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Category Memory chips
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Created 2019-12-30
Owner kmei4545
Title limestone in the digestion process
Description 1. Digestion efficiency is high. Considering the characteristics of limestone digestion process, a comprehensive water-adding curve is designed with different nozzles to keep a certain humidity in the digestion process. At the same time, a special digester is used to stir the blades, which produces strong stirring to the limestone in the digestion process, and greatly improves the digestion efficiency of limestone. 2. The blade is non-sticky. The front and back nozzles are installed on each stirring blade of digester by water-adding nozzle. The impeller of quick limestone stirring is washed in front and back once every turn, so the blade will not stick. 3. Good environmental effect. Because the front section of limestone digestion is equipped with a sealing section matching spiral blade and circular shell, the steam and dust generated during the digestion process of limestone slakers will not be emitted from the inlet and outlet of the limestone digestion section. It avoids the steam from the inlet and outlet of the limestone digestion device from encountering an electronic scale or spiral scale into water. The sticky mud on the scale pole affects the accuracy of the scale, and the digested quick limestone is discharged in. So without dust, environmental protection effect is good.
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