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When the cutting disc is in use, the grinding wheel works mainly for grinding. The grinding wheel is divided into different types according to different classification methods. The resin grinding wheel is one of them. The resin grinding wheel is the T41 green cutting disc size. A grinding wheel machined from a binder. The grinding wheel of different cutting pieces is also used differently, such as 115 golden star cutting disc, and the grinding wheel should also be operated according to the corresponding operation method to ensure the working quality and efficiency of the grinding wheel. Let us introduce the T41 green cutting disk resin grinding wheel. Please pay attention to the problems in the process of use, let's take a look at it! 1. Before using the resin grinding wheel, be sure to check the product for cracks, products and dumb sounds. If it is, it cannot be used. 2. The speed of the grinding wheel must not exceed the specified safe working line speed. 3. Do not use the end face grinding wheel exclusively. Please do not work with the end face of the grinding wheel. 4. When the grinding wheel is working on the workpiece, please do not push the workpiece with the lever to increase the pressure on the grinding wheel. 5. Special dressing tools should be used for dressing the grinding wheel. Operators must wear protective goggles when trimming. 6. In the grinding process, the coolant should be used correctly; if the coolant is not used, there must be a dustproof device. 7. Each piece of resin grinding wheel is marked with the highest use and line speed. Before installing the machine, you must first confirm the speed of the machine. Do not exceed the speed marked on the grinding wheel to ensure that the machine has perfect protection device, the center hole of the grinding wheel and the center axis of the grinding wheel. Must match, otherwise it cannot be used.
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As a result of the wear of the flat cutting disc on sale, the grinding performance is deteriorated, and the main forms thereof are passivation type, peeling type (shape distortion) and clogging type. When the cutting piece has a high hardness, the dressing is fine, and the grinding load is light, the passivation type is likely to occur. At this time, although the quality of the processing table is good, the metal removal rate is remarkably lowered. When the hardness of the 125*1*22 EN12413 cutting disc is low, the dressing is thick, and the grinding load is heavy, it is easy to fall off. At this time, the profile of the cutting piece is distorted, which seriously affects the quality of the grinding surface and the machining accuracy. When the carbon steel is ground, the chips are softened at the high temperature of the grinding, and the caulking is formed in the gap of the cutting piece to form an embedded plug. When the titanium alloy is ground, the chip is sintered due to the strong affinity of the chips and the abrasive grains. Adhered to the abrasive particles to form an adhesive plug. When the cutting piece is clogged, the cutting ability is lost, the grinding force and temperature are sharply increased, and the surface quality is significantly reduced. There are three basic forms of saw blade wear: wear wear, break wear and peel wear. (1) Abrasion wear and wear wear are characterized by the formation of worn small facets on the abrasive grains of the cutting piece. During the grinding process, due to the mechanical friction of the hard spots of the workpiece, high temperature oxidation and diffusion will cause the abrasive grain cutting edge to be generated. Loss passivation. (2) Fracture wear: During the grinding process, the abrasive grains are subjected to repeated rapid heat and rapid cooling, and great thermal stress is formed on the surface of the abrasive grains. Finally, the abrasive grains are partially broken along a certain surface. (3) Shearing wear; during the grinding process, as the grinding temperature increases, the strength of the bonding agent decreases accordingly. When the grinding force increases beyond the strength of the bonding agent, the entire abrasive particles are detached from the cutting disc for stainless steel, i.e., detached and worn.
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1.related to the structure of the part The concave and convex dies of the narrow and long shape are easy to be deformed, and the magnitude of the deformation is related to the complexity of the shape, the aspect ratio, and the width ratio of the cavity to the frame. standard cut off wheel for metal.The more complicated the shape, the larger the aspect ratio and the ratio of the cavity to the frame width, and the larger the deformation amount of the mold. The law of deformation is the middle of the cavity, the punch is usually warped, and the quenching cavity with complex shape and clear angle is prone to cracks at the sharp corners, and even prone to bursting. The frequency of occurrence is related to the composition of the material, the heat treatment process, etc.; the cylindrical wall thickness is easier to deform if it is cut on the inner wall, generally changing from a circular shape to an elliptical shape. If it is cut into the gap, it will easily burst when it is cut through; the deep slot cut from the outside of the part is easy to deform, the law of deformation is the mouth adduction, the magnitude of the deformation and the depth of the notch and the material properties. related.
2 related to the hot processing process When the die blank is forged, the forging temperature is too high or too low, and the final forging temperature is low; the final forging temperature is too high, the grain grows, the cooling rate is too slow after the final forging, and the die blank with the precipitate of the net carbide is precipitated. The forging blank annealing is not carried out according to the spheroidizing annealing process, and the spheroidized pearlite exceeds 5 grades; the quenching heating temperature is too high, the austenite grains are coarse, the material toughness is lowered, and the brittleness is increased; the quenched workpiece is not tempered in time. Parts that are not tempered.,
3 related to the machining process The larger concave die has a large area in the middle and has not been hollowed out beforehand. Due to the large volume in the frame, the frame size will produce a certain deformation; Where there is no shape starting point in the blank, the hole has to be cut from the outside of the blank, no matter how the tempering and shape of the punch is, it is generally prone to deformation, especially the quenching part is severely deformed, even in the cutting; For the ground parts after heat treatment, there are no grinding wheel particle size, feed amount, cooling method and other process requirements. After grinding, there are parts such as burns and micro cracks.
