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Created 2019-09-04
Owner kmei4545
Title ball mill for calcium oxide process
Description The name of calcium oxide is also called quicklime, and the 1250 mesh quicklime powder milled by ball mill can be used in many industrial fields. This paper applies the ultrafine powder grinding technology developed by the company to the production of calcium oxide powder. For a brief introduction, I hope to help you understand our machines. Quicklime is generally produced in the industry by limestone through a certain processing and production process, and because the purity of the processing process is not high in industrial production, the product obtained with a calcium oxide content of about 95% is called quicklime. Quicklime has many applications in industrial production. Generally, in these applications, quicklime is produced in powder form. This requires the user to grind calcium oxide into a very fine powder, thus also producing some enterprises that produce lime powder. Generally, in the industrial application field, the mesh size of the calcium oxide powder is 1,250 mesh, and this mesh number is relatively large, and the fineness of the powder is relatively high, so the general mill cannot meet the industrial demand at all, and thus it is necessary to use a specific ball mill to complete the milling production.
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