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Created 2020-07-28
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Title Factors that influence Smoking Habits and How you can Quit Smoking for Life
About me Many people get hooked to cigarettes in their schooldays while some people take up the habit later. This article discusses various extrinsic and intrinsic factors that push a person towards smoking and ultimately make them smoking addicts. Also learn how you can quit smoking conveniently with the help of certain smoking cessation medications such as Champix. Factors influencing your smoking habits It has been noticed that many people pick up the habit of smoking in their school days Cheap Cigarettes. In fact, some people even start smoking when they are in primary school. Most people, who smoke, claim they get thrill out of smoking. However, the thrill derived from cigarettes is short-lived. The harmful effects of smoking on the other hand are extremely serious and may even take your life. Here we shall discuss the leading extrinsic and intrinsic factors that influence the smoking habit in most people. Extrinsic factors influencing smoking habits Extrinsic factors are the factors that occur in the smoker's environment that may affect their smoking habit. Some of the extrinsic factors that influence smoking habits include: Peer pressure - It is said that peer pressure plays a major role in making a person kick start the habit of smoking. Many people begin smoking because their friends have tried it or smoke themselves Newport Menthol Cigarettes. Those children, in turn start smoking because somebody in their environment be it their parents, grandparents and older siblings smoke. So basically, people smoke because they want to emulate people close to them or present in their environment. To look cool and fashionable - Media portrayal of film-stars and pop icons smoking a cigarette makes people think smoking is a fashionable thing to do Buy Cigarettes Online. Many people therefore take up smoking because they want to portray themselves as trendy. To connect with friends - Many times people initiate their first dialogue with strangers by asking for a lighter or a cigarette. Smoking therefore helps them form a connection and make friends with people. Intrinsic factors influencing smoking habits There are several intrinsic factors that may naturally drive people towards smoking. Some of the leading intrinsic factors that influence a person's habit of smoking have been discussed below: To experiment - Many children take up smoking because they want to experiment with smoking. People assume that they can light a few cigarettes and get out of the habit when they want. But most often casual experimenters become habitual smokers. To rebel - Many times, children smoke out of rebellion. They want to do everything their parents and teachers say is wrong for them. They derive a thrill in participating in prohibitive acts without being caught Newport 100S Cigarettes. To relax - Some people believe that smoking gives them pleasure and helps them relax. During breaks at work or after coming home, they light up a cigarette to relax. To concentrate - Some people think that smoking helps to open-up their mind and enhances their concentration levels. They smoke when they have a tough task at hand or when they wish to be creative. To avoid gaining weight - Many women continue with the habit of smoking because they feel that if they quit smoking they'll gain weight and therefore look unattractive. However, studies show that quitting smoking makes you feel more energetic leaving you with the energy to spend time gainfully in a gym and remain fit. About smoking cessation medications Currently, there are just 2 smoking cessation medications that have been approved by the FDA namely Zyban (bupropion) and Champix (varenicline). These are available on a prescription basis only. Both these medications aim at easing out the smoking cessation process so that a person is able to get over his/her nicotine addiction and quit smokingforever. These days, smoking cessation medications are the most preferred quit smoking aids. How Champix is helpful in quitting smoking? In various clinical studies, Champixhas been proven to be more advanced than the only other FDA approved smoking cessation medication - Zyban (bupropion). Both the drugs relieve a person of nicotine withdrawal symptoms. But Champix is more effective as it also makes smoking less pleasurable for you. Varenicline - the active ingredient in Champix - attaches itself to the nicotine receptors in your brain. Your urge for nicotine is virtually satisfied and you therefore don't crave for a smoke. Further, Champix prevents nicotine from binding to its receptors. You therefore do not derive the same pleasure as you used to get earlier Online Cigarettes Free Shipping. This unique mechanism of Champix makes it the more advanced and effective as well as the most preferred quit smoking medication Cigarette Tobacco For Sale Online.
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