported brand color masterbatch into the indoor tennis court interlocking mat. The color is rich. People say that each color represents a mood, red represents struggle, green represents health, orange represents happiness, white represents tranquility and leisure, etc. Scientific experiments, the facts are also true, because our nerves are highly sensitive to color, colors can easily stimulate our receptors, and the nervous system naturally adjusts the various parts of the body for us, thus changing our mood. The suspended plastic floor is colorful, and choosing a good color or matching will keep us in a good mood! Floor testing before sports floor construction Sports flooring is a new type of lightweight body decoration material that is very popular in the world today, also known as "light body material." It is a popular product of Japan and South Korea in Europe, America and Asia. It has been popular in the international market since the early 1980s. It has been widely recognized in China's large and medium-sized cities and is widely used. Today SC-ZSfloor introduces you to the floor test to be done before the construction of the sports floor. 1. Use temperature and humidity meter to detect temperature and humidity. Indoor temperature and surface temperature should be 15 °C, and should not be applied below 5 °C and above 30 °C. The relative air humidity suitable for construction should be between 20% and 75%. 2. The moisture content of the base layer is measured using a moisture content tester, and the moisture content of the base layer should be less than 3%. 3. The strength of the base layer should not be lower than the requirement of concrete strength C-20, otherwise suitable self-leveling should be used to strengthen the strength. 4. The test result with the hardness tester should be that the surface hardness of the base layer is not less than 1.2 MPa. 5. For the construction of interlock commercial basketball court surface materials, the unevenness of the base layer should be less than 2 mm in the range of 2 m ruler. Otherwise, the self-leveling should be used for leveling.
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Color steel coils are now used in many building materials. This material plays an important role in many aspects of the construction site. In fact, the development of color steel coils is not particularly smooth, except for prepainted color galvanized coil price. It has many advantages, and its shortcomings have many problems. Now let's take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of color steel coils. In construction sites, the lighter the material, the easier it is to install, and the color steel coil is like this. It is light in weight and much lighter than brick walls. Although its lightweight, it does not mean that its performance is poor, it has a good thermal insulation function, and its thermal conductivity is still very good. If we need color steel coils to take on the weight of some coils, then its strength is also very good, able to resist bending, but also resist pressure. If the high quality prepainted galvanized steel coil is installed on the outer wall, its color is very beautiful and bright. At this time, it is not necessary to use other materials to decorate the material, and it is also very convenient and flexible during the installation process. The entire construction time is greatly reduced. Of course, color steel coils also have disadvantages, for example, its maintenance costs are relatively high. If the color is reduced after a long time, it needs to be maintained. Although it does not matter if it is not complementary to it, it has a great influence on the appearance. When the color steel coil is in contact with the outside world for a long time, it will still rust. At this time, it will affect the use, so that the ability to resist the basic snow will decrease. The above is the color steel coil. The advantages and disadvantages were introduced.
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How to replace the wearing parts of the Impact Crusher, the Shanghai crusher manufacturer received the customer hotline, consulted about how to replace the wearing parts of the impact crusher, we believe that the replacement of the wearing parts is also very important, because we know the impact crushing The main working parts of the machine are high-speed rotating rotors with plate hammers, various types of counter-attack plates directly or indirectly mounted on the casing, in addition to uniform slabs for adjusting the particle size of the discharge. Therefore, the rotor, the plate hammer, the counterattack plate and the jaw plate are the most vulnerable parts during the operation of the impact crusher; among them, the rotor shaft and the bearing, the adjusting spring, the uniform raft, the suspension shaft, the transmission device, etc. are common and vulnerable. Pieces. Shanghai crusher, stone crusher in production, the replacement of wearing parts first stop, then open, first open and then put on the shelf. When using, first remove the connecting bolts of the rear upper frame and the middle case, then use a wrench to screw the hex head part of the flip device, and the upper frame is slowly opened. At this time, we can use the hanging device above the rack to hoist the rear frame, repeat the above process, that is, close the upper shelf. When the counter-attack hammer is worn to a certain extent, it should be adjusted or replaced in time to avoid damage to the fasteners and other components. When replacing, open the rear upper cover and remove the split pin, slotted nut and bolt for fixing the counter backing plate, and replace it. In the normal operation, the bearing temperature of the impact crusher should be checked in time. If abnormality occurs, it is likely that there is too much or insufficient grease, or the grease is dirty, and the bearing may be damaged. In this case, it should be checked in time. Grease amount, or replace grease and bearings.
