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Created 2019-08-27
Owner kmei4545
Title Before starting of jaw crusher
Description Things to be aware of before the jaw crusher starts, Before starting the smashing, the operator needs to do some inspection work to ensure that the components are normal and there is no blockage in the crushing chamber. In addition, the pre-launch inspection can help you find faults in time, prevent problems before they occur, and avoid further losses. So, what do you need to check before starting the smash? Lubrication Before starting the smashing, check whether the smashed bracket is sufficiently lubricated, which is the prerequisite for ensuring efficient operation of the crusher. The bracket is a component that transmits power to the broken motorized E. It plays the role of supporting the movable jaw in the jaw crusher and transmits the crushing force to the rear wall of the frame. If the lubrication is poor, it will directly affect the smashing work efficiency. Firmware situation Check whether the broken fasteners are loose or not. Once found, tighten them immediately, thus reducing the probability of smashing downtime. Conveyor belt situation Check the integrity of the conveyor belt. If there is any damage, it should be replaced immediately. If there is oil on the belt, wipe off the oil with a rag.
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