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Created 2020-01-09
Owner yoyocrusher
Title pebble sand making machine
Description The sand-making industry is a prosperous branch of the mining industry. Various infrastructure such as roads and railways are inseparable from sand and gravel. The surge in demand for it has also caused shortages and shortages. Then, It has become a popular and investment-friendly project. Due to the large storage of pebbles and river pebble in nature, the first step of investment is mostly to purchase goose (river) pebble sand making equipment. About 40-50 tons of models have What kinds can be considered? What models are available? 40-50 tons of cobblestone Portable Impact Crusher Plant For Sale In Indonesia , HX, TK, MBS are available in three models The production and model of cobblestone sand making equipment are generally developing towards large scale. The sand making requirements of 40-50 tons can be regarded as small production. Traditional HX and MBS sand making machines can meet the requirements, while TK new sand making machine model TK7809 The smaller models in the tk series can also be satisfied to a large extent, so what are the recommended models in total? The following will explain them one by one. 1. HX sand making machine: This series is a traditional sand making machine with a total of three models. Only HX-07 is very close to the production requirements. In order to achieve the effect expected by the supplier, it must comply with the feeding requirements: 45mm. The hourly output of cobblestone sand floats between 25-55; 40-50 tons of goose (river) pebble HX sand making machine 2. MBS sand making machine: This series is the first sand making equipment. MBS2430, MBS2736, and MBS2740 are all types that can be considered. The processing feed size can be up to 50mm and the discharge size range is 0.833-0.147mm. The processing capacity of the three models increases with the increase of the models. MBS2740 can produce up to 92 tons of sand in one hour;
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