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Created 2020-01-14
Owner Mocsky234
Title We have also got RS gold few
Description I'm almost RS gold giddy with glee considering it. Oh blast, I believe I hear Reiniger phoning me. The earlier we have completed with this mysterious monolith, the earlier we can proceed to some genuinely exciting digs! Hrmm, that Journal definitely seemed worth the two'top guys' we burnt through trying to get hold of it, but a good deal of puzzles still remain. To see all of the information we've accumulated so far, go have a gander in the Archaeology Portal. And keep your eyes peeled! Tony seems quite enthusiastic about it. We have also got a few reminders about each of the festive pleasure coming to RuneScape this month, and also an upgrade on the Action Pets competition. As you might have already discovered, we're making some alterations to how characters move in RuneScape. Formerly, every 600 milliseconds (a sport tick) the host updated your character's place and sent it to your game customer. Then, the customer interpolated between the character's last known position and their brand new one to make the movement seem more natural. By way of instance, if a character ended up too far behind its position, its rate was raised by a fixed amount until it caught up. To make a long story short, this update has enhanced the calculations the customer makes when moving characters about, making motion appear more fluid and natural. If you want to know more, check out Mod Nin's Dev Blog, where you can learn about all the cool tech things that went into this update. This is an essential osrs best place to buy gold part of runescape, so if something seems odd about your character's motion after this update, we'd like to know about it!
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