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Created 2020-03-26
Owner kmei4545
Title the application of kaolin powder
Description Firstly, the application of kaolin powder in power plant desulfurization is dominated by thermal power plants in northern China. Among them, harmful gases such as sulfur dioxide and carbon dioxide produced during coal combustion cause serious air pollution. The desulfurization effect of kaolin processing plant is remarkable after grinding kaolin into powder. The power plant needs about 200-300 tons per day, and more than 130 grinders are selected for grinding equipment. Calcium oxide is used for desulfurization in furnace and calcium carbonate is used for flue gas desulfurization. Calcium oxide has the best desulfurization effect, but its relative cost is higher. Secondly, asphalt mixing station is also a project with a large amount of lime powder. Lime powder is added to asphalt to increase the activity of asphalt. In recent years, China's road facilities are constantly improving, which also brings new space for the development of lime powder mill. Thirdly, the application of lime powder in concrete mixing station is mostly in the south. There are many mountains and rivers in the south, and kaolin ores are abundant. Lime powder is used instead of fly ash in concrete to solve the problem of insufficient resources. Especially in Guizhou, Guangxi and Nanyang in southern Henan, kaolin ore is very rich.
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