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Suspension assembling sports flooring is increasingly used in basketball courts, but many people do not understand the installation and maintenance methods. In fact, the installation and maintenance methods of basketball suspension assembly floor are very simple, which is one of its advantages. The following elastic interlocking multi-use basketball court ground materials give you an analysis of the methods and maintenance precautions for the basketball court paving suspension floor: Basketball court suspension assembly floor installation: 1. The center point paving method: when the basketball court is paved, take the line of the basketball center at both ends to take the straight line, take the whole basketball court half-field to take the straight line, and the two-line intersection point is the starting point (also the center point of the stadium) around this point. Paving, then expand the assembled floor to the surrounding area, pay attention to the alignment of the horizontal and vertical lines, so as not to be skewed after the pavement is completed. The paving method has the advantage of being symmetrical around and not prone to tilting in a certain direction. The disadvantage is that the paving sometimes needs to be installed in reverse, and the construction is troublesome. 2, the top left corner paving method: basketball court to install the floor with a tape of more than 30 meters to measure the entire site size to draw four corner points, starting from the upper left corner, followed by the direction of the lower right corner (90 ° sector) stitching floor. Pay attention to the adjustment of different color floors according to the requirements of the construction drawings, and check the angle of the indoor tennis court interlocking mat at any time to avoid excessive or too small angles affecting the splicing of the floor. The paving method has the advantages of convenient splicing and installation, and does not require reverse splicing. The disadvantage is that due to the size of the floor and the problem of the gap, the entire site is likely to be offset and the data is deviated, which requires the construction personnel to pay attention to the adjustment. 1. Site preparation before construction: It can be used on the foundation of a solid foundation. The error within the range of three meters is not more than 5 mm. Clean the floor before installation 2, suspended floor paving method: (1), taking the upper left corner of the site as the starting point for installation, and the floor A corner as the apex of the upper left corner of the site. (2) Align the floor pin and the buckle from left to right in turn, and tap the fixed buckle with a rubber hammer. (3), floor side installation method, install the side of the floor (pay attention to the direction of the floor and the floor side, the part of the pin on the floor is connected with the floor side of the ears, the part with the hole and the floor side of the single ear Connect), connect the buckle on the floor side to the pin on the floor with a rubber hammer (as shown above). (4), installation precautions: the floor pin and buckle must be aligned during installation to avoid damage to the floor. The above two paving methods can be selected, but the basketball court has a large amount of movement. In order to prevent the floor displacement, it is recommended to use three rows of horizontal and three rows of vertical nails to fix the floor. The floor pins and buckles must be aligned during installation to avoid damaging the floor. Ok, share the installation method, here is how to maintain and maintain after paving construction: Basketball court suspension floor maintenance: 1. Use a cloth mop, dust off or rinse with water. 2. Wipe off the water and stains on the interlock commercial basketball court surface and oil stains. 3. Wipe the shoe print with a soft cloth or mop and a suitable floor cleaner. 4. Always check the expansion or contraction of the floor, check the expansion joints and clean up the debris accumulated in the seam.
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Quartz sand is the starting material of glass. Also for casting metals Kaolin Processing moulds and sand cores are used. Pure quartz sand is indispensable in the ceramic industry and is used for flame-resistant bricks, sanitary, kitchenware and tiles, among others. Quartz sand is made from natural quartz ore. Final products is of multi-prism, multi-prism, spherical, pure white, with high mechanical strength, interception capability, acid resistance is good. It will be processed by crushing, screening, washing and other stages. So a completed quartz sand production line is needed. What kinds of machines do we need? Working process of quartz sand production line First, stone aggregate is transported into crushing machine for initial break, then the crushed coarse material is transported into fine crusher by belt conveyor for further crushing, the material after fine crushing will be transported to vibrating screen for screening, the material of meeting the refined size requirements will be carried into the sand washing machine for cleaning, and then to be the finished products; the material does not meet the size requirements will be transported return to the quartz sand making machine through vibrating screen for re-processing, thus form a closed loop. Finished size can be combined and graded according to users needs. Equipments installed in quartz sand production line There are main two ways to make quartz sand: dry method and wet method The first is the dry higher purity quartz sand production line. This plant mainly consists of jaw crusher, quartz sand making machine, belt conveyor, and screening equipment. What is the procedure? The procedure flow is that the quartz ore supplies need to pass the jaw crusher one by one particular according to the size. Then the materials are crushed to smaller particles. The stone supplies are crushed by the quartz sand making machine and screened by the screen. The magnet sticks along with the exhaust magnet could be utilized to remove the iron inside the screening approach; The second may be the wet purity quartz sand production line. The whole sets include jaw crushers, quartz sand making machine as the same as the dry method.
