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Created 2019-07-01
Owner xuanxuan251
Title What are the reasons for the increase in fan current of Raymond mill?
About me As the most common milling equipment at present, Raymond Mill plays an important role in the processing and production of various materials. During the operation of the equipment, if the operation is not proper, the fan current will rise, which has a great impact on the production operation of the equipment. Therefore, here we will analyze the cause of the increase in the current of the Raymond mill fan. First, the wind channel blocking material In the production of Raymond mill, the qualified materials are separated by the analysis machine, and the finished product is obtained by entering the powder collector through the pipeline. As the working time of the equipment is prolonged, a small amount of fine powder is continuously deposited from the bend of the pipeline, and the long-term flow will lead to the accumulation of fine powder in the air passage, especially in the curved portion. This phenomenon, the fan will heat up, the current rises. Therefore, when the fan current of the Raymond mill is increased, it is necessary to stop the inspection and clean it in time. Second, the feed is too fast When the user feeds the Raymond mill too fast, or the feed amount is too much, the material will not be fully ground, resulting in blockage of the grinding cavity, resulting in no circulation in the main body and the pipe, thus increasing the number of The wear efficiency of the grinding ring increases the current of the fan of the equipment. Therefore, it is necessary to maintain a uniform and orderly feed to prevent the fan current from rising. Third, the wind is insufficient The fan is an important part of the Raymond mill, and the wind power of the fan is the key factor to ensure the smooth operation of the equipment. Therefore, if the fan current of the Raymond mill is insufficient and the material cannot be blown up, the fan power will be too high. The above three points are the reasons for the increase of the current of the fan of the Raymond mill. In daily production, the user should carefully observe the use of the equipment. Once the problem is found, the machine should be shut down in time to eliminate all faults before restarting.
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