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Category Hardware
Created 2019-06-18
Owner rs2hotsellrsgold
Title Best Runescape 3 Gold Site
Description By now you’ve most likely already established that is the best RS3 Gold site. I mean, you already did your own research and saw we provide not only the best service, but we also offer the best prices. The final step is to complete your first purchase and see for yourself how easy it really is to buy Runescape 3 GP from us. Don’t take our word for it. Try it out with a small amount of gold first. After you see the RS3 Gold hit your money pouch, you will be a life long customer. The Pie way is the only way. How to stay safe when Buying RS3 Gold? When buying RS3 Gold one issue that might come to mind is security. We’ll have to break this up to address each issue. Account Safety: A lot of players are worried their account might get banned if they buy RS3 Gold. The simple answer is that Jagex would be out of business if they banned players for buying gold. JaGeX is a company and they rely on the revenue from membership subscriptions to stay running. JaGeX themselves found in a study that more than 50% of the playerbase on Runescape 3 has bought gold. When JaGeX does ban for RWT they go after the large scale gold farmers and suppliers, not the end customers. Payment Security: First of all, make sure the site has a green lock in the top left of your browser. This ensures the site is SSL secure and that your payment data will be encrypted. After that, select a payment method that you trust. Credit card companies all offer buyer protection, so if something goes wrong you can always call them. To avoid any hassle, simply check that the site you are buying from has a large amount of third-party reviews.
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