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Created 2019-09-06
Owner xuanxuan251
Title The main reason for the low milling efficiency of Raymond mill
About me Frequently, customers will report that their raymond mill are getting less and less efficient. So the Raymond mill has a lower and lower rate of powder extraction. There are many reasons for this, but the main reasons are generally The factors of the process and the milling machinery have a great influence on the powder extraction rate of the milling machine. 1. The humidity of the material polished by the Raymond mill, that is, the moisture contained in the material is large, the material is easy to adhere in the mill, and it is easy to block during the feeding process, resulting in a reduction in milling capacity. 2. Clean up the Raymond mill, and the number of process equipment for cleaning equipment is not enough (that is, there is no requirement for “three screens, two dozens, one stone, one wash material”), the materials are not clean, and the materials contain large amounts of impurities. 3. The technical condition of Raymond mill is not good. The technical condition of the mill mainly refers to the part of the grinding roller (the grinding head of the cone mill and the grinding disc of the steel mill). The use time is too long and the grinding teeth are blunt. The grinding effect is greatly reduced. The quality of the tooth profile of the surface of the roller of the roller mill is not up to the requirements, and the inclination or the arrangement of the pitch of the roller is not installed. The misalignment of the grinding roll profile is improper. These are the factors in the process and equipment of the milling equipment with lower and lower powder extraction rate. I believe everyone knows it!
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