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Created 2020-07-17
Owner sbmcrusher
Title Clothing entry color matching
Description When matching colors, it is necessary to pay attention to the overall balance of clothing colors and the harmony of colors. Normally, light-colored clothes will not have a balance problem, and there is no problem with dark colors in the lower body organic cotton baby romper suit factory price. If the upper body is dark and the lower body is light, the shoes play an important role in balance. It should be dark. The same color refers to a series of shades that are the same or similar in color, resulting from changes in lightness. For example, the matching of neutral colors and the same colors can be made of silver-gray velvet top, white shirt, dark ash flannel skirt, ash base from polka dot printed scarves, black high-heeled shoes, black mesh stockings, silver gray and white woven fine grid Canvas bag and other components China bamboo organic baby towel supplier. When matching the same color, it should be noted that the difference in brightness between colors cannot be too close or too far. For example, if the contrast between black and white brightness is too large, you need to use gray to transition. Used as a transitional hue, it can be applied to accessories such as backpacks, belts, scarves and so on. When matching the same color, it is best to have three levels of change: deep, medium and light. The collocation of less than three levels is more monotonous, and too many levels will easily produce cumbersome and scattered effects. Tips for matching similar colors Similar colors refer to similar colors, such as red and orange, orange-red and yellow-green, yellow-green and green, green and blue-violet, etc. Compared with the matching of the same color clothing, the similar color matching is slightly changed, but the overall effect is also very harmonious China bamboo organic baby towel factory. For example, the girl wears a loose bronze-green pullover, beanie, goose yellow, sky blue, black and iron gray printed panties and belts, and wears white sandals. It is suitable for spring and summer or summer and autumn. In another example, a black grid silk shirt is printed with orange, earth yellow, gold tea or brown gray stripes, and it is very beautiful when wearing black trousers and a tea brown leather belt. Second, pay attention to the occasion.
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