4. Related to the wire cutting process The wire cutting path is improperly selected, and it is easy to produce deformation. The clamping method of the workpiece is unreliable, and the selection of the pinch point is improper, and the deformation is easy to occur; the electric gauge is improperly selected and cracks are easily generated
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1 grinding wheel speed
The increase in the linear speed of the grinding wheel reduces the maximum depth of cut of the abrasive particles, reduces the cross-sectional area of ​​the chips, and increases the number of cuttings and the heat of grinding. These two factors increase the amount of infarction, but when the linear velocity of the grinding wheel reaches a certain level (for example, up to 50 m / s), the amount of infarction of the grinding wheel is greatly reduced.cut off disc for stainless steel
2 workpiece speed The effect of workpiece speed on wheel infarction levels is closely related to other elements in the cutting conditions. The line speed of the workpiece is doubled and the infarct volume of the wheel is increased by a factor of three. This is because the higher the workpiece speed, the shallower the penetration depth of the abrasive grains, and the smaller the cross-sectional area of ​​the chips, which corresponds to the hardening of the characteristics of the grinding wheel, and thus it is easy to cause wheel infarction.
3 grinding method In fact, cut-in grinding is more severe than longitudinal grinding of the infarct. During the cutting and grinding process, the contact area between the grinding wheel and the workpiece is large, and the abrasive cutting edge rubs on the same wear scar several times. The slurry enters the grinding zone, and the heat is high during the grinding process, which easily forms infarction. The longitudinal grinding contact with the workpiece data is the side edge of the grinding wheel. When the wear surface is increased to a certain level, the abrasive particles are broken and broken under the action of the grinding force, and self-sharpening is completed. Most abrasive particles work in a sharp state, making the grinding force and grinding heat relatively low. At the same time, a substantial portion of the grinding force and the heat affected zone of the grinding can exit the workpiece in the direction of longitudinal grinding, thereby reducing the likelihood of chemical bonding.
4 grinding temperature cut off disc for stainless steelsupplier show that Any factors that increase the heat of grinding and increase the grinding temperature during grinding can exacerbate the infarction of the wheel. The infarction method is mainly bone cement infarction, and of course, diffusion infarction.
5 grinding wheel dressing speed The dressing speed of the grinding wheel has a significant effect on the infarction. When the dressing speed of the grinding wheel is low, the working surface of the grinding wheel is flat, and the number of effective grinding per unit area is increased, so that the cross-sectional area of ​​the cutting chips becomes small and the number of cuttings is increased, and infarction is easily generated. When the dressing speed of the grinding wheel is high, the working surface of the grinding wheel becomes thicker, the number of effective abrasive grains is reduced, the concave portion appears on the outer surface of the grinding wheel, acts as a hole, the chip is easily washed away, and the sintered material is easily dropped.
6. Grinding fluid Different grinding fluids have a great influence on the grinding effect. At present, ordinary emulsions contain a large amount of mineral oil and oily additives. After dilution, it is an oil-in-water emulsion white liquid with a small specific heat capacity and thermal conductivity and is very intense during rubbing. Adhesive wear and diffusion wear are easily formed between the grinding wheel and the workpiece, so that the grinding wheel is subjected to impact, the grinding force is increased, and finally the premature crushing and falling of the abrasive grains are caused, so that the grinding ratio is lowered.
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2016 is a year in which the development of cutting discs is not very clear. The development of the cutting disc industry under the new economic normal is particularly slow. Today, with the current development of the T41 green cutting disc size and 115 golden star cutting disc industry, what are the characteristics of the development of the cutting disc industry? 1. Increased production costs and reduced profits As the standard of living continues to increase, raw materials also grow. For example, the labor force that our country once proud of has decreased at a rate of 13.6% per year between 2004 and 2011, and stopped growing in 2015, that is, the demographic dividend has ceased to exist this year. 2. The export is difficult and the economy is affected. Financial openness is a measure vigorously pursued by governments in the 21st century. In this environment, the transnational flow of international capital has become very convenient, but at the same time it has brought enormous threats to global economic security. 3. Weak innovation ability and slow brand building We often hang on our lips, "Innovation is the source of power for enterprise development," but how much is the company truly innovative? In the market, after 80 and 90, they gradually became the main force of market consumption. They pursued the difference of products, and these conservative old products circulating in the market could not meet their needs.
