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Created 2019-09-06
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Title Product characteristics of wax molds used in DeZe stainless steel precision casting
About me In recent years, many casting manufacturers in China have successfully developed a series of series of mold materials and quality products. These stainless steel precision casting mold materials are available in a variety of materials, providing different shell materials, different dewaxing temperatures, and the shape of mold materials, which can replace imported products. The mold material developed by DeZe is no less than 10 varieties and the annual output is about 200 tons. We must know that the US investment casting technology is very high, thanks to its advanced technology, high-quality raw materials and strict and meticulous operating procedures. For example, the molds used by the US investment casting foundry each time are produced by the mold factory. New materials: Investment casting is not processed by mold materials, and the mold materials are recycled to the professional production of mold materials. Due to the high quality and uniformity of the mold material, the dimensional accuracy and surface quality of the investment casting wax mold are ensured. Moreover, the ash content and impurities of the wax are also controlled. Foreign companies usually have professional related technical expertise in the production of investment casting materials. The mold materials produced have good stability, low shrinkage, smooth surface and high strength. Good formability and advantages of different parts. The different properties of the mold materials, the mold materials produced abroad include filled molds and unfilled mold materials, which are divided into mold wax, repair wax, emulsifying wax, gate wax, and sealing wax for sealing wax. The wax used in precision casting is one of the important factors determining the quality of castings. The casting wax mainly includes low temperature mold materials, medium temperature mold materials and high temperature mold materials. The mold materials imported from China are mainly medium temperature mold materials, and the quality of mold materials is due to mold materials. The formulation of the formula, the manufacturer attaches great importance to the study of mold material formulation.
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