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Created 2020-07-16
Owner sbmcrusher
Title Geomembrane aging has a direct impact on its service life
Description Geomembrane is becoming more and more popular as a material. In order to make better use of geomembrane, geomembrane manufacturers introduced the relationship between geomembrane aging and service life. The main factors affecting the aging of HDPE geonet for sale are solar ultraviolet radiation, solar ultraviolet energy, oxygen and ozone, temperature, rain and relative humidity, microorganisms and so on. The aging resistance of polymers is one of the important indicators to characterize the service life of geomembrane materials. There are many reasons for the ageing of geomembrane materials. The most common causes and forms are the effects of light, heat, and oxygen caused by photooxidation and thermal oxygen aging. It is difficult to avoid exposure to light, heat and oxygen. Therefore, the aging of GCL geosynthetic clay liner factory price has always been the most concerned issue for designers and users. In order to ensure the formation, storage, transportation, hot melt welding and service life of the geomembrane, it is necessary to add sufficient antioxidants, light stabilizers and heat stabilizers to the geomembrane formulation. When considering the formula design of geomembrane, we must first consider the application environment of geomembrane, the application effect of various anti-aging agents and the synergistic effect of other additives, so that geomembrane has good comprehensive performance. Comprehensive performance. It has good weather resistance and weather resistance. The aging of geomembrane directly affects its service life. We must try our best to avoid the aging of geomembrane. Only in this way can costs be saved and construction efficiency improved. Commercial characteristics of geomembrane: anti-aging, anti-ultraviolet, excellent tear resistance, puncture resistance, high friction coefficient, low brittleness, small thermal deformation, good chemical fluctuation, wide environmental temperature range, high temperature resistance and asphalt resistance. This applicable new polyester geogrid factory price has the advantages of short construction period, low cost, non-toxic, animal root resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, good impermeability and so on. Geomembrane has a certain amount of deformation. The stress transmission caused by the concave and convex defects of the underlying layer is faster and should be changed. The pore pressure and buoyancy on the interface between the geomembrane and the soil are easily dissipated. The geomembrane has a certain thermal insulation effect, which reduces the frost heave and damage of the geomembrane, thereby reducing the deformation of the soil. The geomembrane is laid by embedding, which has good anti-aging function and increases the maintenance of the project. Geomembrane construction is simple, increases transportation, reduces construction costs, and extends construction time. Geomembrane uses geotextile instead of particle data as the uniaxial plastic geogrid manufacturers maintenance layer to protect the geomembrane impermeable layer from damage, reduce the gradation requirements of the cushion particle size, and play a drainage role. Geomembrane has a large friction coefficient, which can avoid the sliding of the cover layer. It has more maintenance layers than geomembrane. The non-woven fabric in the geomembrane has a large friction coefficient. Geomembrane can increase slope and increase air volume. The mechanical strength of the geomembrane is higher than the mechanical functions of stretching, tearing, blasting and perforation. Geomembrane manufacturers have mastered the data in practice and played an active role in producing products of reliable quality.
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