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Stone crusher machine common fault in a fatal fault is bearing overheating. Because the power of the crusher are generally large, so in the crusher operation regulations also clearly said not to let the bearings overheating. If it is found that the bearing overheating of the crusher in the production line, probably because of the bearing is too dry, this time need to add grease, if tried bearing temperature is high it may be bearing cleaning is not in place, timely cleaning, stone crusher machine maintenance will be carried out in no word, so as not to affect the normal operation. There are a lot of stone crusher machine common fault, many of his failure to do not know why, to say nothing of how to repair, if you want to avoid maintenance method without the door the most convenient is to choose a good reputation, crusher manufacturers strength, good manufacturers after sales service are doing very well. Quality problems can be returned, exchange, free warranty service. Each crusher operating procedures are written in clear, but each machine equipment will malfunction, stone crusher machine common fault is far more than the above said several, therefore in the course of the operation should be standardized and crusher also from time to time for maintenance, inspection and maintenance, as far as possible the small problems become no problem.
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In recent years the development of mechanical equipment is very fast, the stone crusher machine is one of the best examples, now many production fields, such as metallurgy, mine, coal, electric power and so on have application. Wide application, use for a long time the machine will naturally appear problem, even under the crusher operation procedures is also difficult to avoid the common fault of crusher. Then go to know how to avoid these failures? First, the fault appears the most easily crusher in the operating rules is crusher belt turns, stone crusher machine repair master told us: meet the crusher belt appears when the inversion problem, should pay attention to whether the quality of the standard triangular belt itself, if it is triangle zone appeared injury must be promptly replaced; if it is in the triangle zone in the process of transmission due to the operating personnel caused by improper fault, and this is the time to suspend operation was adjusted to the correct position of the triangle belt.Second, the discharge is too large is a common phenomenon for the most common crusher fault. In fact, many do not know when the crusher crusher operation rules is reasonable, whether there is a problem, can be observed through the discharge. General crusher discharging particles than the set is too large, it shows that stone crusher machine failure, can consider to be because of the fault vertical head crusher, or the gap between the head and the vertical crusher is too large will appear these problems, should be timely inspection and stone crusher machine maintenance.
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China cut off disc The cutting piece is widely used in our life due to its impact resistance, high tensile strength and bending resistance. However, the phenomenon of the film that occurs when using the cutting piece affects our normal use, and sometimes it is doubtful why the film appears. 1. The temperature difference is too large when the cutting disc is produced. Since the cutting piece should have a certain cooling time period at the end of the hardening and heat preservation to satisfy the uniform release of stress; at this time, if the temperature of the furnace is too high or the temperature difference changes too much, the cooling change of the grinding wheel will not be synchronized, so the deformation of the grinding wheel appears. It is. 2. Hardening furnace kiln eliminates hardening and humid atmosphere
All hardening furnaces, whether box furnaces or tunnel kiln, must consider intake and exhaust when designing the furnace. Due to the release of a large amount of exhaust gas (mainly only ammonia gas, water vapor) during the hardening process, if these exhaust gases cannot be discharged in time, they will be re-adsorbed by the pores during the cooling process, causing the grinding wheel to be odorous and soft.
3, hardening stable low The low stability of hardening means that due to the dual influence of environment and raw materials, the hardening temperature is not provided in time when the seasons alternate or the temperature and humidity change significantly. The hardening is high, which means that the hardening curve has been adjusted, but when the stability is happy, the weather is dry, and when the weather is dry, the hardening of the hardening is not easy.
4, the hardening curve is short This mainly means that under certain conditions, the low-temperature drying time of the hardening curve is short, and the heating rate is too fast in the heating stage. ad.high performance cutting disc
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Grinding machine vibration is a very difficult problem in the field of precision grinding. CBN flat cutting disc on sale manufacturer Shenyang Zhongke has rich experience in R&D and can solve various grinding problems for you. The vibration of the grinding machine directly affects the grinding quality of the workpiece. For example, due to vibration, the workpiece may be corrugated, roughness is poor, and vibration cracks are caused. First of all, we have to check the leveling problem. If the level of the anchor screw is not set, it will cause the grinding machine to resonate. If the ground level of the processing site is not good, adjust the level by adjusting the horizontal screws. We have to check if each screw of the foot is implemented in the floor mat. Just check it with a water meter. Second, it is not a ground level problem. At this point, we want to see if it is because the floor should be checked for reasons due to floor space. The terrazzo floor or floor block floor is relatively strong; but if it is cement floor, if it is not very easy to resonate, we don't have to worry about it at this time, just need to go to the hardware store to buy a few rubber pads, thickness about 8mm, size 10cm The size of the foot pad is slightly larger, and the rubber pad is placed under the floor pad to reduce the vibration. Again, if we have operated the first two steps, the vibration is still not eliminated, we can check the quality of the grinding blade and the fixed flange. Whether the quality of the 125*1*22 EN12413 cutting disc has any problem, first, the instability of the center of gravity caused by the uneven grain size of the cutting piece and the large size of the inner hole of the cutting piece cause the upper and lower jumps to cause the cutting piece to vibrate during the grinding process; Poor cutting pieces are prone to breakage and cause dangerous things in the process of high-speed grinding. Third, the quality of the cutting disc for stainless steel is not good, and the balance effect is not good, which will seriously affect the service life of the spindle. To this end, we should choose standard, good quality cutting pieces to achieve the desired grinding effect. The quality of the fixing flange also causes a balance problem, which causes the grinding machine to vibrate. Finally, it is the processing environment. It is impossible to place a grinding machine with a large vibration such as a punching machine or a lathe near the same working site. It is easy to cause resonance. How to judge it is very simple. You only need to stop the grinding machine and start the punching machine or The lathe, if the hand touches the grinding machine, it has the effect of vibration or numbness. The treatment method is to separate the workshop. If we examine all of the above items, the vibration problem still exists, and it is not the scope we can handle. Then, it is very likely that the vibration of the grinding machine spindle itself, or the structure and assembly of the grinding machine, at this time, we should inform the grinding machine manufacturers to repair.
