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Created 2019-09-05
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Title The type and improvement of main bearing of grinding mill

Grinding mill is the important equipment in dressing equipment and main bearing is the key part of grinding mill. Whether the quality of main bearing is good or not will directly affect the operating rate, energy consumption and production capacity of slag grinding plant.Under this low-speed and harsh circumstance where main bearing of grinding mill exists, it is necessary to put higher demands on grinding mill's reliability, longevity and energy consumption. There are two types of main bearing: one is sliding bearing, another is rolling bearing.

Sliding bearing is generally made up of plain bearing, dynamic pressure oil film bearing and static pressure oil film bearing, etc. In current years, small and medium-size mills generally adopt plain bearing, only large-size mill adopt oil film bearing. Due to the obvious energy-saving effects of sliding bearing type of grinding mill, the development is rapid. In recent years, all the new type cone grinding mil adopts rolling bearing, technological transformation of the old type mill mainly use sliding bearing replaced by sliding bearing.

The normal failure form of sliding bearing is rolling element or pitting corrosion damage in the inside and outside on the roll, which is in the installation, lubrication, maintenance of good conditions, a large number of repeating to withstand the stress of the change. Therefore, the rolling bearing of the inner and outer strain analysis of meaning appears to be very significant.

With the constant development of grinding mill, the application technology of main bearing will start a new beginning and apply in grinding mill quickly. As a professional grinding mill manufacturer, our company continues to expand their expertise in order to contribute to the grinding mill career.

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