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Created 2020-05-11
Owner sbmcrusher
Title Popular waterproof material
Description High polymer modified asphalt waterproof membrane: Consolidate the application of SBS, APP modified asphalt waterproof membrane and self-adhesive rubber asphalt waterproof membrane, vigorously develop wet-laid self-adhesive modified asphalt waterproof membrane, promote roof greening practices and applications Root-resistance coiled materials, active application of glass fiber tire asphalt shingles, restrictions on the use of composite tire asphalt waterproof membranes and paper tire linoleum, and the use of coal tar sand surface waterproof membranes are prohibited. Synthetic polymer waterproofing membrane: Consolidate the application of PVC and EPDM waterproofing membrane, advocate a one-time molding polyethylene polypropylene (polyester polypropylene) waterproofing membrane and polymer cement bonding system, and accelerate the research and development of wet-laid self-adhesive Synthetic polymer waterproof membranes, restrict the use of chlorinated polyethylene waterproof membranes, and eliminate recycled rubber waterproof membranes. Waterproof coatings: Consolidate the application of polyurethane waterproof coatings, polymer cement waterproof coatings, cement-based waterproof coatings, promote cement-based permeable crystalline waterproof materials and silicone waterproof coatings, develop and apply spray polyurea polyurethane waterproof coatings, research and application of high solid content water-based asphalt Base waterproof coating, popularize and apply special-purpose waterproof coating such as road and bridge waterproof coating. dimple drainage board factory price manufacturers prohibit the use of contaminated coal tar waterproof coatings. Sealing materials: Consolidate the application of acrylic sealing materials (mid-range), vigorously advocate the use of high-grade sealing materials such as polysulfide, silicone, polyurethane, etc., and actively study the application of special primers for sealing materials to improve the adhesion of the sealing materials and water resistance and durability Sex. dimple drainage board for sale manufacturers prohibit the use of sealing materials such as plastic ointment and polyvinyl chloride paste. Water repellent: Consolidate the application of general-purpose water repellent, promote M1500 water-based penetrating water repellent and permanent solidification fluid (DPS), and promote the application of silicone water repellent and fatty acid water repellent. Limit the use of water repellent with high chloride ion content, and prohibit the use of powdered water repellent with alkali aggregate content exceeding the standard. Grouting material: Cement-based grouting material is used for foundation reinforcement, cement-based and epoxy grouting material is used for structural reinforcement, especially low-viscosity moisture-curing epoxy grouting material, and ultra-early-strength self-leveling grouting cement and polyurethane and acrylate are used for waterproof plugging Grouting material. The compound grouting process is recommended for different engineering situations. It is forbidden to use toxic contaminated grouting materials such as coagulation. Waterproof mortar: Actively apply polymer cement waterproof mortar, promote polypropylene fiber (PP), nylon fiber and wood fiber anti-cracking waterproof mortar, and study the application of zeolite-based silicon dense waterproofing agent. Vigorously promote the application of commercial mortar (waterproof, thermal insulation, anti-corrosion, bonding, filling and self-flowing special mortar).
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