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Created 2019-07-03
Owner mmocs
Title Atlas will be present in March's Paladins update titled “Future’s End”
Description The Evil Mojo Games have revealed the next main character to come to Paladins: Champions of the Realm: Atlas. This has been an announcement that has been built over the past few months when the Evil Mojo Games have teased him as part of their knowledge campaign. Part of it is through in-game instructions such as portol on the Shattered Desert map which, "radiates with other world powers." Atlas, known as Man out of Time, comes from the future, the son of a legendary Judge.

Atlas, Man Out of Time, will be the next Frontline Champion in Paladins. There is no light in the future, only darkness takes a lot of time. The realm is gone. Altlas was born into this dark future as the son of a legendary Judge. Every day he struggled to survive, and every night he found comfort in the Realm stories. These stories gave Realmkind hope, but their last stand against Darkness failed tragically. All hopes are lost ... except one.

The second opportunity is personal safety and Atlas's repositioning ability. This sent him back to where he was five seconds ago and set his health to the highest value during that period. The nature of this ability makes Atlas less influenced by Cauterize than other frontline champions. The third ability is Stasis Field and basically the last word about team defense. This places a barrier that lasts five seconds and completely stops all incoming long-range attacks. This is an extraordinarily superior version of shield obtained by frontline pioneers, because it cannot be destroyed. It also doesn't care about Wrecker or Life Rip, and it doesn't block vision or movement like Inara's wall.

Atlas will be present in the March Paladins update titled "Future's End." Meanwhile, members of PlayStation Plus have access to free bundles that include eight Champions, sound packages, 10 skins, bonus cosmetic content, and Mount. A battle pass will also be introduced at Future's End, which will be a retro 8-bit Battle Byte Battle Pass. The End Times, the February update, will end after Future's End is added, removing the special game mode in Shattered Desert that starts speculating Atlas. Moreover, provides Cheap Paladins Crystals for players. As an online in-game currency store for many years, we’ve received great reputation for our reliable service.
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