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Created 2020-05-22
Owner sbmcrusher
Title Inferior geomembrane directly affects the quality of anti-seepage projects
Description Many customers look at the quality and only the price. Many inferior products on the market seriously affect the quality and safety of the project. The cheap is bound to make a fuss about the material, specifically including adding more recycled materials, or there is only a way to cut corners so that the uniaxial plastic geogrid manufacturers cannot reach the thickness. Such geomembrane directly affects the quality of the project and the quality of the safety waterproofing project to a great extent depends on the performance and quality of the geomembrane. The waterproofing of buildings and structures depends on the quality of hdpe uniaxial plastic geogrid for sale directly related to the waterproof layer Service life. The construction geomembrane should have good weather resistance and be able to bear some chemical substances; at the same time, it must have resistance to water penetration and acid and alkali resistance. The produced wholesale fiberglass geogrid has good integrity, high peel strength, large elongation at break, and can withstand changes in temperature difference and deformation caused by various external forces and expansion and cracking of the base; for waterproof projects in different parts, its anti-seepage Membrane requirements also have their own priorities. Specific requirements are as follows: 1. The geomembrane used for the waterproofing of indoor toilets and bathrooms should be able to adapt to the change of the shape of the base layer and be conducive to the laying of pipeline equipment with good water permeability. 2. The wholesale biaxial geogrid used in the roof waterproofing project is particularly important for its weather resistance, temperature resistance and external force resistance. Because the roof waterproof layer, especially the exposed waterproof layer without insulation layer, has withstood the harsh natural environment invasion of wind, rain, sunlight, snow and other long-term and deformation effects of the base structure. 3. The hdpe geomembrane used in the underground waterproof project must have high-quality impermeability and elongation, and have good overall impermeability. 4. The geomembrane used for the waterproofing of special structures should be based on the different requirements of different engineering features and functions. 5. The geomembrane selected for the waterproof engineering of the external wall of the building should be based on materials with good weather resistance, high elongation, adhesion and sag resistance.
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