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Created 2021-01-08
Owner sbmcrusher
Title Precautions for the use of automatic tofu processing equipment
Description 1. Frequently check the boiler water level of automatic tofu processing equipment to ensure that the boiler water level is higher than the water level of the electric heating tube. When the boiler needs to make up water, the lady opens the steam valve to release the pressure in the furnace cavity and then make up water; when the electric heating tube of the tofu processing equipment is heated, Open the steam valve to ensure that the steam pipeline is unblocked fresh orange juice extractor machine. Otherwise, the boiler pressure is too high and the boiler will be damaged; the sizing booster pump switch must be kept in the manual position; all electrical parts of the automatic tofu processing equipment must be clean and dry, and the tofu processing equipment is strictly prohibited from entering the distribution box, and it is strictly prohibited to modify the circuit; when opening the distribution box The power supply needs to be disconnected; the power terminal is located above the leakage maintainer in the upper left corner of the power distribution box under the boiling barrel; it is strictly forbidden to turn on the heating switch when the tofu processing equipment is not boiling, otherwise the boiler will be damaged, and the heating should be turned off in time after boiling switch. 2. At the same time, a key link in the use of automatic tofu processing equipment is to boil the new tofu cloth in alkaline water for about 1 hour, otherwise the skin will be rotten or not peeled off during peeling. When installing, first install a leakage maintainer on the main power supply professional ginger juicer machine. Because there is a lot of water flowing in the tofu workshop, if there is leakage, people are likely to get an electric shock. When installing the unit, it should also be installed in each unit. Install the ground wire, it can play a role in safety maintenance. 3. If the motor has noise, strange noise, overheating, burning smell, smoke, etc. during the consumption process, the power should be turned off immediately, and the machine should be shut down for inspection to ensure safety. Install the main machine of automatic tofu processing equipment. The air must be flat, and the front, back, left and right sides of the machine must be adhered to, otherwise it will affect the quality of tofu. To install the automatic tofu processing equipment group, the motor should be installed against the wall, so as not to accidentally insert the hand into the wheel, and to prevent children from entering the workplace.
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