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Created 2020-05-14
Owner sbmcrusher
Title How can consumers better choose geotextiles?
Description Geotextile, also known as geotextile, is a permeable geosynthetic material made of synthetic fibers by needle punching or weaving. Generally speaking, it has good mechanical properties and water permeability, and can resist corrosion and aging. The filament high quality gravel geocell is directly made by polyester spinning and needle punching. The product specification is 80-800g / m2. Choice, it is geosynthetic material, used in geotechnical engineering and civil engineering. First, the filament geotextile is stored in a fire-proof, waterproof, pressure-resistant and moisture-proof manner. Geotextiles are now widely used, leading to fierce competition in the geotextile market. Facing such a fierce market environment, how can we better choose geotextile as a consumer? Can we judge good or bad quality according to the price of geotextile? The following is a detailed introduction to the methods and methods of purchasing high-quality wholesale plastic geocells. I hope to help you: 1. Take a look. Knitted polyester fabric has many appearances, and serious defects will affect the wearing effect. Such as lack of pinholes, lack of thread, hooked thread, thread breakage, thread tension and severe weft. Shorter defects such as chromatic aberration, curling, poor edges, splicing, knots, knots, color, reflection, oily silk, thick silk, etc. Although you can wear slightly flawed fabrics, it will affect the fabric's grade. 2. Look at the appearance. The appearance of the fabric is closely related to the fabric structure. Therefore, when choosing knitwear, the gloss, color and pattern of the fabric must be carefully observed. When pulling the fabric with both hands low price HDPE geocell, pay attention to the elasticity and extensibility in the longitudinal or transverse direction, whether it is easy to replace; whether the tissue is basic or variable. The gap between the tissue and the coil is loose or tight, and the feel is soft or rough. In short, it is necessary to observe whether the fabric meets the basic requirements of the clothing style and achieve a consistent effect. Appearance of fabric appearance and clothing style. 3. Take a look at the level. Knitted polyester fabric is divided into first-class products, second-class products, third-class products and other foreign products according to quality. From the perspective of the fabric, the quality of the knitted polyester fabric for the product is naturally superior to other grades. In short, when choosing geotextiles, the fewer defects in the fabric, the better! Never judge the quality of a product based on its price, because it is out of context.
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