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Created 2019-06-10
Owner juniperqq
Title How to choose the right color coated steel plate
Description PPGI corrugated roofing sheet for sale, the choice of color coated plate mainly refers to the mechanical properties, substrate type and coating weight, color aluminum plate, front coating properties and reverse coating properties of the choice. Use, corrosive environment, service life, durability, processing and deformation degree are important factors to consider when choosing PPGI roofing sheet. Factors such as service life and durability are selected. Aluminum-magnesium zinc plate price, anticorrosion is one of the main functions of a painted plate, the type of substrate and coating weight is the main factor affecting the corrosion resistance of painted plate, the construction of painted plate usually choose hot dip galvanized substrate and hot dip aluminum-zinc alloy substrate, mainly because the two kinds of substrate corrosion resistance is good. The choice of positive coating performance mainly refers to the choice of coating type, coating thickness, coating color difference, coating luster, coating hardness, coating flexibility, adhesion, coating durability, and other properties. The commonly used topcoats are polyester, silicon-modified polyester, high-durability polyester, and polyvinylidene fluoride. There are certain differences in hardness, flexibility, adhesion, and durability of different topcoats. Polyester is the most widely used coating; Aluminized zinc coil, silicon-modified polyester modified by organosilicone, has high durability and luster. High durability polyester not only has the advantages of polyester but also improves the durability and has high-cost performance. Polyvinylidene fluoride has excellent durability and coating flexibility. Shanghai aluminized zinc plate, the top coating is mainly determined by the use, corrosive environment, service life, durability, processing mode and degree of deformation and other factors.
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