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The influence of the flat abrasive cutting disc itself on the clogging, the different chemical affinity of the different abrasives and the workpiece material are different. The grinding temperature is different, and the grinding force is different. In order to reduce the clogging degree, different workpiece materials should be selected for different workpiece materials. Grinding iron-carbon alloy with corundum abrasive, carbon forms a thin oxide film in the air and oxygen, which can effectively prevent the chemical affinity between the workpiece and the abrasive. However, grinding the titanium alloy is more serious. It is. The thermal stability of the abrasive also has a significant effect on the clogging, and the abrasive with good thermal stability is much lighter than the clogging with poor thermal stability. When grinding titanium alloy with cubic boron nitride abrasive, the grinding efficiency is several times higher than that of the white jade abrasive cutting piece. Under the premise of the same abrasive grain size, the finer the abrasive, the more the abrasive grain size in the circumference of the resin EN12413 cutting discs, the more uniform, the more the number of pores, but the smaller the volume of a single pore, in the same grinding parameters Next, the fine cutting piece is easily clogged. In semi-finishing and fine grinding, the number of cuttings is large, the amount of cutting is small, the temperature is low, the clogging is light, and a fine cutting piece is often selected. In rough grinding, the cutting amount is large, the grinding temperature is high, and the grinding debris and the sintered material which are clogged in the pores are many, and the coarse cutting piece should be selected. The hardness of the binder and the hardness cutting piece refers to the difficulty of the abrasive particles falling off, which is ensured by the strength of the adhesive, and they have a great influence on the clogging of the cutting piece. The higher the strength of the binder, the greater the hardness of the cutting piece, the more the granules are blunt, the more severe the scratching and extrusion of the workpiece before the abrasive particles fall off, and the grinding debris is more easily mechanically filled into the pores of the cutting piece. The grinding debris in the gap of the cutting piece exacerbates the friction and extrusion of the cutting piece on the workpiece material, and the grinding debris is strengthened in the process. This process is accompanied by more frictional heat, which provides the adhesive blockage. Fused material. Therefore, the higher the hardness of the cutting piece, the more serious the blockage. Therefore, when grinding difficult workpiece materials, choose a softer cutting piece.
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On this pleasant weekend, I absorbed a lot of knowledge and produced a lot of feelings, because I read an article called "Zhan Tianyou".article "Zhan Tianyou" mainly records. At that time, the Qing government proposed to build the Beijing-Zhangjiao Railway, and the imperialist countries fought for the right to build. They finally put forward a request: as long as the Qing government built it with its own engineers, they would not interfere. In the end, the Qing government promised that Zhan Tianyou was the chief engineer. He under greatianyou is not afraid of difficulties, nor is he afraid of ridicule. The work is real. He often encourages the staff and says: "The idea of ??'probably' 'almost' should not come from the engineering staff." This sentence made me feel deeply, because I am more sloppy, ambiguous about some things, I am determined to change, this sentence has encouraged me even more, and made me more determined.le often say: "Details determine success or failure, attitude determines everything." Perhaps, Zhan Tianyou's success and his attitude are inextricably linked, he is highly responsible for his work, meticulous attitude, infected generation after generation.made a good example and lived with the workers. He worked hard and worked hard. When he built the Juyongguan tunnel, he took the lead and took the bucket to fetch water. In the class, I am a labor commissioner, and I have taken the lead. However, I have not done anything to help myself. I will also learn his excellent character. that era, the imperialist countries were stunned by our country's land. Until today, Japan, which is close to us, wants to encroach on our Diaoyu Islands. Many ordinary people around us have expressed their patriotic enthusiasm with their own practical actions: some People participated in the parade, some people wrote patriotic slogans, and some people boarded the Diaoyu Islands to defend their sovereignty. As a primary school student, we can't do anything earth-shattering. Maybe, do your own things, study hard, grow up every day, and build your motherland when you grow up. That is the best patriotism! We all have hands, it can listen to anything we do, but some people with disabilities have no hands, so they have a lot of things that they can't do. He must envy us with a hand that can do everything.d is an important organ of human beings Cigarettes Cheaper. Many miracles are from the hands Newport Cigarettes Coupons. However, some people often do not use it to do things that benefit human beings. They are robbed with a sharp