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Created 2019-09-05
Owner kmei4545
Title working place of mini stone crusher
Description If the working place of the equipment is high temperature environment, then the mill can be placed in the ventilation position, which can ensure the heat dissipation of the motor work, which is an effective scheme to extend the service life of the motor; Firstly, during the use process, the mini stone crusher tool screws are inspected regularly. After the new machine is used for 1 hour, the screws of the moving knife and the fixed knife are fastened with tools to strengthen the fixing between the blade and the tool holder. And regularly lubricate various parts; Secondly, before the second start of the mini stone crusher, the remaining material in the machine room should be removed to reduce the starting resistance. In addition, the inertia cover and the pulley cover should be opened periodically to remove the gray outlet under the flange; The article mainly introduces the precautions for the maintenance of mini stone crusher in the process of use. It is mainly in three aspects. The above is more detailed. In actual production, only reasonable maintenance can be carried out to ensure the smooth progress of production.
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