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Created 2020-07-28
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Title Failure to provide adequate level of intellectual property
Description INDIA is in the league of 15 trading partners of the United States being monitored by the United States Trade Representative (USTR) under its `priority watch list'. The US move is for India's failure to provide an "adequate level of intellectual property right (IPR) protection or enforcement or market access for persons relying on intellectual property protection." The Annual Special 301 report, released in Washington on Tuesday said the other countries under this category include Argentina, the Bahamas, Brazil, Egypt, European Union, Indonesia, Korea, Kuwait Newport Menthol Cigarettes, Lebanon, Pakistan, the Philippines, Russia, Taiwan and Turkey. Addressing the failure of these 15 countries to provide sufficient level of IPR protection with "significant concern," the report said the US would consider all options, including but not limited to initiation of dispute settlement consultations, in cases where countries do not appear to have implemented fully their obligations under the WTO Agreement on Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPs)." USTR placed totally 52 countries as priority foreign countries, priority watch list, watch list or Section 306 monitoring category Cigarette Tobacco For Sale Online. The only `priority foreign country' is Ukraine as it is pursuing `the most onerous or egregious policies that have the greatest adverse impact on US right holders or products' and hence is `subject to accelerated investigations and possible sanctions Newport 100S Cigarettes.' Among the 33 trading partners on the `watch list' are Bulgaria, Canada, Chile, Peru, Malaysia, Mexico, Venezuela and Vietnam, while China and Paraguay are re-designated for "Section 306" monitoring. It said what was once a localised industry focussed on the copying of high-end designer goods has now become a sophisticated global business involving the manufacturing and sale of counterfeit versions of everything from soaps Cheapest Marlboro Cigarettes Free Shipping, shampoos, razors and batteries to cigarettes, alcoholic beverages and automobile parts, as well as medicines and healthcare products. The USTR report warned that it would continue to use all "statutory tools" to improve intellectual property protection in countries where it is inadequate including through implementation of the Generalised System of Preferences Cheap Cigarettes, other trade preference programmes and ongoing GSP reviews of countries including Brazil, the Dominican Republic, Kazakhstan, Lebanon, Russia and Uzbekistan. Finally, referring to last August WTO General Council adoption of the "TRIPs/health solution", the report recalled that under the terms of the solution, a country might issue a compulsory licence to export needed pharmaceuticals to a country that lacks manufacturing capacity Online Cigarettes Free Shipping.
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