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Roller cement vertical grinding operation is reliable Vertical roller mills are two types of roll mill equipment, which can be equipped with an equal number of grinding rolls according to requirements. The vertical roller mill mainly uses a bracket to fix the rocker arm, and the hydraulic system constitutes the power unit of the whole crushing process. The power unit assembly thus designed is two integral or two components, and a corresponding number of components are disposed around the grinding roller. The Vertical Roller Mill with such a structure will form two efficient crushing lines, which will make the whole machine have special functional characteristics, which is also the advantage of vertical grinding. The advantage of vertical roller mill 1. The noise reduction device can effectively reduce the noise volume in the production process of the mill, make it greener and more environmentally friendly, and meet the call of family policy, corresponding to the theme of environmental protection. 2. The energy consumed is obviously reduced. > The material falls to the center of the grinding disc by the impact of gravity and airflow. Under the action of the hydraulic system, the material is crushed by the action of pressure and friction, and the physical process is used to reduce the production process. Energy consumption, energy saving and emission reduction. 3. The vibration generated by the smashing Chen is small, and the start-stop two-body completion is completed, and the whole process is basically free of vibration, which improves the stability of the equipment. 4, vertical roller mill adaptability is very strong, can be applied to different types of materials, for a variety of materials have shown a good crushing capacity, practice has proved that vertical roller mill is the crushing equipment used in the grinding equipment. 5. The vertical grinding volume is small and the floor space is small, which brings two advantages to the production site selection, and also brings great convenience to production. 6, the vertical grinding operation is simple, as long as a little understanding of the main components of the mill, can be skilled and safe operation. Maintenance is also convenient, suitable for most maintenance methods of the mill. 7. The use of dry hair grinding technology will show more excellent characteristics. Vertical grinding is more sensitive to the humidity of the material. The water content has a greater impact on the operation of the vertical roller mill. Dry milling is the preferred production of vertical grinding. the way. The vertical grinding application is widely used, and it is different from the grinding machine equipment such as Raymond mill and superfine grinding. It is ground in the classic way of grinding the grinding wheel and grinding each other. The fineness of the finished product is good, the efficiency is high, the energy consumption is small, and it is two. These energy-saving and environmentally-friendly milling equipments have the advantage of supporting them as they are increasingly sought after by the market.
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SC-ZSfloorPVC sports flooring manufacturers introduced that elastic interlocking multi-use basketball court is flexible. When consumers choose the floor, whether they have elasticity or elasticity can not be the factor of choice, or should focus on The material, pattern, color and environmental performance of the floor. In addition, different places have different requirements on floor performance. Therefore, it is best to choose the floor when selecting the floor. Different places choose different floors, especially family rooms. It is best to choose solid wood flooring, solid wood composite flooring or Laminate flooring, cork flooring, etc. First, professional sports flooring is expensive and flexible, but not suitable for families. Compared to the wooden floor of the home, the professional sports floor performance is even better. It is understood that the professional sports floor structure must have vibration absorption function, so that people can not be hurt when exercising, especially when jumping, and the function of vibration deformation and extension deformation does not affect the neighbor when moving on the wooden floor. personnel. At the same time, the slipping characteristics of the wooden floor make the floor not too sloppy or too slippery, ensuring the stability of the exerciser's movement. Such a floor is more comfortable in terms of foot feel, elasticity, etc., but it is not suitable for the family, because the family's performance requirements for the floor are not harsh compared to the sports venue, and the professional sports floor is also displayed in the home. Out of its characteristics. At the same time, although the indoor tennis court interlocking mat varies greatly according to the grades of different grades, the price of about 1,000 yuan / square meter - 350 yuan / square meter is obviously much higher than the price of household wood flooring, nor is it acceptable to ordinary families. Therefore, the use of professional sports flooring in the home is of little significance. Second, the floor accessories and paving technology, affecting the flexibility of the floor when used. For PVC sports flooring, it is hoped to increase the demand for floor feel and elasticity. SC-ZSfloorPVC sports flooring manufacturers said that this is not only achieved by the performance of the floor alone, but also the accessories selected during the floor covering and the paving method of the floor. Both affect the performance of the floor. Consumers should choose different materials for flooring and different accessories and paving methods according to their different needs. For example, if you want a comfortable foot feel and elasticity, and you want the floor to have excellent anti-slip performance, you can choose a cork PVC sports floor, or you can use a solid wood floor and a keel. If the economic capacity is limited, SC-ZSfloor interlock commercial basketball court surface manufacturers say that consumers can also choose solid wood composite flooring or laminate flooring. At this time, the floor should be selected to add paving materials and other accessories, which can effectively help the floor moisture-proof, and also increase. Feeling of the floor. If the consumer wants to disassemble and repair the floor easily, then the floating paving method can be used. This method does not require keel or glue bonding. SC-ZSfloor sports flooring manufacturers put the PVC sports floor directly on the flat ground. On the top, it is very convenient for the second paving of the floor, but the feeling of the foot is slightly worse than the paving way of playing the keel.
