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Created 2019-06-04
Owner birder2525
Title Specifications and fault repair method
Description Engaged in mining, construction and other work of the operator for the vertical roller mill are not unfamiliar, as one of the commonly used screening equipment, has been widely used in many fields of production of this vertical mill, play a huge role. But in the vertical mill using process because of operational problems or fault maintenance problems will often present various, such as motor burned. vertical roller mill specifications have many kinds of, then what are the causes of these failures? How repair? Shaker structure itself is very special, at the time of production will produce an eccentric force, this force constantly hitting the anchor bolts, coupled with the vibration of vertical roller mill itself and, it is very easy to cause the anchor bolts loose or even completely off, and eventually may lead to accidents in production.On this question at the time of production must be timely to the reinforcement of the anchor bolt, the production before and after circular vertical mill of different specifications and types of equipment inspection, to ensure safety in production. Picture a lot of people have seen the vertical roller mill, we can find that the ordinary motor will be provided with a fan, when vibrating screen work direction with vertical ribs on the shell of the flow, heat will thus vibrating screen is very fast, but the production left dust will be blown away, guarantee good operation of motor.
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