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Created 2020-03-17
Owner kmei4545
Title What Is The Cost Of Mobile Crusher
Description It depends on the process capacity to choose which mobile crusher for sale.If big capacity plant, usually use spiral chute separator with bigger capacity. If small capacity plant, usualy use shaking table to separate out silica sand.Silica sand refining process remove magnetic minerals:after silica sand gravity seapration, there will still some percentage magnetic minerals in silica sand, so need to remove it by magnetic separator, different magnetic minerals, will use different gauss magnetic separator, for removing iron, need 1000 gauss , for removing ilmenite and hematite , need 8000-9000 gauss. Different useage of silica sand , will request different percentage of magnetic minerals remaining in final silica sand product.Sieving out requested size silica sand: After removing magnetic minerals, will need to sieve out requested size silica sand, usually use the high frequency vibration screen, with PU screen, screen mesh size can be customized.Drying:After sieving out final silica sand, then drying the sand by drying mahcine.Packing:After drying the sand, use packing machine to pack final silica sand product ,then can sale. The silica sand packing machine is ton bag packing machine, can be 0.5 T, 1 T, 2 T, or 3 T per bag as requested.
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