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Created 2020-06-29
Owner MMOexpshop
Title I believe that the MUT community does
Description Stretch the corners, and X variables all will be fixed. They mend the meta every year. But a brand new one is going to form that upsets us. Take out Madden 21 coins skills that correct AI. For some reason, they threw in a bunch of'abilities' which are only things every participant should do. So take out that and resolve the pursuit angles. The AI will opt to run contrary to the ballcarrier instead of merely carrying the angle and making the tackle Should you dont click on. I agree I a few of my players with 99 pursuit circle the rival like a shark instead of actually tackling anyone. I do not even think they added the skills to fix issues. My guess is that they left things so players had motive. Linebackers used to have the ability to jump or at least put up their hands a foot over their head. The list continues, I could do this all day. You mean you think that your recipients should be able to turn after catching the ball? Madness. Totally agree with you. In reality I believe that the MUT community does. I think given all the different things the line has to have the ability to handle they do a reasonable job of blocking. There are screw ups, but the millions of user alterations to plays that are various can affect obstructing in ways that haven't been tested. Clint did an interview a week where he talked about how they changed the AI obstructing in Madden nfl, and earlier that I did not understand how much work they'd already put to it or how much was going on. They should tune down pass the speed of insta-sheds and rush skills. I'm fine with skills which makes someone a fantastic pass rusher, but it shouldn't be out of 7 moves on my own opening drive there are insta-sheds on 5 plays. If you believe a tackle standing there and watching a Defensive lineman go by there face without moving or getting out cheap Mut 21 coins of their posture is reasonable.The issue with some of your suggestions is EA has made defenders respond faster to the pass previously but they do not know how to get it done properly.
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