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Created 2020-12-30
Owner sbmcrusher
Title The use of tofu machine and precautions for maintenance
Description Nowadays, the use of tofu machine can be said to be a big change in the soy product processing industry. We all know that the tofu machine is a fully automatic machine without manual coordination. The pulp separation system consists of a motor, a separate refiner, and a slurry bucket. The use of this equipment to make soy products can be very large The efficiency of work has been improved on the level special lollipop packing machine, and now it has completely replaced artificial manufacturing. Let’s take a look at the use of tofu machine and the precautions for maintenance. 1. Precautions for the use of tofu machine: 1. At the same time, the most important part of the tofu machine is to boil the new tofu cloth in alkaline water for about 1 hour, otherwise the skin will be rotten or not peeled off during peeling. 2. When installing, first install a leakage maintainer on the main power supply special lollipop production line. Because there is a large amount of water flowing in the tofu workshop, if there is leakage, people are likely to get an electric shock. When installing the unit, it should be A ground wire is installed on each unit, which can play a role in safety maintenance. 3. If the motor has noise, strange noise, overheating, burning smell, smoke, etc. during the consumption process, immediately turn off the power and shut down for inspection to ensure safety. 4. When installing the main unit, the air must be level, and the front and rear flat lollipop forming machine, left and right sides of the fuselage must be maintained, otherwise the thickness of the tofu will be affected. 5. To install the tofu unit, the motor should be installed against the wall, so as not to accidentally insert hands into the wheel, and to prevent children from entering the workplace. Second, the way to maintain the tofu machine 1. When we finish using the tofu machine, we must unplug the power first and then stop the liquidation, because this can prevent the risk of electric shock. In addition, if the shell of the tofu maker is relatively dirty, do not use a wet cloth to wipe it. Because this will also be risky, please be sure to wipe it with a dry cloth. You can use some detergent. 2. Due to the differences in water quality across the country, some time tofu machines will show condensation when making tofu, which is caused by the relatively high amount of minerals in the water. If there are clots in the automatic tofu machine, you can use cold water and salt to clear it. 3. The head of the tofu machine is a very critical component. When cleaning the machine head of the tofu machine, never put the machine head completely in the water. Because this will cause damage to the machine head, it may also cause a short circuit and present a risk. The correct way to clean the machine head is to rinse with running water. If the tofu machine is more aging, then you need to add a little smoothing agent.
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