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Created 2020-01-19
Owner Mocsky234
Title Just because you RS gold do not
Description Placing RS gold runescape on the market and making it available to more people is ALWAYS a good thing. Though it just gets people talking about remembering runescape. You have no concept of business strategy what so ever.Even those runescape participant counts you should me are a GREAT indication of cellular working you moron. Games lose runescape players as time passes. People today proceed. That's true with any game. Maintaining such powerful amounts over time is fuckimg fantastic. Osrs cellphone works because runescape is not convoluted and full. It is easy and simple enough to allow people to have fun. They should place rs3 cellular success far behind osrs to make an estimation, '' I do not see anyone doing high combat in Mobile since they like this, or even moderate combat as from playing runescape for instance unless they are trying to prove it could be done. Runescape that's so great is gonna die because people that shield tough they want runescape to succeed is just trying to milk as much money as they can before it is finally over. Gone would be the times when I see osrs succeeding a lot more than rs3. And when rs3 dies osrs is begging na endure the mtx and die as well. Just because you do not care about cellular, does not mean that"literally nobody" else does. It sounds like you've never even played it. Sure, it is unfortunate that the supported devices list is really small (and that a real record is non-existent), however if your device is supported it runs and functions great. The UI is intuitive and I've had 1 crash on a update that is specially unstable? But that was patched by them and it's back to stable. I see no reason at all is dreadful. It does what it promised how to buy gold osrs to do: let you play RuneScape on the go.
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