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Created 2020-06-04
Owner sbmcrusher
Title How is the rationality of geotextile prices affected?
Description The utilization rate of geotextiles in construction projects has been very high, mainly because the effect after using geotextiles is remarkable, and it is not very high. It can also be said that in construction, polyester geogrid for sale is a relatively new type of material, and this material has many differences in function and price from some general materials. But after use, it can achieve the effect that general materials can not achieve. Now the sale of geotextiles in construction malls is very hot. For many builders, no matter what kind of buildings are in construction, they will choose to use geotextiles. Because after using the high quality polyester geogrid, it can play some better results, especially in the following aspects. Geotextiles have high mechanical strengths such as tearing, bursting, puncturing, etc. Geotextiles are widely used in many environments. Geotextiles are conducive to construction, can effectively reduce joints, reduce the probability of leakage caused by construction, and shorten the construction period. For users using geotextiles, the price of geotextiles is more important. In the process of purchase, you will find that in addition to the above factors, there are three reasons that affect the price of geotextiles. Cost of raw materials: The raw material polyester chips used to make filament geotextiles are extracted from petroleum, and the price of petroleum is controlled by PetroChina and Sinopec in addition to the international situation. The cost of production and processing: During the production of filament geotextiles, the cost of labor, water and electricity, the normal loss of products, and tax costs must be accounted for, which virtually affects the price of waterproof bentonite geosynthetic clay liner for sale products. Cost of transportation: In the process of transporting waterproof geotextiles, vehicles and manpower are needed, which is also an important factor affecting the price of geotextiles. The use of geotextiles in the construction of the building can provide a certain degree of protection for the foundation, because the protection of the land must be achieved during the initial construction of the building, and sometimes it is easy to cause soil loss during the construction process. However, after using high quality bentonite geosynthetic clay liner, it can play a better protection effect. And the use of geotextiles, cost-effective is also very high. Geotextile is not only very reasonable in price, but also very effective.
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