knife or pistol all day long. You think so. Is the money for nothing to be worth from your hand? You have to know that once you are caught by another policeman who is defending the world Marlboro Cigarettes Online, you will be locked up. Your mother will not let you robbery, it will make you contribute to human beings, such as creating New varieties of robots or invented cars that won't ma to think he will help you, as long as you run your desired Goal to find what you should do is the skill of your hand, live by your hand Cheap Cigarettes, don't earn some unclean money, don't think about the business that is not serious, belibuse unused chemicals, use your hands to transform your home, transform the future, and make the future to your friends, use it to do what you should do, don't let your hands go Carton Of Marlboro Reds, don't let it down, don't let your loved ones see you handcuffed Let them see, I have a pair of hands, I have a pair of omnipotent hands, I want to use
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I have a wish, it is not a wealthy, it is not a smooth road. That wish is beautiful and happy. There are always many fantasies and many wishes in life. They are as many as stars, as dense as leaves. Even if there is no way to achieve each one, even if the stars are not clear, even if the leaves are not necessarily young, they are full of vitality. However, these wishes have always accompanied our naive and mature thinking to today, and we will continue to move toward the futurewish is beautiful, for every person who has a desire, it is so dreamy, so beautiful. There is always a big wish in life, and no one is no exception. The master of the story, my mother-in-law, she did a lot of heavy work when she was young, her legs are not good, the doctor said that she had the illness of Grandpa Deng Xiaoping, the treatment was not good, and the mother-in-law did not dare to face the disease, relying on eating every day. Go to maintain. The living conditions in our family can be met, and the mother-in-law is not getting better. My mother-in-law has a heartache. For example, once I went to my classmates to write homework, she walked over and said, is it necessary to make up the class Marlboro Cigarettes Online, the weather is hot, do not have heat stroke. I am absent-minded, I went to my classmates to write homework, and I will come back later. When I walked to the door of the community, my mother-in-law said loudly, be careful and slow down. I will always remember that my heart is always uncomfortable. My wish is to hope that you don't worry Online Cigarettes, be optimistic, and the disease will improve. My wish is very simple. I have a very heavy position on my leaves. I know that my mother-in-law is already high, and this wish cannot be realized. The night sky brings the leaves and the light, which also indicates the mother-in-law��s illness Parliament Cigarettes. There is improvement. Time flies, the sun and the moon, and the six-year elementary school time is coming to an end. In more than two thousand days and nights, we will have something that makes us remember especially new Newport Cigarettes. The most memorable thing for me is... the morning when the sun is shining and the clouds are filled with white clouds Carton Of Newports, we are in the physical education class. I saw the girl in the distance, Meng teacher, wearing a white-blue dress and her hair scattered on her shoulders. A breeze blew through her soft hair, and it looked very naughty. In a short while, Ms. Meng led her to come to us and said that today we have a new classmate named Zhao Yihan. I only saw her appearance at thishe nextat my heart would be broken when she was going back next semester. I really don't want her to leave me, but there is an elderly grandmother in her family, so she must go back.
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The T41 green cutting disc size is polished after a period of use to make it work more efficiently. Then, when polishing, which tools are used for polishing depends on how much you need to polish. If it is polished to a mirror surface, it needs to be more than 2 kilograms of water sandpaper + polishing machine. It is indispensable. If it is just a simple polishing, use up to 1200~1000 mesh ordinary sandpaper or water sandpaper on the plane. Polish it. Simple polishing with sandpaper is based on the number of meshes from the small sandpaper to the large mesh sandpaper. In general, if the metal surface is already flat, you can start grinding from 600. If it is not very flat, start with 400 or 200. Sandpaper has dry sandpaper (general sandpaper) and wet sandpaper (commonly known as water sandpaper). Usually it is more than 12,000. It is wet sandpaper. It needs to be matched with abrasive. There are two kinds between 600 and 1000. Dry sandpaper. The water sandpaper is water-grinded, and the effect is not effective without the abrasive paste. If the hand-grinding with only water is generally grinded to 1200-1500, it is enough. Grinding method is 90 degree staggered grinding. For example, 600 mesh sandpaper is left and right grinding, then 800 mesh is to be grounded up and down. If it is similar to grinding, it will cause too many scratches. The platform is best to choose glass as the grinding platform, because the flattest and hardest, if there is no glass, the leveling can also be, but the effect will be discounted.
