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Created 2020-02-09
Owner xuanxuan251
Title How to properly operate the sand making machine?
About me 80% of sand making machine failures are caused by improper operation. How good the quality of the sand machine is not controlled. After continuous production, unexpected failures may occur. Improper operation and maintenance of the equipment is not insignificant. Improper operation and long-term maintenance of the equipment will damage the sand making machine. Dangers caused by improper operation of sand making machine: If the operation is not performed properly, the equipment will be damaged due to production interference. Frequent failures, decreased efficiency, and unqualified product quality will occur. How to properly operate the sand making machine: After the equipment is installed, it is necessary to perform no-load and on-load operations to test the stability of the equipment. In these two processes, mainly check the operation of the bearings, fastening bolts, flywheels and other parts, and whether there is any abnormal noise inside the machine. If there are abnormal phenomena, you need to suspend processing. When the sand maker is started, the equipment in the entire production line must be turned on in order. When starting, observe the current in the control system. When the device starts up, the current will rise sharply. This is an instantaneous current, which is normal. However, if the high current is maintained for a long time, the current should be interrupted immediately, the equipment and circuits should be checked, and if the production of the machine fails, the processing needs to be stopped in time. When using a sand maker, the wearing parts will wear out. Therefore, these worn parts need to be checked and replaced regularly. When the machine is produced, the material inlets larger than the nominal size must be readjusted, and the feed must be continuous and uniform. To obtain good production benefits; When using a sand maker, maintenance must be performed and a professional must be arranged. During the maintenance process, the entire machine must be powered off to ensure maintenance safety.
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