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Created 2019-08-05
Owner kmei4545
Title ultra-fine powdered calcium oxide powder
Description SCM ultrafine mill is designed to meet the requirements of some users for high-fine ore grinding. Therefore, the material that can be ground has a wide range of fineness and high fineness. The calcite powder grinding mill can grind fineness range. Between 325 mesh and 2500 mesh, if the user needs 1250 mesh calcium oxide powder, it is only necessary to adjust the adjustment device in the machine, the wind speed and the rotation speed of the classifier to meet the demand of 1250 mesh fineness. . The ultra-fine powdered calcium oxide powder can be used in the following industrial production fields: fillers for the production of industrial epoxy adhesives, analytical reagents for the spectrum, drying and dehydration of laboratory nitrogen, bleaching powder raw materials, soda ash raw materials. In the above industrial production, the calcium oxide powder is subjected to certain processing or directly used for product production, which can increase some properties of the product, make the function of the product more excellent, and improve the efficiency of the product.
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