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Created 2020-01-18
Owner juniperqq
Title What Matters To Speed Of Concrete Mixer
Description There are many reasons to judge the good and bad of JS1000 concrete mixer made in China, such as the configuration of the chassis, the thickness of the steel plate of the tank body, whether the design of the spiral blades in the tank body is reasonable, etc. What is the relationship between the rate of loading and unloading of the JS1000 concrete mixer? I think a lot of agitator drivers are concerned about this, because time is money for agitator users. Then what is the reason that the feeding and unloading speed of the mixer is not very fast? Some drives to say it's not concrete mixer truck tanks speed fast, this is not the main reason, the main reason is that the reason of hydraulic system, generally small, customized JS1500 concrete mixer used in the hydraulic pump is called quantitative pump, its working speed is not soon, is how much, refueling door can improve but the throttle can speed up for a long period of time, to prevent burn out gear oil pump. There is a pump called plunger type variable pump, this pump is generally used in the large JS1500 concrete mixer, its speed is fast, fast out of the material, this pump makes the energy consumption loss is small, high energy utilization.
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