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Created 2019-08-29
Owner kmei4545
Title abnormal phenomenon of chromite mill
Description The first point needs to be replaced. When the chromite ore grinding mill is working, the blade shovels the material between the grinding ring and then grinds. During this process, the blade will be worn and then not very Good to assist the production process, the material will not be too thick to be too thick; The second point is the improper adjustment of the fan. The fan mainly plays the role of separation. The processed material is separated. If it meets the production requirements, it will be collected into finished products. If it does not meet the requirements, it will be processed again, but if the fan does not. If the adjustment is good, the material after chromite ore grinding mill can not be separated very well. At this time, the phenomenon that the thickness of the finished powder is unreasonable will appear, and the phenomenon of abnormal powder will naturally appear. For this phenomenon, before the official production, Adjust the speed of the fan
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