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Afterwards affairs it is MLB 19 Stubs traveling into the RS forums,locating a bulk blockage cilia and digging through many pages of bulk manipulators announcement their handpicked trades in an assault to amplitude the costs in their favour. Even if I really do purchase anupdated' bulk it's adequate to be around several canicule old and also a lot of in fact already obsolete.The larger altercation adjoin this really is, it abandoned affects the which have been precise a number of years ago, but not anymore.It may not be a institution avantgarde issue, but it in fact affects a lot added humans than a lot of beforehand on. I mean, with AoD, the a lot of casual pvmers can accomplish coinsions alone. And it's abandoned traveling to get easier in the long run that is a actuality. Additional and additional humans will access added and extra GP, and ultimately, will seem to manage this problem. It is not a bad affair it's apprenticed to show up with time at a daring like Runescape it's like aggrandizement in the market. Just attending at RWT ante for to RSGP. It's accepting the show 19 stubs more economical and cheaper to buy RSGP now compared to years prior.This wasn't an affair a couple of years ago, if necessitating a maximum banknote assemblage could buy you in actuality aggregate in the match. About now, that maximum banknote assemblage will almost get Buy affordable products here:
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The high quality color corrugated steel sheet coating is a product obtained by subjecting a cold-rolled steel sheet or a galvanized steel sheet to a surface chemical treatment (roll coating) or a composite organic film (such as a PVC film) and then baking and curing. Some people call this product "pre-rolled color steel plate" and "plastic color steel sheet". The color sheet product is produced by the manufacturer on a continuous production line, so it is also called a color coated steel plate roll. The color corrugated steel sheet not only has the mechanical strength of the steel material, the easy forming property, but also the good decorative and corrosion resistance of the coating material. Color steel plates are emerging materials that are highly respected in the world today. With the advancement of science and technology, the enhancement of environmental awareness, and the improvement of people's living standards, color steel sheet activity rooms have increasingly shown strong vitality and broad market prospects, and are subject to construction, home appliances, electromechanical, transportation, interior decoration, and office equipment. And the favor of other industries. The color steel sheet movable room has the advantages of a lightweight, high strength, heat insulation, beautiful appearance, and durability, and is a high-grade building installation which is integrated with architecture and decoration. Color corrugated steel plate movable room construction is clean, widely used in large-span factory buildings, warehouses, office buildings, villas, rooftops, air purification rooms, cold storage, shops, kiosks, and temporary houses. Light color steel plate EPS sandwich panel square weight less than 14KG can fully reduce the structural load and reduce the cost of the movable house structure.
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According to the relevant state departments, the tiles currently sold on the market have radiation pollution to varying degrees. Mainly some manufacturers in order to increase the brightness of the tile and the effect of easy cleaning, a large amount of chemical substances called "zirconium" is added to the surface of the tile, which is radioactive and has considerable damage to the human body. The 3x3 multi-use basketball court flooring is a new type of light floor decoration material, also known as "light body material", which is very common, such as schools, kindergartens, hospitals, office buildings, factories, stadiums, stadiums and other outdoor sports fields. It is also useful in various places such as transportation systems, home improvement, and stadiums. Sc-zsfloor Suspended floor panels are made from polypropylene (pp) material. The modified copolymer resin is used as the main raw material, and is made by extrusion molding process of filler, plasticizer, stabilizer, colorant, anti-aging, anti-oxidation and the like. What are the advantages compared with common floor material tiles? The sc-zsfloor floor material is small and small: 1. Green and environmental protection: sc-zsfloor county floating assembly floor is inspected by the National Environmental Protection Product Quality Monitoring and Inspection Center. All technical indicators have reached environmental protection requirements, with high-tech antibacterial function, products are non-toxic, tasteless, green and waterproof. , non-slip, mildew and other characteristics. 2, good mobility: the irregular surface of the commercial interlocking volleyball court flooring, MiG, square and other texture arc design, so that the sliding coefficient is the best value, so that the sport has better activity, for starting, jumping, anti-skid, etc. A variety of professional violent technical movements provide a highly explosive elastic power structure. 3, paving simple: sc-zsfloor sports assembling floor can be freely paved according to the needs of users, and is not subject to the restrictions of the site, moving is also very convenient, detachable and re-installed. 4, clean the toilet: the surface of the outside has a discharge function for external pollution, if the appearance is not polluted, it can be easily cleaned with a mop, too dirty to be cleaned with a special cleaning agent for the floor, easy to clean and low cost. 5, the use of safety: suspended sports floor surface anti-slip matte surface, each layer has a different function, bringing a reliable guarantee for sports, can minimize sports injuries. When we choose, we first look at the flatness of the suspended floor: it can be assembled together with two suspended floors, and touched by hand to see if there is any obvious unevenness on the surface of the floor. If there is no obvious unevenness, the product will be viewed as For quality products, and if the product has a pungent taste, the quality of such products is not guaranteed. Another important aspect is the weight of the floor in the province. Due to the many unscrupulous merchants in the floating floor market, in order to reduce costs, talc and calcium carbonate are added to the materials. These materials are easy to affect the quality of the floor, if the feel If it is heavy, it can be determined that the commercial prefabricated interlocking running track has added other elements such as calcium carbonate, and even affects the expansion ratio of the suspended assembled floor, resulting in waves and the like after the entire site is used. A good quality suspended floor has more advantages than a tile, and of course it is more focused on the outdoor sports ground.
