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Created 2020-01-09
Owner kmei4545
Title Summary of Correct Use Of Mobile Stone Crusher
Description 1) When abnormal noise occurs in mobile stone crusher, abnormal temperature rise or odor occurs in transmission unit and oil, the mobile stone crusher should stop in time to find out the cause and eliminate the fault before restarting. 2) The motor bearings and main bearings of mobile stone crusher are dismantled and cleaned once a year, and the reducer is cleaned and oil changed once a year. 3) When the mobile stone crusher is repaired, first of all, the power supply should be cut off, and the maintenance signs should be hung out to ensure the safety of the maintenance personnel. 4) The mobile stone crusher should be re-tightened once after 3 months of operation, and regular maintenance, including weekly, monthly and annual inspection. Weekly inspection: Weekly inspection should be conducted to check whether bolts and nuts are loose, whether electrical wiring is damaged, reducer and motor working condition. Monthly inspection: check the wear of broken teeth at least once a month. Cone mobile stone crusher
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