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Created 2020-03-25
Owner posuiman
Title Several Reasons for the Vibration of Compound Crusher
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As the new type crusher, compound Ore Milling Equipment has favored by old and new customers. Considered as the leading enterprise in crusher manufacturing industry, Mining Machine has been always in the forefront of the crusher manufacturing. The major object of compound crusher is hard rock and iron ore. Face with the harsh environment, compound crusher is bound to go wrong sometimes. How to repair and debug the fault?If you are confronted with such issues, you can ask the professional compound crusher manufacturer for help. The professional technique from is ready to be at your service. During the process of the maintenance and debugging, if there is machine vibration phenomenon, Mining Machine will help you to find out the reasons.

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(1) First of all, you should check the concrete foundation is horizontal and firm or not; whether the anchor wire is loose or not. (2) The electric wheel and main engine wheel swings or not, the degree of vee belt is proper or not. (3) Removing all of the hammers, and then you can have a trial on the machine. If the vibrating phenomenon disappears, it proves to be the problem of hammer hole in rotor disk. Compound crusher is the best equipment to crush the coal gangue. The equipment with good feedback is created throught our company's long-term research. It features in long service life, convenient maintenance, easy operation and good finished products.

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