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Vertical roller mill is a large-scale grinding machine. There are many factors to consider when purchasing, such as vertical roller mill manufacturer factors, Vertical Roller Mill mechanical factors, vertical roller mill price factors, etc. Integrity, scale, etc., and for machinery, mainly quality, performance, working principle, etc., and then consider whether the nature of the material is suitable for this vertical roller mill. Neutral mills are indispensable in China's infrastructure construction, and the application field is very wide. It can be used in the mining, construction, building materials, chemical, highway and other industries for rough and fine crushing. The customer should choose from the vertical roller mill. Actually, consider your own project is not suitable for the one you want to buy, then understand the characteristics and scope of various types of milling equipment, and then refer to the manufacturer's service quality, also pay attention to the following factors when choosing: 1. The total production volume and grading requirements of the finished product, according to the type and capacity of the mill; 2. Physical properties of the material, such as friability, viscosity, moisture content and feed size; 3. Technical and economic indicators, to meet the requirements of quality and quantity, easy to operate, reliable work, and limited cost savings; vertical roller mill equipment is a large investment, please be cautious when choosing customers. Shanghai SBM is one of the early manufacturers of vertical grinding and micro-grinding equipment in China. It has been continuously pioneering and always standing at the forefront of the industry. The service of SBM machines is obvious to all users. Users in most parts of China can easily get a good after-sales service. You mainly buy equipment at SBM. You don't have to worry about equipment maintenance. We have professional staff. Track your entire journey.
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Crop straw crusher is the most commonly used agricultural machinery for crop harvesting. The use of crop straw crusher reduces the labor intensity of the majority of growers, improves the work efficiency, and applies to the crops and silage of the crop straw crusher. The adjustment method when the cutting machine is used, let us briefly understand. China Animal Silage Fodder Cutter Crop Straw Crusher application: The crop straw crusher plays an important role in the harvesting of crops such as straw, corn stalk, cotton stalk, sorghum straw, grain straw, wheat straw, etc. After the straw smasher is crushed, the harvested crops can be transported. Go to the drying plant or the granary. When the animal silage cutting machine is working in the field, start the tractor. The height of the header should be adjusted according to the height of the corn. When returning the machine or the recycling machine, slowly put down the returning machine or the recycling machine, and pay attention to the moving knife not to touch the soil. The throttle is from small to large and gradually reaches the rated speed. Slowly drive into the work area at low speed and start harvesting. When the animal silage cutter passes through the field or the ground, raise the returning machine or recycling machine and header, and avoid sharp turns. When driving animal silage cutters, crop straw crushers also need to follow some safety rules to avoid unnecessary damage, while not allowing non-drivers to drive corn silage harvesters, corn silage harvesters running or starting. At the time, it is necessary to send a signal in advance, and each machine should be equipped with a fire extinguisher.
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Due to the particularity of the suspended floor in kindergarten, it has attracted the attention of many preschool places. The suspended floor has certain advantages, such as environmental protection, safety, wear resistance, long life, easy cleaning, etc., making it the most ideal ground for preschool education. One of the materials. However, some consumers will also ask whether the prefabricated elastic flat wood look indoor sport flooring can withstand the wind and rain. Let's take a look at it together with Xiaobian. For this question, the explanation of sc-zsfloor is as follows. You should first know what material the suspended floor is made of and what the characteristics of this material are. The suspended floor is made of mature high-strength polypropylene environmental protection material, which effectively solves the problem of thermal expansion and contraction of the floor and has stable surface friction. At the same time, antioxidants and anti-UV additives are added to each floor to ensure the floor is protected. It does not fade during long-term exposure to sunlight. The high-quality suspended floor has the resistance to extreme cold and extreme hot two-way extreme weather. It is necessary to know that a good suspended floor can maintain good elasticity, flexibility and other physical properties at a temperature of minus 40 degrees Celsius to 70 degrees Celsius, without embrittlement, breakage, etc., and does not affect the use of the site. Above is one of the biggest advantages of suspended flooring More importantly, most kindergartens use environmentally friendly and pollution-free assembled flooring to allow children to play healthily and safely. Sc-zsfloor assembled floor manufacturers talk about the advantages of the product. The assembled kindergarten floor has a variety of colors and can be spliced ​​at will. It's like letting children live in a fairy tale world. On the prefabricated futsal court of the nursery, we don't have to worry about the children jolting outdoors and smashing the bleeding. Moreover, the assembled floor has a good feeling of comfort and has a massage effect on the child's feet. The raw materials are non-toxic and environmentally friendly, and no binder is installed. After use, the assembled floor can be recycled and used to make plastic buckets to reduce losses. The floor we installed outside the house has UV rays that are harmful to humans, and it is also resistant to oxidation and high temperatures. Floor products only need one-time investment, and rarely need to maintain outdoor space. It can greatly reduce the cost of kindergarten for outdoor floor maintenance, long service life and no deformation. Assembled flooring has a variety of functions that can be used in a variety of outdoor sports situations, an outdoor venue can be held in a variety of sports, and save space. The suspended floor is made of green environmental protection material PP. The good quality of the prefabricated interlocking indoor tennis court in the production process is absolutely free of toxins, heavy metals, volatile plasticizers, formaldehyde and so on. The suspended floor is made of polypropylene to prevent the entry of various bacteria and microorganisms. The surface of the floor is smooth and tidy, and it is very convenient to clean and maintain. Rinse with water. The suspended floor not only feels comfortable on the foot, but also greatly reduces the pressure caused by the long-term standing on the back, legs and ankles of the human body, and meets the ergonomic requirements. Especially for children's accidental fall, it can provide a great buffer to reduce the damage caused by falling. At the same time, it can also absorb the impact of falling fragile items on the ground. The suspended floor has many styles and rich colors, which can be paved into a cartoon pattern that children like, which makes the kindergarten more energetic.
