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Created 2019-12-29
Owner kmei4545
Title The Drilling Steel of the Cone Crusher
Description 1) First remove the check pin and the 330mm long cone crusher pin, and insert the cone crusher pin when reinstalling. 2) When reinstalling the brazing, it shall be carried out in the opposite order when disassembling. First, check whether there is any wear and tear of each part. If the steel bar is deformed, it shall be polished and repaired, then the steel pin and the active part of the steel bar shall be coated with lubricating oil, and then the steel bar shall be installed. If the steel pin is seriously deformed, it will bring difficulties to replace the steel pin, so we should check it every 100 to 150 hours! The direction of the drill rod and the arm should be the same. The rock surface of the cone crusher and the operation should be as vertical as possible. If the drill is not perpendicular to the surface of the rock, the steel drill may slip when doing the work. When breaking, the steel drill is fully adjusted, and the impact point of rock is selected for impact operation under the condition of stability.
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