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Created 2020-01-11
Owner kmei4545
Title The Development of Cement Sand Making Machine
Description The cement sand making machine is a new type of sand making equipment designed and manufactured in accordance with the similar characteristics and market needs at home and abroad.In 1970s, our country introduced the eight-hole cement sand making machineabroad.It uses river sand and a small amount of fly ash and cement to suppress lime sands.However, the rotation of the disc can only press one piece of sand at a time, and the output is low. When the large amount of industrial waste fly ash is used, there is a stratification phenomenon in the lack of exhaust. It cannot meet the requirements of the national wall reform and not meet the national industrial policy at that time.In order to improve the output and make up for the disadvantage of easy delamination of the defective products, the domestic mechanical engineers have developed a crankshaft type double crank mechanical pressing machine with two blocks, three blocks or even four blocks. Because of its special pre pressure buffer design and the adjustment of the depth of the material, it can be qualified for the national policy of industrial structure of the new wall material with large amount of fly ash as raw material.The equipment inherits the eight-hole turntable type sand press without the need of the bracket, the advantages of the direct palletizing, and the stability and reliability of the mechanical motion, and 15~17 times a minute to ensure the production and quality of the single equipment.
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