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It is important to choose the type, type and raw material of the cutting piece. However, when faced with many products, how do we choose? Henan Aurora Abrasives today will introduce some of the things you need to pay attention to when selecting the cutting pieces of the super thin 115 cutting disc. It is important to choose the type, type and raw material of the cutting piece. However, when faced with many products, how do we choose? The first point: look at the raw materials, the mold made of super-hard abrasive, has superior processing endurance, long service life, low wear and high grinding share. The primary use for grinding operations does not require frequent replacement of the grinding wheel during the application process. The second point: look at the strength, the tensile strength of the abrasive tool reflects the strength of the abrasive tool under the maximum tensile stress. It is a non-essential target for the manufacture of abrasive tools. It can be broken directly when the abrasive tool is being wound at high speed. Strength, abrasive type, particle size, type and performance of the combination used, attitude, arrangement, density, mixing and heat treatment conditions, abrasive shape, outer diameter of the grinding wheel and aperture ratio. The third point: look at the composition, the structure of the abrasive tool is divided into three points: abrasive, binder, and pores. Abrasive is the main body of the abrasive tool, which is the basic element of the cutting effect of the abrasive tool. It is used to bond the abrasive particles, which can make the abrasive tool have a certain shape and strength. The open space between the abrasive particles and the binder is called the pores of the abrasive. According to the requirements of the cutting process, the size, the number and the uniformity of the air holes can be improved, and the machinability of the grinding tool can be improved. When the grinding process is performed, the air holes have the effects of chipping, chip removal and heat dissipation. The so-called abrasive tools, that is, using different bonding agents, the abrasives are bonded into a certain number of shapes or pastes for grinding, polishing, grinding and honing. The fourth point: look at the details, with the trend of the economy, the total output value of machinery occupation, profit, export, output value of various aspects, the occupation index showed a downward trend, although the total demand has increased year by year, far less than the supply capacity Increased, vicious competition is becoming increasingly fierce. Many abrasives manufacturers cut corners and can be identified after investigation of product details. The fifth point: look at the credibility, a credible enterprise must be able to play the spirit of craftsmanship, you can first pay the deposit to see if it can be delivered on time according to the quality requirements of the enterprise in a regular time, a trustworthy enterprise in the future economy Stand out from the crowd. The professional cutting sheet Aurora Abrasives Co., Ltd. is committed to the product quality and perfect after-sales service, and strives to make its own contribution to the revitalization and development of the profession. The same price, fast delivery, sincere service results your benefits! The company welcomes the new and old customers from all over the world in the business philosophy of “Credit First, Honesty Based”.
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Compared to traditional processing technology, there are obvious benefits to drinking. 12 inches cut off wheel .This not only cuts the functionality, reduces costs, but is also more environmentally friendly. It does not cause a lot of residue residues. Water treatment is a practical and versatile, efficient cold cutting. Water jet refers to the treatment of water pressure rising to a sufficiently high level (above 200 MPa), so that water with high kinetic energy can penetrate chemical fibers, wood, leather, rubber, etc., in certain mixing ratios and high-speed abrasives, including ceramics, stone, glass, metal, alloy and other solid materials. The correct operation of the water jet cutting operation is very high. The final cut is selected. What should I pay attention to? 1. During the cutting process, the operator and unrelated personnel should remain in the device for a certain period of time. Cut small and light blankets and use a specific method to avoid cutting during this process. 3. The need to ensure that the flat cut at the beginning of the work, to prevent damage to the pipes and cause cut-sand safety accidents. 4. If the workpiece was struck during the cutting process, other objects will be blocked to correct. 5, the procedure for replacing the batch process superimposition spray must be the first switch High pressure, high pressure, or closed, the second remaining high pressure water is removed and cooked. 6. If you use water jet cutting, different pressure peaks should be selected on different materials.12 inches cut off wheel more better. 7. Using a jet cutter process, pay attention to the seal water jet status supercharger and high pressure pipe. 8. When there is an accident, high pressure water is in the high-pressure system. After the call is made, the remaining high pressure water is emptied. Therefore, the time should not be interrupted from the beginning. When the power is switched on, the high pressure water remains low. Except for. 9. The operator should always check the flashing status of the device's operating status display. 10. Pay attention to the equipment when driving the blank.
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1. Safety specifications for the correct use of cutting blades The resin EN12413 cutting discs needs to be equipped with a power tool. Therefore, it is necessary to select a suitable electric tool according to the diameter and maximum speed of the grinding wheel. The speed of the electric tool during operation cannot exceed the maximum speed indicated by the grinding wheel itself, otherwise it may cause danger. So how do you use the cutting piece correctly? Please see the following safety practices: 1 How to install the grinding wheel Whether it is a cutting piece or a grinding piece, make sure it is properly installed when fixing, check whether the bearing and the nut lock ring are properly adjusted, otherwise the installed grinding wheel will be unbalanced, shaken or even knocked during the operation. And check that the diameter of the mandrel is not less than 22.22mm, otherwise it will cause deformation and damage of the grinding wheel! 2 How the cutting piece works The cutting piece must be cut at a vertical angle of 90 degrees, and as shown in the figure below, it is necessary to move the cutting back and forth, and it is not possible to move the cutting up and down. This is to avoid the occurrence of overheating due to the large contact area between the cutting piece and the workpiece, which is not conducive to Cooling. 3 cutting depth of the cutting piece The cutting depth of the cutting piece when cutting the workpiece should not be too deep, otherwise the cutting piece will be damaged and the center ring will fall off! 4 polishing instructions for polishing First of all, there are two cases of grinding with a grinding disc: surface grinding and edge grinding. The grinding angle is 30 degrees, which is the ideal angle. Otherwise, the angle of more than 30 degrees will make the operator feel softer and the life is shorter. If it is less than 30 degrees, the grinding piece will be hard and the service life is long. This is because the grinding plate is in contact with it. The size of the face is related, which of course affects the grinding efficiency of the grinding plate! It is worth knowing that Edge grinding under optimal conditions, suitable motor power, universal hardness grinding wheel, can remove 400-500 grams in ten minutes; Under the optimal conditions, the right motor power, universal hardness grinding wheel, can remove 280-330 grams in ten minutes. Note: Different workers have different strengths and different ways of operation, which will have different effects. 2, cutting and polishing operations suggestion In order to ensure the safe and effective construction work, please ensure that: - The grinding wheel itself is intact and the power tool guard is securely mounted - Staff must wear eye, hand, ear protection and overalls - The grinding wheel is correctly mounted on the power tool, and it is secure and secure, and at the same time ensure that the speed of the power tool cannot be higher than the maximum speed of the grinding wheel itself. - The grinding wheel is a manufacturer's quality-assured product that is purchased on a regular basis. - The cutting piece cannot be used as a grinding piece - Do not use excessive force when cutting and grinding - Use suitable flanges without damage - Before installing a new grinding wheel, be sure to turn off the power of the power tool and unplug the socket - Allow the grinding wheel to work idle for a while before cutting and grinding - Store the grinding wheel properly and place it when not in use. - There are no obstacles in the work area - Do not use unreinforced mesh cutting blades on power tools - Do not use damaged grinding wheel - Do not block the 125*1*22 EN12413 cutting disc in the slit - When stopping cutting or sanding, let the click speed stop naturally. It is strictly forbidden to manually apply pressure to the grinding wheel to prevent it from rotating.
