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Created 2019-06-03
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Description With large budgets and healthy desire to play with design and precious materials, I think we are no where near the end of the diamond-covered Big Bang. Though it is good to know what is underneath all the stones. Big news in the watch world today as Rolex has been announced as the long-term Official Timekeeper for Formula 1 racing, effective as of the 2013 season. Being both the Official Timekeeper and Official Timepieces of Formula 1 is no small achievement and the role had previously been occupied by brands like Jacques LeMans, Tag Heuer, and most recently Hublot. Being THE watch brand for Formula 1 is a big deal for a number of reasons, most notably the considerable audience attracted by F1. Formula 1 has a global viewership of over 500 million fans, making it one of the most watched sports in the entire world. Combine that audience with branding that is hinged on prestige, innovation, cutting edge technologies, and sporting elements such as team rivalries, big egos, and highly competitive top tier driving and you have an ecosystem that is an ideal platform for promoting a luxury watch brand. - Comments: 0 Cigarette Wholesaler PriceMarlboro Cigarettes Cheap Cigarettes Now Breitling watch has made it better with this special version Welcome the all black ceramic Breitling. This must be some kind of PR trick, putting tantalizing images online and then taking them down quickly, but with just enough time to let a few people have a sneak preview. Newport Cigarettes CouponsWholesale Cigarettes Free Shipping
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