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Created 2020-02-09
Owner yoyocrusher
Title sand and gravel plant
Description At present, the main measures for setting up an environmentally friendly sand and gravel plant or a sand and gravel plant that is under environmental protection are being repaired: 1. Purchasing environmentally-friendly machine-made Aggregate Crushing Machine . The state is increasingly strict in environmental protection inspections. Many heavily polluted sand and gravel factories have been shut down. A large number of polluted sand and gravel equipment have been eliminated. To solve environmental problems, we must start with the purchase of equipment and the configuration of production lines. 2. Control dust and noise pollution. Reduce dust spillover and transform indoor operation, production in closed space; spraying device can also be installed. Dust management at the reloaded part of the belt conveyor; For noise pollution, a noise reduction and sound receiving device is installed on the side of the crusher, and a wear-resistant buffer layer is installed inside the crusher to buffer noise or a sound insulation cover is provided. 3. Control water pollution. Ore washing and circulating water closed-loop circulating water treatment system treatment: Separate the mud and water in the circulating water to ensure that the ore is washed with clean water, and the separated mud is transported to the slag yard for storage or land reclamation.
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