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Created 2019-08-26
Owner kmei4545
Title in the cement raw mill air duct
Description There are many types of faults in cement raw mill production. Some faults are easy to find, but some faults are easily overlooked. If they are ignored, they will have a very negative impact on our production. We will introduce them here. What faults are easily overlooked, and for these faults, we are in production, how to solve them. There are too many materials accumulated in the cement raw mill air duct. Many people will ignore this problem. They think that the materials in the grinding chamber will be taken away by the wind. In fact, some materials will be polished for a long time and will become smooth. It is not easy to be ground, and it will accumulate in the air duct. More and more materials will accumulate, and the air volume of the fan will not be pumped. After a long time, the operation of the blade will be greatly resisted, and the material will be thrown by the blade. If it doesn't, it will affect the output. In this case, it is necessary to stop the machine and open several doors under the air duct to clean it up.
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