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There are many kinds of Stone crushing Construction Waste Crusher Manufacturers, such as impact crusher, impact crusher, jaw crusher etc.. The design principle, processing range are not the same, so that customers in the selection must pay attention to their breaking, crushing machine suitable crushing ratio and processing efficiency. If the selection is too high, the procurement cost of pay is high, but if the selection is to achieve efficiency is not required, it will affect the work process. Stone crushing plant as the main equipment of mining and counter the higher price of crusher andcone crusher is a good choice.

The mining is a high strength work, in many of the Small Stone Crusher Machine mining equipment, Stone crushing plant is one of the main equipment, the main work is breaking on a size not quarried stone, and then its transportation. For some especially huge volume of ore to crushing selecting crusher corresponding, otherwise it is difficult to transport. Due to the needs of customers is not the same, so the mining company in order to meet the needs of customers, according to customer's material requirements, choose a plurality of crusher equipment model to meet the processing requirements, and good customer service. We are stone crusher manufacturer in South Africa, we can offer you various crusher machine and production line.

Energy saving, higher working efficiency, lower cost, big output and big profit. This stone production line has the merits such as higher working efficiency, lower cost, big capacity, higher output, medium finished product, better granularity which can satisfy the standard of the nation on the mining machines. The main equipment of this stone production line can be determined by the stone specification and the usage of stone, and we provide the perfect service for every customer no matter whether this mining machine is used in the middle operation or before or after, and we can assign the best production line for customer according to its different jobsites of them.

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It is also very normal for the sand making machine to encounter problems during work, just like people are sick, as long as the right medicine can solve this problem. Today we are going to discuss how to solve the problem of the sharp swing of the sand making machine during work, then there are three possible reasons: The sand making machine may also have obstructions in the impeller flow passage. If there is obstruction in the impeller flow passage, the feeding will be uneven, and the body swings too much. As long as the obstruction on the impeller flow passage is taken out, the body can be swung too large. The problem. It may be that the equipment is too large due to the excessive particle size of the feed. When the sand making machine is designed, the feed size of the equipment is generally 4 to 5 cm. Generally, the equipment feed size is 3 to 4 cm. The amount can be increased. If the feeding is too large, the equipment will swing too much. If the feeding is too small, the collision is not enough and it is difficult to reach the finished sand amount. It may be that the wearing parts on the impeller of the sand making machine are worn more seriously. If the wearing parts of the impeller are seriously worn, the internal operation of the sand making machine will be unstable, causing the swing to be too large. At this time, as long as the wearing parts are replaced, the internal impeller of the sand making machine can be balanced.
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The price factor of suspended assembled floor covers many aspects. As a sports floor board, the suspended floor can not be separated from the basic price of goods. Marx said that “value determines the price, and the price fluctuates according to the value” is actually the value, price, supply and demand relationship. Relationships affect each other. We are not here to talk about the big and deep and difficult to understand, but to analyze the price components of the prefabricated elastic flat wood look indoor sport flooring from the perspective of the most important and understandable commodity. There are many factors in determining the final price of a suspended floor, such as manufacturing raw material cost, R&D design cost, mold cost, production facility cost, labor cost, freight transportation cost, construction and installation cost, and even tax cost, promotion of competition cost, supply and demand situation cost, etc. And many other factors. In our country, the folks have a classic saying that the price is worth the price. This is from the value of the product itself. We will analyze the price of the suspended assembled floor from the value of the product today, let us easily distinguish the market. Why is the suspended floor on the floor from low to tens of, up to a hundred, or even more than two or three hundred dollars (one square price), what is the reason for the final decision on the price of suspended assembled floor? How do customers who are ready to purchase suspended floor paving their own sports venues choose a suspended floor with the right quality and good quality? Let us compare and analyze from a few more intuitive perspectives! 1. Analysis of manufacturing raw material cost: The raw material for assembling the prefabricated futsal court is made of high-grade raw material PP polypropylene. The production requirements are original particles that meet the food grade standard, instead of using recycled materials containing a large amount of impurities. The color is bright, no impurities and no smell, this is the level of green environmental protection. The color of the second-hand material is yellow and dark, and if the unscrupulous manufacturer uses the second-hand material to reduce the cost, it is the inferior suspension assembled floor. This kind of behavior has gone to the old road of inferior plastic track. The color of the assembled floor produced by this kind of recycled material is dim, but the cost is much lower, so the price is cheaper, but the life of the product is much shorter, sc-zsfloor suspension The assembled floor is all produced by one-handed materials. The color of the high-quality suspended floor is odorless, but the cost is high. For the customer, the cost of the first-hand material is high, but the quality of the product comes up, and the service life of the floor is long. It seems that the calculation is more economical. The cost of raw materials and the cost of color, such as the color pink mother, etc., the good color pink mother color retention time is longer. 2, design and development cost analysis: We know that the cost of research and development and design of a product is quite high, the price of Apple mobile phone is too high, but we can not ignore the number of Apple and the powerful R & D team, this cost is intangible Reflected in the cost of the product. The development and design of the same suspended assembly floor also requires a lot of capital investment. Often, we have to design a product of many styles, which has condensed the efforts of many designers. The product can not be successfully completed. The continuous improvement of the style and craftsmanship is precisely the good results achieved by many companies' R&D investment. The design cost of the suspended assembly floor manufacturers may bring higher cost than the assembled floor that the small cottages imitate. 