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Created 2019-07-18
Owner posuiman
Title Strategic Development of drying machine
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We takes the differentiation of Fly Processing Production Process product as a long plan for the future of the development of an enterprise, and seeks for new market demands and builds new economic growth pole in order to realize the sustainable development of an enterprise. In recent years, the sound of eliminating the traditional industry in all over the country has been heard without end. For this reason, every company specializing in manufacturing mining machines has been investing significantly in the innovation and technological upgrading. The dryer machine designed, researched and development by us has many advantages over other products so that it enjoys great popularity.

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The most outstanding advantage of this series dryer is energy saving, that is to say, the heat utilization ratio is extremely high; and then the size coverage is very small because of its tight and compact structure. In addition, the material feeding and discharging mouth are made on the both side of the three cylinder dryer machine, but as for the two cylinder dryer, the feeding and discharging mouth is made on one side of the machine. The three cylinder structure of the dryer not only helps to extend the dwelling time of the materials inside the machine, that is increases the heat exchanging time and further improves the heat utilization efficiency, but decrease the coverage size of the machine itself. Inside the rotary cylinder of the dryer, our experts adopt specially designed breaking machine which is able to effectively solve the splicing and clotting problem during the drying process of the viscous materials and further improves the drying effect.

Only by speeding up cultivating and developing the knowledge and technology intensive strategic and new and developing industries with low materials resources consumption and excellent comprehensive benefits can we really form new economic growth pole on higher starting point and further improve the quality and returns of the economic growth. Because of the high energy resources consumption, the pollution problem becomes more and more serious with each passing day, for this reason, the pattern of driving the economic development with investment and export cannot sustain for a very long period of time.

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