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Created 2020-07-14
Owner sbmcrusher
Title What kind of fabric is suitable for winter work clothes
Description In fact, there are many types of work, such as four-season work clothes (summer work clothes, autumn work clothes, winter work clothes), or types: food work clothes, anti-static work clothes, security clothes, cleaning clothes, promotional pure linen baby ring sling carrier, chemical clothes, acid-proof work clothes, sanitation clothes , Hotel uniforms, of course, there are many other clothing also belongs to the category of work clothes: dust-free anti-static clothes, school uniforms, student military training camouflage clothes, camouflage T-shirts, medical clothes, flame retardant work clothes, KTV bar uniforms, etc. Of course, people from all walks of life need to work out corresponding workwear styles. Employees have employee uniforms, and managers have manager uniforms. Winter custom work clothes, custom work clothes garment factory fabric selection The northwest wind in winter is very large, very cold and biting, and the work bamboo linen baby ring sling are naturally not warm when they are blown through by the strong wind, so it is important to pay attention to the use of windproof and snowproof fabrics in fabrics, especially for companies that work outdoors. The fabric must not only be cold-proof but also comfortable. Some workwear fabrics are hard and uncomfortable to wear greatly affect the work efficiency and mood of employees. Pure wool fabrics: Everyone should know that in the customization of winter work clothes, the first thing to consider is its warmth. Pure wool fabrics not only have natural and soft colors. And its warming effect is also relatively good, so pure wool fabrics are more commonly used in winter workwear. Pure cotton fabrics: No matter which season of workwear is customized tie dye baby ring sling carrier, we also have relatively high requirements for its hygroscopicity, because only good hygroscopicity can maintain the balance of human heat. Therefore, winter workwear made of pure cotton fabrics can not only absorb 35% of its own water price without feeling wet, but also make people feel warm, comfortable and soft. In addition, when choosing custom fabrics for winter workwear, we can also choose some special fabrics as custom workwear according to different industries and different working environments.
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