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Created 2019-07-30
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Title The completion of grinding process in philippines

As far as the medium, the medium of ball mill is power source and energy carrier for grinding. The crushing capacity is related to the hitting strength, blows in unit time and grinding mill in philippines, and these factors are decided by medium size. The size is bigger, the quantity is less. So the hitting times in unit time will reduce. Because accurate or quantitative description of hitting times of medium in unit time and medium size are complicated. So if in the experiment range, the hitting times of medium in unit time has small changes. So the crushing capacity of medium of ball mill is only relative to hitting strength and grinding area. The hitting energy of medium is relative to weight and impact speed. And the weight is proportional with the volume.

Generally speaking, if the types of materials are confirmed, the change of feeding size mainly affects crushing capacity of single material particles. The energy stored in unit weight fracture can increase with feeding size.So from the point of view of particle crushing, in the work of ball mill, the big feeding size can easily crushed.

As mentioned, the grinding process is achieved by medium and material. So the grinding effect is relative to medium size and material size. In fact, the medium and change of feeding size mainly show hitting time of medium in unit time, energy each hitting, material crushing rate, grinding area, and superficial area.For choosing grinding medium, it is important to ensure harmonization of five factors, which can achieve the optical grinding effect.

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