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Created 2020-05-11
Owner sbmcrusher
Title What is the main application mechanism and characteristics of geotextile?
Description What are the main application mechanisms and characteristics of geotextiles? The secondary action mechanisms are as follows: Geotextile reduces the adhesion between the cover layer and the old pavement layer. The results show that for the intermediate layer, the bonding force at the original interface of the second layer is significantly reduced polyester geogrid factory price, thereby reducing the tensile strain of the cover layer. Although the interface strength is reduced, it is still sufficient to avoid the displacement of the interface up and down and persist. Due to the high strength and large ductility of the geotextile, it can act as a stress-absorbing interlayer. The wholesale polyester geogrid layer transforms the reflected crack stress from a vertical direction to a certain degree, and extends the stress to a wider range. Thereby, the stress concentration at the cracks is relieved, which plays the role of dissipating strain and transmitting vertical loads, enhances the overall tensile strength of asphalt concrete, and delays the occurrence of reflective cracks.
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