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Created 2020-07-27
Owner sbmcrusher
Title Geomembrane used in biogas digester
Description At present, China's environmental sanitation is becoming stricter. Due to lower emissions than the standard, more and more farms are closed. Due to the economic efficiency of the retail industry, the construction of black film biogas digesters is a basic requirement for farm environmental impact assessment. Its strength cannot be compared with that of large aquaculture enterprises. Therefore, the construction of black film biogas is one of the most cost-effective methods. The black environmental geomembrane manufacturers used in the black membrane biogas digester is also called impermeable membrane and waterproof board. Advantages of using biogas digester geomembrane The following is my summary of the advantages of using geomembrane in biogas digesters: 1. The black film biogas digester is cost-effective and the best choice for some small free-range aquaculture geomembrane manufacturers. It can meet environmental protection requirements with minimal investment, and can also produce biogas for power generation and save energy. 2. The black film biogas digester has a long service life. Compared with some early cement biogas digesters, the black membrane biogas digesters have a long service life, and the biogas digester waterproof board made of double resistance (anti-ultraviolet and anti-oxidation) has a normal service life of more than 10 years. 3. The black membrane biogas adopts waterproof board to prevent seepage effect. The surface temperature of the black waterproof board can reach 60 degrees in the sun, which can greatly increase gas production and shorten the fermentation time.
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