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Category Cars
Created 2020-05-20
Owner juniperqq
Title The influence of high and low temperature on hydraulic oil of brick machine
Description Hydraulic oil plays the role of energy transfer, anti-wear, system lubrication, anti-corrosion, anti-rust and cooling in the hydraulic brick machine system. For hydraulic oil, the first hydraulic device should meet the operating temperature and starting temperature of the liquid viscosity requirements, each hydraulic oil has a certain range of use, too high or too low temperature on the hydraulic oil have a negative impact, so what is the impact of high and low temperature environment on the hydraulic oil? The influence of low temperature on hydraulic oil of brick machine 1. Low temperature makes hydraulic oil viscosity. If the viscosity is too high, the self-priming capacity of the oil pump will decrease, and the pressure loss and power loss of the hydraulic system will increase. It is generally believed that when the viscosity is ≥1000mm2/s, the hydraulic system cannot work normally, and when the viscosity is ≥2000mm2/ s, the hydraulic system cannot start normally. 2. Low temperature makes the water in the hydraulic oil of the brick machine solidify, and the solidified water is attached to the surface of the parts of the hydraulic valve and the oil filter, etc., which may cause the hydraulic valve to be stuck and the oil filter to be blocked, so that the hydraulic system cannot work normally. 3. Low temperature makes the rubber sealing material in the hydraulic system shrink and harden, reducing the sealing performance and even leading to seal failure. 4. Low temperature makes the hydraulic oil itself shrink, especially the brick machine hydraulic oil in the closed cavity shrink, so that the pressure drops and even produces negative pressure. The influence of high temperature on hydraulic oil of brick machine 1. The high temperature makes the hydraulic oil viscosity smaller, the viscosity is too low, the hydraulic system leakage increases, the efficiency drops, and even the hydraulic system cannot work normally. 2. High temperature makes the oxidation of brick machine hydraulic oil intensified, hydraulic oil gradually generated some ketones, acids and colloid, asphaltene and other substances, pollution of hydraulic oil, shorten the service life of hydraulic oil. When the brick machine hydraulic oil oxidation to a certain extent, hydraulic oil failure, can not be used. 3. High temperature causes the lubrication film formed on the metal surface of the friction parts to undergo chemical decomposition and the lubrication film is damaged. 4. High temperature will often lead to steel and other non-ferrous metals in the hydraulic oil corrosion intensification, resulting in surface damage to parts, corrosion at the same time. 5. High temperature is more likely to produce bubbles, which may damage the lubricating oil film, cause sintering or increase wear on the friction surface, and accelerate the oxidation and deterioration of the hydraulic oil, affecting the accuracy and sensitivity of the hydraulic components. In severe cases, it cannot meet the requirements of the hydraulic system. 6. High temperature makes the performance of rubber seals in the hydraulic system worse, which can make the rubber swell, become soft, accelerate the aging of rubber, and even seal failure. 7. High temperature makes the volume of hydraulic oil expand, so that closed in the cavity of the brick machine hydraulic oil pressure rise, causing danger.
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