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   The high efficient metal abrasive disc produced by the electroplating process has high quality, high production efficiency and low cost. Due to these advantages, it is widely used in the diamond disc industry. The electroplated diamond disc is a commonly used diamond tool made by the electrochemical method. The working layer of the electroplated diamond high efficient metal abrasive disc contains diamond abrasive grains, and the diamond/abrasive is bonded to the substrate by a metal band. Electroplating of the electroplated diamond high efficient metal abrasive disc is actually a process of electrolytic chemistry. It is an electric anode and cathode method. It is decomposed into anion and cation by chemical components, and the ions are fixed on some products under the action of electricity. Form a layer of matter. This method is applied to the grinding disc. The initial grinding disc is mainly a metal alloy grinding disc. China high efficient grinding disc is manufactured by sintering. The metal is easy to conduct electricity, which is very suitable for the manufacture of this principle so that the plating method becomes another for manufacturing the high efficient metal abrasive disc. A new approach. The basic principle is that the abrasive is plated onto the substrate by electrolysis on the substrate of the metal alloy.
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1. Main quality problems and their hazards 1) Unsatisfactory rotation strength Rotational strength refers to the ability of the China cutting disc for metal to resist cracking under the action of centrifugal force in rotation, reflecting the tensile stress of the cutting piece, which is a very important indicator for the manufacture and use of the cutting piece. In order to ensure the safe use of the cutting piece, the standard classifies the unsatisfactory rotation strength as a "fatal defect", that is, "a defect that is dangerous or unsafe to the user or the device". The sampling inspection scheme is that the number of samples is n=10, the number of receptions is Ac=0, and the number of rejections is Rc=1; that is, the rotation strength of 10 pieces of cutting pieces must be all qualified, and if one piece fails, it is judged to be unqualified. Through years of quality inspection, it has been found that the slewing strength of the fiber reinforced resin sheet cutting blade and the 切割-shaped cutting piece is not ideal, and some are lower than the maximum working speed, and some rupture when the slewing test speed is not reached; some also reach the test speed. But it can't be broken for 30s. The unsatisfactory ratio of the rotation strength is 7.1% to 18.7%. When the fiber-reinforced resin sheet cutting blade and the 切割-shaped cutting piece are used, most of them are hand-held cutting and grinding, and the distance between the operator and the cutting piece is relatively close. Therefore, once the rotating strength is poor, the cutting piece is broken during the cutting or grinding process, which is easy to cause. Personal injury or death. 2) Static balance is unqualified The cutting piece is an inhomogeneous object. When the cutting piece rotates, the center of mass does not coincide with the center of rotation to cause vibration. This state is called the imbalance of the cutting piece. Unbalanced cutting blades can cause a lot of harm: Acting on the grinding machine bearing, causing the main shaft to vibrate and accelerate the wear of the grinding machine spindle; It additionally increases the rotational stress experienced by the cutting piece, reduces its rotational strength, and may even cause it to rupture upon rotation; The vibration of the cutting piece and the workpiece system is intensified, which is manifested by the occurrence of vibration marks on the surface of the workpiece to be processed, and the processing precision and surface roughness are deteriorated; Affect the uniformity of the self-sharpness of the cutting piece, so that the cutting piece wears unevenly. The static balance of the cutting piece is also one of the main quality indicators reflecting the intrinsic characteristics and performance of the cutting piece. The static balance failure is classified as “heavy defect” in the standard, that is, “seriously reduce the product performance and have the performance of the machined part. Seriously affected defects." In the spot check, the static balance is not qualified as shown in Table 2, one of which A fiber-reinforced resin sheet cutting sheet having a diameter of 400 mm and a linear velocity of 70 m/s has a standard static imbalance value of ≤13 g, but the actual measurement exceeds 18 g, and the vibration of such a cutting piece at the time of use is conceivable. 3) Unqualified hardness The hardness of the cutting piece refers to the resistance of the bonding agent to resist the detachment of the abrasive particles from the surface of the cutting piece under the action of an external force, or the ease with which the abrasive particles are detached from the surface of the cutting piece. Hardness can accurately reflect the grinding performance of the cutting piece, which is one of the important indicators to measure the quality of the cutting piece. There are two requirements for the hardness of the cutting piece: Uniformity of hardness (the difference between the maximum and minimum values ​​of the hardness values ​​of each point measured) shall comply with the standards; The compliance requirement of the hardness, that is, the average value of the hardness (the arithmetic mean of the measured values ​​of the hardness of each measuring point) is within the allowable range specified by the standard. The proportion of unqualified hardness is also quite high. For example, the hardness of the flat cutting piece is unacceptable in excess of 20% of the total number of unqualified parts. 