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Created 2020-01-10
Owner kmei4545
Title Calcium carbonate beneficiation method
Description If the global new energy vehicles, especially the pure electric vehicles represented by the US Tesla, grow faster, the global demand for calcium carbonate will reach 350,000 tons by 2010. As for the supply of calcium carbonate, there will be a gap in the supply and demand of global calcium carbonate by 2019. Calcium carbonate beneficiation equipment includes crushers, ball mills, jigs, flotation machines, etc., as well as some auxiliary equipment to form a complete production line. The hand selection method is a sorting method based on the difference in color and appearance between calcium minerals and gangue minerals. The selective particle size is generally 10 to 25 mm, and the determination of the lower limit of the particle size depends on economic benefits. Hand selection is the earliest method of mineral processing used in the history of calcium mine production. In addition to spodumene, the hand selection is also used to pick calcium concentrates from lithionite, petalite, and amblygonite.The hand selection method has been generally replaced by flotation or other methods due to its high labor intensity, low production efficiency, and large waste of resources.
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