3, mold cost analysis: the mold of the prefabricated interlocking indoor tennis court belongs to Seiko production, his production requirements data is very accurate, can not have the slightest difference, and manufacturers who focus on the suspension of assembled floor production often invest a lot of money to create a lot of molds out, do Different styles are available for customers to choose. Compared with the larger factory grinding molds, the small molds are cheaper but the fineness of the production is difficult to guarantee. In order to ensure the fresh upgrade of the products and the cost control, it is often domestic. Several well-known mold manufacturers work closely together and share resources. The purpose of this is to compress related technologies and mold costs, so that each customer can use the cost-effective suspension assembly floor.
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river pebbles Used Sand Washing Machine For Sale production line, in addition to jaw crusher is essential equipment, the general will need to use river pebbles sand making machine. So how safe operation of river pebbles sand making machine do? In casting machinery industry, a sand making machine is a machine-made sand-processing equipment frequently used. Correct operation sanding machine, not only is the production needs, but also to extend the life of a sand making machine. First, start work before sanding machine to check the vortex chamber door has not properly observed, so the material out from the swirl chamber to observe the door, causing the accident. Secondly, we should pay attention: the boot sequence sanding machine and transport equipment is: nesting → sand making machine feed.

Order can not be reversed, otherwise the Fault Analysis Of Vibrating Screen consequences could be very serious. Then: a sand making machine must be unloaded start until after vibrating crusher is operating normally before feeding. Sand making machine downtime and boot sequence in reverse order, casual parking is prohibited. The last point is greater than the specified prohibited materials into the sand making machine, otherwise it will cause an imbalance of the impeller and the impeller excessive wear, clogging impeller base to the center of the channel and into the feed tube to make sand making machine is not working properly. Discovered chunks feeding should be immediately removed. When stopping the discharge device, you should stop feeding, otherwise, it will cause crushed sand making machine impeller, burning motor.

These are a few safety precautions for safe operation river pebbles sand making machine should be noted. Customers using the machine in the process, not only need to pay attention to security issues, but also pay attention to the maintenance of the machine and maintenance issues. Regular maintenance and timely maintenance can ensure the normal operation of the machine, to extend the service life of the machine, increasing the economic value of customers.

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Suspended plastic flooring has appeared more and more in front of the public and has been loved by the public. The suspended floor is durable, non-toxic, environmentally friendly and beautiful. It is used in college basketball courts, large badminton halls, community kindergartens, indoor and outdoor stadiums. In the sports venues and other places, suspended assembled floors are used. Thanks to the design of the splicing and splicing of the splicing, the detachable futsal sport floor tiles is more secure and less prone to water accumulation. In the future sports flooring market, there will be greater demand for suspended plastic flooring. Materials, wear resistance, and price are all factors to consider when purchasing and installing. The material determines the quality. For the floor, the material is the most important environmentally friendly and beautiful. The suspension-assembled sports flooring is mainly composed of PP polypropylene, but some of them will be shoddy. We choose to find some more reliable ones and provide perfect after-sales warranty service. Suspended plastic flooring has unique advantages and leads the new trend in the detachable indoor sport surface industry with the following 11 reasons: 1. Assembling the sports floor stitching buckle installation, the construction is simple, the construction quality is controllable and the degree of adjustment is high. 2, modified treatment, anti-aging, anti-shock, anti-ultraviolet, high quality and durable life. 3, high temperature and low temperature resistance, all-weather use. 4, light stability processing, to ensure the color color firmness. 5, sufficient materials, food-grade materials, non-toxic and tasteless, green and environmentally friendly. 6, the surface of a variety of lines, beautiful and generous, firm and stable. The surface layer is treated with a circular arc for safer movement and less scratching. 7, the product has vertical damping and stronger lateral buffering. 8. The bottom "arched bridge" structure, the curved beam is high, and the ribs are thick and strong. 9. The number of support points at the bottom is sufficient, the contact surface is wide, and the grip is firmer. 10, the classic lock connection method, construction under low temperature, no buckle does not trip. 11,standard with normal edge, angle. 12, the service life of more than ten years. 13, the drainage is rapid, good cleaning, good maintenance. Suspended plastic floor environmental protection material, waterproof and anti-corrosive, does not contain harmful heavy metal substances or volatile substances; high-tech material formula provides good weather resistance, low temperature resistance up to minus 40 degrees; super long service life and wear resistance Sexuality, minimize environmental stress, durable and non-fading; after use, the product can be recycled 100%. Provides good sliding friction coefficient and rolling load for the surface texture designed for sports competition; each floor has a cross support foot to suspend the panel to the ground; the suspension design provides good impact absorption, ball rebound and vertical deformation characteristics. The reinforced locking system is designed to have good tensile strength and meet the needs of high-intensity sports competitions. The side cushioning design reduces the pressure on the knee joint, provides excellent horizontal cushioning force and reduces sports injuries. Widely used in various types of stadiums, such as basketball courts, tennis courts, badminton courts and other indoor and outdoor sports venues, venues, schools, kindergartens. The unique advantages ofdetachable outdoor sport court tiles lead the new trend of sports flooring industry to share this, welcome everyone to leave a message, if you like, you can pay attention to sc-zsfloor sports ground material and share it with friends.