4) The aperture is unqualified The inner hole of the cutting piece is the mounting reference, and the hole diameter of the cutting piece is unqualified and listed as "heavy defect" in the standard. The aperture is large, and the eccentricity is generated after the cutting piece is installed, so that the cutting piece is unbalanced, the vibration is aggravated when rotating at a high speed, the quality of the grinding process is affected, and even the cutting piece is broken, and the equipment is damaged. If the aperture is too small, the cutting piece cannot be installed and cannot be used. If it is forcibly installed, the spindle can be scratched, and the cutting piece can be caused to be dark, causing the cutting piece to break during operation and easily causing an accident. As shown in Table 2, the case where the aperture is unqualified is the most serious in the spot check. 2%。 The total number of unqualified slabs of the slabs of the slabs of the total number of unsatisfied. 5) Flag error The resin EN12413 cutting discs mark indicates the basic performance of the cutting piece and plays an important role in guiding the user's use and cannot be ignored. Flag errors are listed as "heavy defects" in the standard. There are many problems in the logo, some of the logos are incomplete; some of the logos are wrong; even deliberately shoddy, fake, and fraudulent use of trademarks, causing confusion, affecting the use of users, harming their interests, and may lead to major accidents. 6) End face runout, radial runout failed If the end face is bouncing and the radial runout is unqualified, the yaw and the balance performance will be generated when the cutting piece rotates, which will adversely affect the machine tool and the workpiece, so it should be controlled within the allowable range.
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The laser cutting start-up auxiliary gas usually has three kinds of oxygen, air and nitrogen, and China cut off disc different auxiliary materials are used for cutting different materials. The thickness of the incision material is different, and the pressure and flow rate of the auxiliary gas are not opposite. The pressure of the auxiliary gas has a direct influence on the laser incision. The auxiliary gas can not only blow away the slag in time, but also cool the workpiece and clean the lens. The use of different auxiliary gases can change the cutting speed and the surface quality of the slit, which is of great significance for the cutting of special metals. Common types of auxiliary gases are oxygen, air and nitrogen. The auxiliary gas is used to blow away the remaining waste and reach the best cutting effect. The gas is used to blow away the metal slag together to maintain the lens, so as to prevent the slag from sticking to the lens and affecting the cutting quality. It can be used to reach the cut surface with no burr and no slag. It can react with the material and add the cutting speed. For example, oxygen can be used to reach the combustion-supporting effect. The pressure of the auxiliary gas has a great influence on the cutting quality. Under the premise of ensuring the auxiliary gas, the gas pressure is an extremely important factor. When the thickness of the material is added or the cutting speed is slow, the gas pressure should be appropriately lowered. In order to avoid the frosting of the plastic trimming, it is better to cut at a lower gas pressure.
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The laser cutting start-up auxiliary gas usually has three kinds of oxygen, air and nitrogen, and China cut off disc different auxiliary materials are used for cutting different materials. The thickness of the incision material is different, and the pressure and flow rate of the auxiliary gas are not opposite. The pressure of the auxiliary gas has a direct influence on the laser incision. The auxiliary gas can not only blow away the slag in time, but also cool the workpiece and clean the lens. The use of different auxiliary gases can change the cutting speed and the surface quality of the slit, which is of great significance for the cutting of special metals. Common types of auxiliary gases are oxygen, air and nitrogen. The auxiliary gas is used to blow away the remaining waste and reach the best cutting effect. The gas is used to blow away the metal slag together to maintain the lens, so as to prevent the slag from sticking to the lens and affecting the cutting quality. It can be used to reach the cut surface with no burr and no slag. It can react with the material and add the cutting speed. For example, oxygen can be used to reach the combustion-supporting effect. The pressure of the auxiliary gas has a great influence on the cutting quality. Under the premise of ensuring the auxiliary gas, the gas pressure is an extremely important factor. When the thickness of the material is added or the cutting speed is slow, the gas pressure should be appropriately lowered. In order to avoid the frosting of the plastic trimming, it is better to cut at a lower gas pressure.