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Slag vertical grinding is two common milling machines. The grinding materials are fine in size, high in quality and widely used. However, the failure of the second product has catastrophic consequences for the entire production line. The common two are the vibration of the machine. Although this will not directly bring the consequences of the outage to the production line, it will seriously affect the service life of the equipment and threaten the safety of the operators. It is better to pay attention to the potential factors that may cause vibration when purchasing: the system that pays attention to the equipment. Parameters and process parameters. 1. Foreign matter enters the mill The metal foreign matter is solid because of its material, so that when the grinding roller grinds it, the obstacles and damage to the lining plate are more urgent than the test. At the same time, the grinding roller will also grow a large beating, causing a sudden sensation. Although the grinding material has passed several de-ironing equipments, but the defensive device is rare in the grinding, the large pieces of the lining plate still cause large vibration. 2, the belt scale is broken, out of control, bumpy Because of the change of seasons and materials, the belt scale will show the weather of the material and the material, and it will cause the sudden thinning of the material layer when the limestone and sandstone are broken. The buffering effect is weak, and the grinding pressure is still relatively large, thus exciting the vibration. . When the belt scale is out of control and flying, the material entering the grinding increases abnormally, and the layer of the material is too thick, and the grinding effect is gray. At the same time, due to the large amount of materials, the pressure difference becomes large, and the ventilation is not smooth. When the certain limit is reached, the Vertical Roller Mill will suddenly vibrate. When the feed fluctuation is large, the wave of the material layer is caused to be large, and the grinding roller is shaken on the grinding disc to cause vibration. 3. Prepare sudden changes in air volume and breeze pressure When participating in and withdrawing from the SP furnace, the kiln feeds, stops the material, and collapses the material, which will cause large fluctuations in the system air volume and wind pressure, causing the ordinary movement track of the gas flow to break out, destroying the system equilibrium and causing vibration. 4, the material layer is too thin or too thick The material layer is originally a cushion pad sandwiched between the grinding roller and the grinding disc. Under normal circumstances, the extrusion of the material by the grinding roller and the grinding disc is the extrusion of the material in the material layer. When the layer is too thin, its buffering effect will be weakened and the vibration will increase. When the material layer is too thick, the buffering effect is too large, causing the grinding to dry down, the production capacity is reduced, and the pressure difference will slowly rise and fall. When the two limits are reached, the vibration will suddenly increase. Therefore, in normal operation, it is necessary to closely monitor the thickness of the layer and adjust the parameters in time to stabilize the layer within the bounds of the two limits. 5, the temperature inside the mill is too high The high temperature inside the mill will cause the toughness and rigidity of the material layer to be destroyed. Especially when the temperature is too high, the material becomes extraordinarily loose and not thinner, not to mention that it is not easy to be "sucked" by the grinding roller to cause crushing, causing strong vibration. . In all cases, the control of adjusting the grinding baffle and the amount of water spray can be agreed upon. 6, system air volume, material volume, grinding pressure is not a home The amount of air in the vertical roller mill system, the amount of feed, and the grinding pressure should be two balanced groups. The two parameters should be improved during normal operation, and the parameters should be adjusted accordingly. If the parameters do not match, it will also cause vibration to occur. For example, when the system air volume is too low, the slag is too much, and the gas is not about to be blown back onto the grinding disc, and the material layer is too thin; at the same time, too small air volume can not smoothly lift the material. It is suspended in the grinding tire and supplements the resistance of ventilation. Shortly after a vicious cycle, it can cause a large amount of vibration. For another example, if the grinding pressure is too large, the material layer will become thinner, causing the vibration to increase; when the material layer fluctuates greatly, it will also cause a hard engagement of the grinding wheel grinding disc, causing severe vibration.